7 Great Birthday Gifts For 4-6 Year Olds

Birthday gifts for someone else's child is very difficult. You do not know what they like. Gifts are expensive and shopping is time consuming. Birthday parties use to be easier and smaller.

Those days of easy and small parties are gone. The days when you might only need to purchase 4-5 birthday gifts a year are gone. We all know why. There is a new rule. This rule says you must invite everyone in your child's day care, nursery school, preschool or kindergarten class. Unlike the old rule, which was just common sense, this new rule is written in the MANUAL.

Now you are expected to purchase anywhere from 6 to 20 birthday gifts a year. Not only is this time consuming. It is expensive. You end up buying whatever is cheap, which often means it is not a great toy. Often the child is not even interested in what he has received or the birthday parent does not let their child play with the gift. It is lose-lose.

Here are seven suggestions for high quality birthday gifts for under $ 10. This a win-win solution to inexpensive birthday present buying. These are great birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls. These are perfect for 4, 5 and 6 year olds.

1. Oceans of Fun Wikki Stix – Wikki Sticks stick together with just fingertip pressure. They are endlessly reusable. Wikki Stix will stay together, although if you want to make smaller pieces, they will cut with scissors. Clean and easy to use-no preparation, no mess. Oceans of Fun comes with 48 Wikki Stix, 4 colorful fish to decorate, 2 dowels, 2 large ocean scenes to complete, a matching activity, a maze and interesting information on fish.

2. Make your own cards from Made by Hands – This perfect product was created by two moms, who got tired of buying craft kits for birthdays and finding out there was no creativity in them. The only thing you got was the picture on the box. This product comes with everything your child needs to make creative cards, including note cards, pop-outs and a glue stick. The Pop-Outs are what makes this product and all of their other projects so great. They are already cut out shapes in multiple colors. All the child needs to do is to use the glue stick and glue the shapes down in any way they want.

3. Rainbow Brush Intro Pack – Rainbow Brushes are amazing markers. They are the world's first patented color blending markers that can clip together and be squeezed to blend colors and create rainbow effects. With Rainbow Brush techniques you can create amazing lettering and designs including flowers, butterflies and fish. Included are five markers and an instruction DVD.

4. Thinkfun Rush Hour Jr .– The goal of the game is to steer the ice cream truck through the rest of the automobiles. You are given a card that shows you how to set up your pieces so you are ready to play. A playful theme and 40 age-appropriate challenges will keep even the most restless child captivated for hours. This is appropriate for 6-8 year olds.

5. The Skipper by Just Jump It – This is a physically remarkable toy that can be played indoors and out. It encourages coordination, agility, and refines motor skills. Swung around the ankle and hopped over by the opposite food creates and ongoing motion. They come in many vibrant colors and are engineered so the ball will not come off, and the loop is steadfast.

6. Zome Tool