Artificial Plant Or Table – What To Put In That Empty Corner

We have all run into the problem; you rearrange the furniture and there is that one corner that looks like something is missing. We need to fill it. In most cases the choice is to put a small piece of furniture like a table or put a plant there, or both. I think the ideal solution is an Artificial Floor Plant.

Floor plants come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Generally most people think of a floor plant as 3-4′ tall. In fact they can be as tall as 6′. This means that you can easily find the right size for your needs, you can choose a 3′ version that does not overwhelm a space or if you have a large corner, you can choose a large full plant like a hosta or philo. Large leafy plants like hostas or philodendrons are popular but there is also a range of topiary trees that would fit the bill. Maybe any ivy on a pole? These are all great choices and best of all they won’t get cluttered up with magazines. Artificial plants don’t need much maintenance and they will last a long time.

For colors there are tropical versions like bird of paradise that will give reds ands oranges. But most leafy plants can be found with green or red highlights to fit most any decor.

Don’t forget a nice container. These plants are usually sold in a very basic pot. Splurge and get a pot or planter that matches your decor. This will really help your choice stand out.