B2B Direct Marketing Idea – Pop-up Pen Holders Grab Attention AND Add Life to Your Promotion

When you consider what type of product can provide the most attention-grabbing impact for your direct marketing campaigns it is quite likely that your vote would go to an automatic pop-up product such as a pop-up cube or a pop-up ball. The products come in a custom-printed mailing pack that stands out in amongst all the limp white envelopes in the morning mail. When the pack is opened, the pop-up mailer jumps out, grabs the attention of your customer, and creates the interest and interaction required to make your direct marketing promotion a success. “Job done,” you might think but why stop there? Why can’t the pop-up mailer carry on working for you beyond the immediate impact of the direct marketing campaign? Well it can, by adding functionality to the product.

Some of the most popular automatic pop-up mailers are absolutely ideal for the transformation from mailer to pen holder. The main requirements of the pop-up mailer are that they have the strength, stability and size to hold a certain number of pens whilst still having an attractive appearance on the desk top. The most common characteristic amongst the suitable candidates is that they sit on a sturdy and stable base. Let’s take a look at them individually.

I can think quite a few products on the UK market that would work well and there are at least four automatic pop-up products that sit on a square base. A pop-up cube is the one that I like the best. I like the clean lines and the uniformity but not everyone agrees. The pop-up cubes which are best suited to conversion as pen holders are sized between 85mm to 95mm cubed. If the cubes are made any larger than that, the pens can start to disappear inside the cubes. Start to go smaller and the pens could become top-heavy. There are two trapezium-shaped pop-up products, the pop-up castle and the pop-up box also make extremely attractive pen holders though my preference if for the castle even though it doesn’t hold as many pens as the box. The fourth candidate that has a square base is a pop-up pyramid. The pyramid is a unique shape for a pen holder and whilst it is unusual to see pen-tops protruding from the pyramid wall that eye-catching effect might be exactly what someone is looking for. I think that it works best if all of the pen holes are on the one side.

Of course, the base doesn’t have to be square to supply stability. The rectangular base of a cuboid, for example, provides ample support for pen holder conversion and the pop-up house is not only quite solid, it also offers a very attractive and eye-catching option. Perhaps the most unusual shape for a pop-up mailer to act as a pen holder is the pop-up ball but it combines functionality and decoration perfectly.