4 Best iPad Chargers for Travel

Before the iPad was released, many experts were asking whether such a device would catch fire without a decent battery. As it turned out, Apple did go all in and created a device that can go without a recharge for hours (almost more than any laptop you can find on the market). It may not last you as long as Amazon Kindle, but it is pretty decent for a tablet.

No matter how long your device can last per charge, you are still going to need a decent adapter to keep your slate charged in your car and during your tips.

  • Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger : it is capable of charging two electronics at once without actually putting extra pressure on your vehicle's battery.
  • Griffin Technology PowerJolt : a very safe solution to use in your car that charges up your device and does not damage your lighter outlet or your vehicle's battery.
  • Digitunes Dual Charger with USB : a dual travel solution that is quite compact and can be taken for trips without getting in your way. If you spend a lot of time in planes, you are going to need one of these.
  • CrazyOnDigital Apple iPad Auto Car : a budget power adapter for your tablet. It is not too fancy, but it does power up your device in your vehicle.

You do not want to forget about the official adapter that you get with your tablet. That's probably the safest solutions for air travel and beyond. The above car solutions do get you out of trouble when you do not have access to an outlet.