10 Reasons You Need Sports Sunglasses

If you take part in outdoor sports, no matter at what level, you'll probably find that you could benefit from wearing dedicated sports sunglasses all the time, no matter whether it is sunny or not. Sunglasses are not just for protecting the eyes against the harmful rays.

1. Road cyclists, especially serious cyclists, might be cycling many miles in all weathers, and from the flat to the summit of mountains, in all temperatures. Sports sunglasses are essential for the changes in weather conditions, and to keep flies, and other debris out of the eyes. Being distracted by having to avoid an insect or having a piece of grit fly into your eye at 40mph down a steep hill is not fun!

2. If you're a mountain biker, you'll need to wear protective sunglasses for similar reasons to road cyclists. Mountain bikers need to be able to see rocks or potholes as they descend down the sides of hills and mountains. Even if you can not see the hidden dangers, with the right sunglasses on, you'll be able to see the path ahead.

3. Runners need to be able to see in all weathers. Even when training early in the morning, or later on in the evening, the low sun can still cause problems for runners. On race days, especially in the summer, not wearing sunglasses can make a big difference to your confidence and so performance and results.

4. If you're a triathlete, duathlete or other multisport athlete toy will need sunglasses that are suitable for different sports. In might be that you choose to have a pair for each sport you do, or you may prefer to have a single pair that will let you see in all weathers.

5. Golfers will spend a lot of time outdoors, in all weather conditions, and so need to be able to keep an eye on your ball, as well as be able to look ahead at your next shot. Without the right sunglasses, this can be very difficult.

6. Anglers will often spend the whole day out fishing, and so may go through a whole range of weather conditions in a single day. Not being able to see properly might mean that you do not catch as many fish, but more seriously, it could also mean that you fall in the river, or slip on the banking.

7. Sailors will want to be able to see whilst out at sea, or on a river at all times. Having the right sort of sunglasses will help you to see no matter what the weather conditions.

8. Surfers and those who do water sports will appreciate the importance of good eyewear. The sun reflecting off the water can distort vision, and make it much harder for you to see.

9. If you ski, you'll need good eyewear so that you can see when coming down a hill at high speeds, and with other people around. Just because it's snowy and cold, does not mean it is not sunny.

10. Many motorbike riders will use a tinted visor during the day, to help them see well. When the sun goes down, and it's harder to see, they will often change to a plain visor. You might prefer to use decent quality sunglasses during the day, and to keep the same visor on all the time.

No matter what your sport, or how seriously you take it, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun, and any flying debris. Why not make sure your sunglasses are suitable for your sports, or get some proper sports sunglasses today?