A New Dating Site Decides to Take a Different Approach

A New Dating Site Decides to Take a Different Approach

A new Internet dating site promising to offer several unique features launched In April 2008. Loveatlast.com is taking on the task of revamping the Online Dating scene and ushering it into a new era. With social network features and a fresh outlook on dating, the Love At Last site will not be the typical dating site. It offers web 2.0 features such as Mobile Dating.

Ms. Lauren Garcia Murphy, a successful marketing businesswoman in Redondo Beach, CA, is the founder and CEO of this new online social network and dating site. "I remember when Myspace first launched and I thought, ‘What a great concept!’ However, the problem was so many adults were uninterested in joining because of the many underage members." So began the creation of Love At Last. It was founded with the intention of creating a dating site for a mature audience ready to express themselves using today’s social network technology. "I tried to find a way to take the most innovative sites and merge them all into one," says Murphy.

Ms. Murphy proclaims, "I am confident the dating public will see the advantages this site has to offer and be pleased with the results. Our web developers have put together a web 2.0 site with some of the greatest technology ever seen, especially on a dating site!"

To access the Love At Last dating site on the web, log on to www.loveatlast.com.

– Superior Connections, Inc