Athletic Tape – How Does it Function As Sports Tape For Athletes?

Athletic Tape, also known as sports tape, is constructed to provide support and stabilize ligaments and joints. Professional athletes, to prevent injury to tendons or muscle groups, utilize a variety of taping methods to immobilizing the injury. Usually, this is the preferred athletic taping technique which is considered by many physical therapists to be the method of choice.

Traditionally, sports tape has been very crucial for situations where the joint has become very unstable or the instability has become severe enough that a tight tape job is necessary to keep the area safe from further injury. In order to provide additional support, Athletic Tape should be applied by a professional who understands the best practices for taping. However, in cases where severe injury has occurred, athletes look to other types of sports tapes.

In some instances, any additional movement of the injured area could result in more damage and longer recovery time. However, the elastic therapeutic properties of Kinesio Athletic Tape have been known to treat injuries and reduce the amount of time needed to heal. With its great adhesion to the skin and superior elasticity, kinesio taping provides outstanding therapeutic benefits to athletes.

As far as traditional sports tape is considered, it’s rather thick and non-elastic compared to kinesio tape. Usually it is best to apply a prewrap prior to taping, as it can retain moisture which causes irritation to skin. Also the tapes harsh adhesive, if left on for extended periods of time, could potentially cause a skin irritation or rash. However, this is not the case with Elastic Therapeutic Tape; it is much thinner and stretchier. It is designed to function just like real human skin. Also, it’s very porous, and releases moisture much more easily. This is what allows for the tape dry most efficiently after sweating, showering, and even swimming. For this reason, the tape can be worn for multiple days at a time without needing to be reapplied.

Athletic Taping, when used for the purposes of rehabilitation and recovery, can be very helpful when using the right type of tape. Sports Medicine turns to Kinesio Tape so support muscles and joints while increasing blood flow in addition to lymphatic fluids. When properly applied, a patient might be relieved swelling and inflammation much quicker than usual. Treating these symptoms helps to accelerate the body’s healing processes.