5 Great And Unusual 50th Birthday Gifts

A 50th birthday can be monumental for many people. However, reaching 50 can be quite humorous, as it gives others to tease the birthday boy or girl about reaching that dreaded “over the hill” age. Let’s face it; everybody loves a good 50th birthday gag gift. However, if you want to stand out in a crowd, then you may want to stray from overused and under appreciated 50th birthday gag gifts. If you give a gift that the birthday “boy” or “girl” can really use (or cherish) then you will be sure to get your money’s worth. The following are 5 fantastic ideas for giving a gift which is worthy of the golden year.

1. For a 50th birthday, you may want to celebrate by getting a gold-themed gift. Such gifts may include gold bracelets, necklaces, picture frames and trinkets. Be sure to explain the significance of the gift when you give it. (50 = Gold!) If you really want to make it personal, then you can have a thoughtful message engraved.

2. If you do want to celebrate with a humorous gift, you can always give the simple and classic 50th birthday gag gifts. There are “over the hill” themes coffee mugs and picture frames which are guaranteed to make for a good laugh. And there’s a day you were born newspaper and “name a star” gifts but he most creative would be a Deed to Land in all 50 States of the USA. Sure, the land is only a square inch in size but it comes with an attractive Deed on a plaque or in a frame and is legal, personalized and worthy of a person reaching 50 years of age.

3. Another fantastic option is to give the birthday boy or girl something to commemorate the year in which he or she was born. One fun idea is to give a bottle of wine which was bottled during her birth year.

4. Vacations: If you and a group of people all chip in, you may choose to send the birthday-person on a special vacation. Popular destination spots include those which are all-inclusive and in tropical destinations. Cruises are also an awesome choice for those who want a relaxing getaway. If the birthday person likes to gamble, you may consider sending her/him off for a Vegas adventure!

5. If you really want to give the gift of a lifetime, you may decide to send the birthday-celebrant off on an extreme experience trip. Many people have a bucket list, so help you 50-year-old notch a few experiences off by purchasing a sky-diving or snorkeling day!

Some sites to check out for great and unusual 50th birthday gifts include www.veryclevergifts.com, findgift etc.