Are You A QUALITY Real Estate Professional?

Real estate professionals come in all sizes and shapes, as well as possessing a variety of different attitudes, perceptions, skills, etc. I often counsel potential buyers and sellers, to interview prospective agents, before they select or hire the one, who is best suited to meet their needs, requirements, etc. Since for most people, a house represents one of their most valuable single assets, it does not make sense to protect yourself, by being as certain as possible, that you feel comfortable with, have confidence in, and are on the same page, As the person you hire? As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in New York, for over a decade, I believe, each of us in this profession, should ask himself, Am I, a QUALITY Real Estate Professional?

1. Question; Quest: What is your inner quest? Do you seek to have the best you can be, improving constantly, or do you settle for the expedient path? What questions do you ask yourself, and do you question your reasons, reasoning, empathy, etc?

2. Useful; Usable; Unique : Will you provide useful information or guide others to resources, where can they get their questions or concerns answered? How usable is your approach, and does it get you where you hope to be? What about you is unique (in a good, positive, way), which identifies you from the many others in the same industry? What do you do, or do differently or better, than others do?

Attitude; Aptitude; Attention: Do you proceed with a positive attitude? When obstacles present themselves, do you perceive problems, or challenges to overcome and resolve? Have you enhanced your skills and honed your aptitude, to best serve others, and yourself? Will you consistently pay attention to needs, concerns and details?

4. Listen; Learn; Leadership: Will you commit to listen more than you speak, so you can effectively answer the questions asked, and address the needs, concerns and priorities of clients and customers (actual and / or potential)? Will you go beyond training sessions and seminars, and transform what you learn, to judgment, and wisdom? Will you take command of situations, and exhibit true. Quality, necessary leadership?

5. Interesting; Integrity; Intelligence; Ingenuity: Will you be really interested in what clients and customers have to say, and care about? Will you commit to absolute integrity and ethics, in every aspect of your professional life? Will you assure you have sufficient fine – tuned your intelligence, so you understand what needs attention? Do you possess the ingenuity to use the best nuances and / or strategies, to serve your clients needs?

6. Trustworthy; Timely : How trustworthy are you, and do others perceive you as being that way? Will you proceed in a timely manner, answering calls, texts and emails promptly, following up, and paying keen attention?

7. Yes; You: Are you ready, willing and able, to get to the point that all parties are going to say yes ? This means, your goal and strategy must focus upon getting all parties to agree, negotiating professionally, and arriving at a meeting of the minds!

Are you in real estate, or are you ready to be a QUALITY professional? It's always up to you!