Achieving A Strong Connection With A Woman – Learn The Secret PUA Routines!

Pick up artists have been using these routines for ages to achieve dating success, and you can too! Let’s discuss a few of them. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that these routines are used by really successful PUAs – they’re really nothing more than stories designed to make you look great and to get women to want to get to know you better.

Don’t expect me to go over some of the older, tired routines like “the jealous girlfriend” or “the cube.” We’re going to review some of the newer approaches.

The Present Routine – This is a very creative routine that will help you to learn a great deal more about your “chosen” target.

It couldn’t be easier – just go up to a group of girls and let them know that a business crisis called your buddy out of town unexpectedly. He called you when he got to his destination (tell them LA or Tokyo or Paris) and told you he needs you to go out and get a gift for his girlfriend. He said to spend up to $200 and he’ll pay you back. The problem is, you don’t know what to get her and so you’re asking them to help out.

This approach is beautifully simple – whatever the girls suggest you should get your buddies girlfriend, that’s something they themselves would like! Let’s say, for example, that one of the girls suggests that you get the girlfriend a gift certificate for a day at a spa. You now know that the girl who made the suggestion moves being pampered. If a girl suggests expensive things, accessories like Prada and YSL, you can be pretty confident that she also likes those costly accessories. This is highly useful information you can use later on in any number of ways.

Dating for Dummies – Women love men with a good sense of humor, and this approach will highlight yours.

Can you find a book on dating called “Dating for Dummies” or something similarly stupid? Find it and buy it.

Carry it with you into places you’d expect to meet women, like clubs, taverns, or whatever. Open it up to the chapter about pickup lines you should never use.

Now you can have fun – go up to a woman you’d really like to meet, hold the book open in front of you, and start reading the bad pickup lines out loud. You can get an awful lot of mileage out of this approach – look for the really terrible lines like “Do you come here often, baby?” and “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” 

This approach will get you some laughs, unless she’s got absolutely no sense of humor at all, and she’ll let down her guard. You can even put on an innocent air and ask her if it “worked.”

Okay, so these are just a couple of tried-and-true PUA routines that ought to help you get your foot in the door. Getting into a conversation with her, though, wasn’t really your goal. Your goal was to establish a good rapport with her – enough so that you can ask her out, or at least call her later. To establish rapport, you have to open up wo her, share something personal about yourself. Try a meaningful story about an incident at work, or maybe something that happened at school. It’s a natural response – when you open up to women personally, they’ll open up to you and feel a connection with you.

Canned PUA routines aren’t anything I want to share here, because they essentially require you to lie about yourself, about who you are, and that’s not my style. I’m sure you’ve got friends who are constantly telling stories about things they’ve done, places they’ve been, and the like. You’ve probably done many of the same things and been to loads of different places yourself – so think of incidents in your life and travels that illustrate the sort of great guy you are and take the time to make good stories of them!

Your own life and experiences are always the very best foundation on which to build your own PUA routines. Sometimes, a little help is called for. Put the routines here to work – try them out yourself a few times and get a feel for them and for approaching women. At that point, you’ll likely have some good original stories of your own that you can craft into good PUA routines. 

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