A Kids Sports Bottle Can Easily Be Customized

A kids sports bottle is a good promotional item for companies or organizations that are attending events for youth. Because hydration is a very important concern of parents, parents will often go looking for sources of water for their children. As sports bottles can be refilled at any fountain, many adults prefer these instead of bottles of soda. Because many parents handle acquiring items for their children, you have a good chance of targeting to both children and to their parents. It is very important to realize that as a business, when you target to kids, you must also target their parents as well, as they are the ones who control their spending.

When you place a kids sports bottle order, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, kids bottles tend to be smaller in size than bottles for adults. This is so that children can easily grip the bottle. In addition to this, bottles designed for kids need to be crafted of higher quality plastics than bottles intended for adults. This is due to the fact that cheap plastics contain compounds that are dangerous for children, as the compound, Bisphenol A, leeches into the water and is consumed. When you are selecting which bottles to have customized, it is important that you take the time to determine if the bottle is likely to contain Bisphenol A. This is particularly important if there is any chance that children below the age of two will be using the bottles. In addition to this, the caps on kids bottles need to be easy enough for children to use comfortably. Unlike adults, children simply will not use a bottle that is difficult for them to handle. This means that parents will not pick up these bottles for their children.

In addition to this, when you are designing the logo for a kids sports bottle, it is important that you include a symbol along with the name of your company. While parents will have no issues with reading the logo, children are more likely to remember a picture than they are to remembering the name, especially at younger ages. Older children will associate the image with the word, which allows you to brand your merchandise even to children. However, when you are branding to children and youth, you will be branding in hopes of establishing long term relationships with future customers. While you may be establishing an active brand with their parents, children will take several years in order to grow into being full customers themselves. However, if you provide a bottle that they really like, they will pressure their parents into buying or acquiring a new one for them. This can result in return business for you.

There are several customizations options for a kids sports bottle order. The most effective is to print your company name and logo directly onto the bottle. This ensures that the logo can not be removed from the bottle and is visible. However, it is possible to acquire plastic sleeves for bottles that are meant to have a short lifespan. While cheap, this form of customization has significantly lower value than permanent customizations.