Los Angeles Investment Property: Three Ways to Buy Foreclosures


Real estate entrepreneurs or investors know that there is a way for you to get into the business without investing in a lot of money. This best kept secret that is said to be lucrative once you know how is known as the purchasing or acquiring foreclosures. There are ways on how to go about this especially when you are interested in Los Angeles investment property foreclosures. It basically depends on the particular time when you would like to enter into it. Each method has its own merits and success will also depend on your knowledge level or expertise in the real estate business.

1. Purchasing BEFORE a foreclosure auction When you plan to buy a Los Angeles investment property foreclosure and would not want to compete with the more experienced people in the business, it is better to do it during this time. Competition is lesser, and there may even be times that you will have nobody to compete with. A short sale is done when you buy the property even before the foreclosure auction. However, it is also here that profit is minimal since it will depend on the amount that the bank is willing to negotiate. Though competition is lesser, it takes much of your time and effort in order to close the deal. It can also be the most emotional for the property owner or homeowner since they may have the misconception that since it is a transaction before the foreclosure auction, there is still a possibility that they can keep their homes. If you are not the type of person who can squarely face an emotional homeowner after the deal is closed and tell them that they cannot have their property back, then do not go into this method.

2. Purchasing DURING a foreclosure auction The word is already out that the Los Angeles investment property you are interested in is up for grabs. This means that you have to brace yourself for you will definitely encounter tough competition. Competitors will include those who are new in the business and would like to try their hand in buying foreclosures. Banks will also give you a hard time since they would naturally want to acquire or get their properties back. Aside from too much competition, the problem with this method is that you may not have the option to inspect the properties prior to closing the deal. So, you would not really know if you’re going to get a handsome profit for your purchase or if repairs on the property will reduce your profits. Those who are new in the business better stay clear of this method since it may not turn out to be profitable at all.

3. Purchasing AFTER a foreclosure auction This is when the bank was able to buy back the foreclosed property. The property is now termed as REO or Real Estate Owned. This is the method where you have a higher possibility to acquire the Los Angeles investment property that …

The importance of managerial accounting in the workplace


Managerial accounting is concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many activities of an entity and to support the management decision course. Management accountants play important roles more specifically in planning & coordination with production, marketing and financial functions. A subset of the managerial accounting profession is cost accounting which relates to the determination and accumulation of products, processes, or service costs. Management and cost accountants are focused on the internal aspects of a business to keep it efficiently running and profitable.

Managerial and cost accountants use a lot of the same data used by financial accountants. The difference lies in the fact that the data used for managerial accounting is more likely to be used for a future orientated purpose whereas the financial accounting process is showing what has already taken place. Examples of future orientated planning are budgets, benchmarking, and profit projecting. This also means that managerial accountants can take a more proactive approach when it comes to tackling business and economic troubles that can and due arise for many companies.

Planning is a key part of the management process and although there are many descriptions of that process, a generally accepted definition would include reference to the process of planning, organizing and controlling businesses’ activities so that the organization can achieve its desired outcomes. Being able to anticipate what revenues will be and forecasting the expenses that will be incurred to achieve those revenues are critical activities in the budgeting process. That ability is crucial to many aspects of a company and allows employees’ to make more educated business decisions.

The internal orientation that management accountants have to their companies differs from the predominantly external orientation of financial accounting. Financial accounting is more externally important to such people as investors and shareholders. Management accountants work hand and hand with other internal departments such as merchandising, accounting, marketing, web and more. An example of this would be a managerial accountant working with a merchandiser to figure out how many units of a garment they can purchase in the next year and still have a good profit margin.

The benefit of management accounting is that it is not constrained by generally accepted accounting principles, which means that approximate results can be generated quickly for decision-making activities.  Which means while accuracy is valued in the data, relevance is more important for managerial accounting reporting. This is also helpful because it allows the managerial accountant to adapt to different economic climates, business strategies and departments changing needs.

In order to become a managerial accounting professional a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting is usually a requirement.  A management accountant should possess great analytic and people skills since they will be dealing with many different people and departments in a professional role. A management accountant may also become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) by passing a respective board four-part test. The CMA examination is given in a computer-based format using objective questions only. In addition …

Market Research in a World of Connected Data: 3 Tips to Always Remember

The ability to not have a market research in today’s setting; before you begin a business venture or during its operation as an old saying goes is, “similar to driving from the state of New York to the state of Texas without the guide of a map or street signs.”

An entrepreneur must recognize on which road to cover and how fast one must go. Will the market research be for you? Or will it be for an offshore outsourcing third party?

One must also put in mind the clients. Will it be for end users? Or for other organizations that also deal with the same market like intellectual property research?

So how do you make market research an essential part in your company’s long-term success? How does your style of market research keep you on top while other companies who do the same thing get lost on the road?

We’ve listed down 3 top things to always remember if you are planning to enter into an offshore outsourcing service, or simply setting up for a build operate transfer or already operating captive services outside your region.

Do Your Homework

Studying does not simply mean understanding how the market works or where such products come from or how consumers are purchasing them; by all the information that you have gathered. It could also mean observation and soaking in all the details around you, especially on issues which are not related to market research.

Don’t merely research on how your competitors work and looking at what all the big guys are doing; do some research in other industries; especially those in which you are not in competition with because one can always pick up little things which can be beneficial in your campaign.

Have A Respectable Website and Never, Never, Forget To Advertise This In Social Media

Your website doesn’t need to be a flashy one, but a credible one, especially for those who are starting-up with having content development services. Begin with the basic WordPress for your company.

However, make certain that it contains all the important aspects like:

  • Blogs that use search engine optimization services
  • Company information
  • Along with words that can urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action.

To further stress this point, connect with the world using the internet as this will be another significant element in building opportunities. Be present in all social media platforms like Facebook and Linked In and create videos for your company on YouTube.

Construct Your Company Around People Who Can Advise You Wisely As This Will Establish A Reputation of Trust

Get acquainted with other individuals involved in market research. You can secure a small team of people who may or may not have the same experience as you; as long as these individuals are trustworthy.

Try to attend conferences about to the industry; not simply to seek out potential team members; but also to have prospects for networking. With …

Which Foods Rate High On The Orac Antioxidant Scale?

If you’re confused about what the ORAC antioxidant scale is, you’re going to love this article. In simple terms, it stands for how much fighting power the specific antioxidants have in fighting against free radicals.

In more specific terms – the ORAC is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples.

However I’m sure you don’t care about scientific “jargon”, so I’ll make this easy to understand.

First of all, ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity. What it really means is that it’s the ability to “absorb” free radicals in your body. After all, that’s what antioxidants do – they kill the free radicals in your body that cause horrible things such as disease, illness, pain, wrinkles, old again and most every other “bad” thing that can happen to you.

What Is A Good ORAC Antioxidant Number?

When thinking about eating a particular type of food such as fruits or vegetables (I’ll explain which ones have great ORAC antioxidant scores next) – I have found something interesting occurs.

What I’ve found is that the darker foods almost always have higher ORAC scores than lighter foods.

For example, wild blueberries have a much higher score than something like a potato or light colored apple. Of course there are exceptions to this, but in most cases this seems to stand true.

The problem is… some people get obsessed over numbers and don’t focus on simply eating healthy foods. In my opinion, it’s not exactly the number that counts, but that you simply focus on eating more fruits and vegetables – and if you’re a little more serious about it (good for you) – simply look for fruits and vegetables that are darker in color.

With that said…here are a list of foods with very high ORAC antioxidant scores and which I would fully recommend including in your diet.

On the left will be the food, the middle is the serving size, and the right is the ORAC antioxidant number.

Small red beans –…

A Food Processor – Easy To Use And Clean

A food processor is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that is used for various food preparation duties. A food processor’s function can be easily changed by using different types of blade attachments like shredding or slicing discs.  A processor is easy to use.  Simply use the proper attachment and push the food through the processor’s feed tube via the plunger.  

Basic food preparation activities include grinding nuts, seeds, spices, meat, and dried fruit, pureeing fruits and vegetables and shredding or grating vegetables or cheeses.  A food processor can also be used to mix and knead bread, pie or other doughs.  All of these varied activities can leave food caked in the slicing and shredding discs and along the work bowl.  It is easiest and best to clean your food processor right after use.

Immediately after processing, rinse the food bowl, its cover, the pusher or food plunger and blades and discs. Do not let food dry on these parts prior to washing them.  Also, food can sometimes lodge in the food plunger or feed tube. Running water through the pusher or gently using a brush will remove stuck food.  Follow these other tips to easily clean your appliance and maintain and extend its processing life:

  • Typically all parts of a food processor are dishwasher safe, excluding the unit’s housing or base which contains and protects the motor. Do not immerse the housing or base in water or place it in the dishwasher.
  • The appliance’s parts, excluding the housing or base, can be washed in the dishwasher’s top rack. Do not place the processor’s parts on the lower racks as the dishwasher’s heat may cause cracks, damage or weakening to plastic parts over time.
  • Place the food bowl into the dishwasher upside down in order to remove all of the food.
  • Remember the blades and discs are very sharp. Carefully handle these sharp objects.
  • Processor parts can also be washed by hand. However, be careful when handling blades and discs. Soapy water can hide these sharp objects

How to Find People With a Diaper Fetish

You want to know how to find people with a diaper fetish. There is a very simple system. It is usually possible to find partners in a matter of minutes who share this fetish with you.

Diaperism (otherwise known as diaper fetishism) is, of course, a type of sexual fetish that involves a person getting a sexual charge from wearing a diaper. It should not be confused with infantilism; although, sometimes, the two paraphilias do coincide.

Strangely enough, you will not find any dating sites devoted to this fetish. I say strange because this is a type of fetishism that has a popular following. Until continued demand encourages someone to create such a dating community, I can offer you a rather simple, yet highly effective little system to find local diaper partners.

You need to get a membership at any large adult dating community. The good news is most such sites offer free accounts to new members. Once you have joined, you then need to include your diaper fetish in your profile, and then do a search for other people who have mentioned it, likewise, in their profiles – which is how to find people with a diaper fetish.

When you search for local women, for instance, most big dating sites will allow you to type in certain words. When the software conducts the search, it will show you profiles that contain these words, giving you a list, in this case, of people who share your fetish for wearing diapers.…

What's New In IOS 9 SDK For An iPhone App Development Company?

With a bid to sell its apples to every iOS device user, Apple is trying its level best, and the best thing that it has recently done is to revive the SDK (Software Development Kit) extending its capabilities and making it more inclusive (supports CloudKit , HomeKit, HealthKit, and MapKit). If you own an iPhone app development company, and are thinking to develop out-of-the-box apps, you must ask your developers to get acquainted with new capabilities of iOS 9 SDK as discussed below.

3D Touch

Learn ways to build apps that can help users to take advantage of 3D Touch, the pressure reading display feature. Your app should be sensitive enough to learn the metrics of pressure and respond to users without any delay. This will increase the engagement of users with an app and give them a better control on the app and its services.


An iOS developer must learn to use classes in Interface Builder. This will help users to customize the size of the app windows: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, to gain most from the iPhone or iPad they use. Interestingly, this will increase the session-time of an app, which is a key metric for estimating engagement worth of an app, particularly, that falls in the shopping category.


Equip your iOS developers with the concept and skill of search and its implementation. They should know how to use deep history linking, content indexing and Web markup. This will help them seamlessly link the search button with all quadrants of the app, and users will find it easier to pull out information that they need. Deep links let users to go back to the previously navigated content. Finding relevant information becomes easier with content indexing. It complements with the Core Spotlight feature that was introduced in the past to power the search.

App Thinning

As the name echoes, this is to reduce the weight of an app to let users experience faster installation and uninstallation across any iOS device. Such apps consume the least system resources and automatically spare most of the memory to be utilized for driving the device performance and user's productivity. An iPhone or iPad app development company must help its developers to grab the skills of integrating the App Thinning feature into the app.

Stepping into the shoes of the user, your iOS developers can find not just one way but multiple as how to keep him or her engaged with the app. This will ultimately put your client and their customers in a symbiotic relationship where both are getting benefited. Undoubtedly, their harmonious bonding is going to help you bag a good paycheque. …

How to Wear the Perfect Red Satin Dress

Red satin. Few materials are sexier than satin, and red satin…let’s just say that this will be your best red dress yet!

You already know that you want a red satin dress, this though might bring up a couple of questions in your mind.

What type of underwear do I wear underneath the dress?

How do I keep the straps up?

How can I make sure it doesn’t cling to me?

Underwear – If you’re going to wear your best red dress in satin, consider wearing a thong. Thongs work best when you’re going to be wearing a dress with a slight lining, or have a rear end with the exact shape and life that you’re looking for. Remember, satin is not a forgiving fabric!

Underwear – Another alternative is to wear a body shaper that will redefine your curves, without showing lines. This also work nicely if you’re looking to loose a couple of pounds or turn your banana or tube shape into an hourglass. Make sure you choose one that will fit you comfortably without being too snug or too loose, as that would create lines or dents that show underneath your clothes and defeat the purpose of the body shaper.

Underwear – Of course there’s what the guys call ‘commando’, which is simply wearing nothing at all. This option works if you won’t be doing a whole lot of dancing and sweating in shall we say…lower regions of the body, which could cause oddly placed sweat marks.

Bra – Depending on the type of bra (if any) that you decide to wear underneath your dress, a few well placed stitches firmly sewing the bra to the lining of the dress strap, can make dancing the night away nothing to be concerned about.

Bra – If you’re going with a strapless style of red dress, consider double stick or fashion tape.

Cling – The dreaded cling factor of satin. A simple solution is using a metal hangar, if you brush it over your red satin dress it should help to discharge electricity.

Cling – You can use a similar technique with dryer sheets, the same kind you would use for your laundry. Run the dryer sheets down over your dress. It’s best done before you put it on, but will work just as well, if you need to do it while wearing it. Sprays like Static Guard can work wonders.

Wearing your best black, white or red or any color satin dress, doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Those few household items can help you have the best night of your life!…

David DeAngelo Dating Book Review For Guys

Truth be told, there are a heck of a lot of more singles today than ever! And unlike the previous generation, people are remaining single much longer. Well into their late twenties and thirties.

Of course there are many reasons for that. Like you want to establish your career first before thinking about family. There are many reasons why guys wait until longer. Unfortunately, the longer guys wait, the harder it is for them to get up to speed how to approach and date the women they would like to meet for possible long term relationships or even for marriage.

And that is the reason for David DeAngelo dating book. To help guys get up to speed for dating as quickly and effectively as possible.

You see, as we get older, we get more set in our ways. We find it harder and harder to meet quality folks and even find the time to date them. So if you find yourself alone on the couch watching TV on a Friday or Saturday night, and wonder, "What if?"

Well, instead of wondering, you could become proactive and find ways to get dates so that you can go out and enjoy yourself and even improve your dating life.

The missing ingredients for most guys (if not all) is confidence, social skills and dating skills. And David DeAngelo will absolutely help you with that when you are reading his classic book, Double Your Dating.

I can tell you right off the bat that going to bars, nightclubs and other very public venues to seek for girls to date is much harder than ever. Especially if you have not dated anyone for a while. Some guys get pretty lucky. But my observation has been that most guys do not. It is just too hard to assimilate all the noise and lights in a bar and expect a woman to want to know you a little better.

There is a much, much easier way. And that is to meet women during the daytime when they are more receptive to a sincere guy approaching them cold. It takes guts which is an area that most guys have a problem with. That is where confidence comes in.

And you know something? In spite of the fact that we are blessed with all kinds of modern technology, we are even more alone than ever. And you may even feel that there is no hope for you to ever meet a high quality woman that would love to meet you. Well, I'm telling you that they are absolutely out there. And wondering where the heck are all the good guys?

That would be you! But you need to package yourself so to speak to be the dream guy that girls love. And David DeAngelo says that women are attracted to guys because of behaviors. It is all about how you talk. How you present yourself. And how you respond to situations.

It seems hard but not when you read …

Aggregate Inventory Management

This article is also available on our website: PROACTION – Generating Best Practices. It is an excerpt of a paper originally written by George Miller, Founder of PROACTION. It has been modified and updated by Paul Deis, PROACTION CEO.


In spite of the great advances in industrial management in areas such as JIT, Flow Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, MRP/MRPII, ERP and Supply Chain Management, and now, Electronic Commerce, inventory investment management continues to be a major issue for many organizations. Installing the latest software and mouthing the most popular buzzwords is no guarantee of good inventory management. As with almost all Best Practices, it is the effective use of available tools by properly educated and trained people that creates the desired result.

This paper covers how to set up and maintain Aggregate Inventory Management for improved investment and operations management. It is a “macro,” top-down approach that complements a company’s “micro” SKU (part number) level management techniques.

Definition, Goal and Objective

• Definition—the APICS Dictionary defines Aggregate Inventory Management as “Establishing the overall levels of inventory desired and implementing controls to ensure that individual replenishment decisions achieve this goal.”

It includes:

• How to assess overall investment levels and set targets.
• How to identify inventory investment level “drivers” and help control them
• How to link aggregate inventory management “macro” strategy to “micro” controls and develop accountability
• Performance measurements
• Specific techniques, such as ABC analysis, control parameters, inventory buildup charts, and input-output control.

• Goal—Helps manage assets and make money.

• Objective—Optimize inventory levels within the parameters of service, cost, logistics, process and investment objectives/constraints. Inventory management should be exercised to keep the lowest level of inventory consistent with achieving the objectives. Too much inventory reduces Return on Investment and Return on Assets (lower profits). It also tends to increase expenses, in the form of interest payments, handling and storage, management, damage, loss, obsolescence, tracking, taxes, insurance, etc.

Although most managers, accountants and taxing authorities regard inventory as an asset, treating it as such for operational purposes may create liabilities. You have probably heard stories about factories working to “keep people busy” or maximize “efficiency” and other similar nonsense. If they are making inventory that is not needed now, they are often wasting money. If they work just to keep people busy, they are still consuming material, energy and other resources that may not earn adequate profits. They may use resources that could better be used for more immediate and profitable needs. If inventory is deployed improperly, it may create liabilities. A customer of one of our clients had branch managers who would “hoard” products at their remote branches so that they “wouldn’t run out.” This created an excess of material in the wrong places.

How to Assess Inventory Investment Requirements


First, understand market, customer needs and service expectations; your own company needs, expectations, process, abilities; supplier abilities and mindset; industry norms and mindset; world-class best practices.

From this, you should learn how fast and reliably …

Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Fun For the Family

Halloween is a holiday that offers very different types of fun for kids and adults. Finding fun on this October day is not a challenging task. Kids love trick-or-treating and haunted houses. Adults love to hang out, dress up in costumes, watch scary movies, and party like it's 1999. The real chore associated with enjoying your holiday, especially if you have children, is finding something with crossover appeal.

In other words, what activities can bring you together as a family and offer something that is fun that will bridge the generation gap?

Whether you think trick-or-treating is a good time or not, you will not celebrate the holiday with children and avoid it. Besides, who would want to? There is nothing better than helping your children pick out their kids Halloween costumes and watching the joy on their faces as they collect the largest supply of candy in the tri-state area.

Make the experience even more memorable by getting in to the holiday with them. You could choose characters with a common theme and dress the entire family up for a night the little ones will never forget. Why not try your hand as the Fantastic Four or the X-Men? Showing support and involvement in what your kids like is the surest way for you to build their love of the holiday.

Here are some other great ways for you to share in the fun of Halloween as a family:

Star Wars. Dress as the characters from one of the most well-known and beloved film series of our time. This series provides clever ideas for adult Halloween costumes as well as kids Halloween costumes. With characters such as Yoda, Darth Vader, Jango Fett, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia, the options are limitless. Go as members of the Rebel Alliance or the darker forces of the Empire. What matters most is that you find common ground, so it will be easier for everyone involved to participate enthusiastically.

Comic books. The X-Men and Fantastic Four aside, there are dozens of other options from the pages of your favorite comic books. You may not have heard of the Justice League, but you probably have heard of its members, such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Superman. These offer excellent opportunities to stick to a consistent theme as you voyage from door-to-door trick-or-treating, or you seek fun in games and activities at an all-ages Halloween party.

The Incredibles. Relive one of your children's favorite Pixar films with a Halloween dress-up devoted to The Incredibles. With characters such as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack, The Incredibles offers a number of fun characters to choose from. And the variety allows you to find the perfect adult Halloween costumes and kids Halloween costumes to keep your holiday on the right path, just in time to save the day.

Participate in Halloween with your kids by finding a consistent theme that will involve all of you. It does not have to be simply …

Buying a Digital Food Scale

Are you tired of looking for means just for you to perfect the recipe you've been experimenting for who-knows-when? Probably the problem is on how you measure your ingredient. In fact, it is a common thing for people to mess with the recipe just because of the failure of following the right quantity of ingredients. So in times like these, you need to have a good quality digital food scale.

In case you are ready to buy one, be reminded that you have to do a careful evaluation of each product you are eyeing on. First of all, check whether it is created by a well known brand. This is not to pay for their expensive prices but this will guarantee that in case a problem happens, you are bound to get the necessary help that you need. Most of these known brands would offer discounts to those customers who found something wrong with their products because they will do their very best just to protect their name.

Another factor to consider is the material which the scale is made of. You are bound to get wide array of kinds in different materials like plastic and stainless steel. It is up to you to decide which one to get. However, it is worth considering if the product you will get is something which can be cleaned easily since you do not want to spend the whole day just figuring how to wash your digital food scale. They may further come in various forms; there are those with flat surface so you can easily place the food while there are other kinds that you might wish to consider as well. More advanced kinds will offer the feature of having the ability to store information; this is great for those who are following a strict diet requirement. …