4 Steps to Amazing Hairstyles – Step 1 – Grow Healthy Hair

The first step to having an amazing hairstyle is to have amazing hair. Healthy hair comes from within- meaning that what you eat has a significant effect on how your hair will look and feel. There are 4 things that you can do to have and grow a healthy head of hair.

1. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and sugar. As these products move through your system they devour nutrients that are missing from their chemical structure, leaving you depleted. They overwork the adrenal glands and increase the nutritional requirements of your body. They also increase the androgen levels responsible for converting 5-alpha reductase into DHT) in the bloodstream which is directly responsible for high levels of DHT in the blood-which is the leading cause of.

2. Eat a High Fiber Diet. Fiber helps process food in our body. When we do not have enough of it, food will stay in our system longer than it should, increasing bacteria and raising toxicity levels in the bloodstream. Not enough fiber in the diet will inhibit hair growth.

3. Eat an Adequate Protein Diet. Hair is composed of 97%. Too much or too little protein in our diet will lead to hair loss problems. After about 2 to 3 months of protein deficiency or an overabundance of protein, the follicles in the growth cycle will shift into the dormant state in a defensive attempt to conserve protein. Ideally, protein intake should be between 15-20% of diet.

4. Avoid Excessive Salt Intake. Plain and simple – we eat too much salt. Excess sodium is retained in tissues of the scalp and hamper hair growth.

In short, healthy hair can be achieved by adjusting your diet. 4 diet changes these will Also help with hair loss in women .