Advertising With Promotional Sports Bottles

Do you have a business show or expo coming up in the near future and you need a product to give away to your prospective customers? There are many products available today for this purpose. However, recent studies have shown that people prefer to receive functional items that they can use on a daily basis. If you want your promotional products to advertise your company for years to come you must choose something that won’t get tossed as soon as the customer gets home. One of the best products on the market today is the water bottle or sports bottle. These bottles are great even if your customers don’t work out or play sports. Many parents use promotional sports bottles for children since they don’t spill easily and they are also great for use in the work place.

Promotional Sports Bottle Options and Styles

Sports bottles can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs today. Consider the following styles for your next business show or expo.

“Twist Top Sports bottles: These bottles come with a standard twist on lid that can be removed for drinking. These bottles usually have a larger mouth that is preferred for people who like to use ice in their drinks. While these bottles are easier to fill they do not prevent spills as well as other types on the market today.

“Squirt Bottles: Squirt bottles generally have a twist of lid for filling, but when drinking form the bottle your customer will pull up on a valve that will release the liquid. In most cases these bottles are easier to use and better for children. Since the lid does not have to be removed for drinking fewer spills are experienced. However, these bottle generally have a smaller opening and cannot allow ice to pass through.

Promotional Sports Bottles Materials

Sports bottle can be made from many different plastics or rubber materials. Some bottles are made from hard plastic while others are similar to a soft drink bottles. The bottles are manufactured in a number of different colors. Some are see through and some are made of a solid color. In addition, some sports bottles are made from materials that will help to keep the beverage colder for an extended period of time. The price of promotional sports bottles will vary by the type of material the item is made from as well as the color you choose.

Personalize Your Promotional Sports Bottles

Most companies will allow you to have your bottles printed. You can print your company name, address, logo, or picture placed on the outside of the bottle. You can usually choose to have full color printing completed or a simple black and white design. When choosing a company to purchase form you will want to make sure they allow you to personalize your bottles for your advertising needs. Otherwise, the bottles you give away offer no advertising value for your company. You may also want to find a company that has a graphic design department to help design and customize your promotional sports bottles.