Be the Life of Your Own Party With a Funny Shirt

Amusing t-shirts are great ways to boast your wit and to have fun with clothing. You may get a laugh out of wearing your favorite tee shirts and you might make some great buddies who like your sense of humor. But, what is it that makes some tee shirts really funny and attractive and other tee shirts dull and totally forgettable? And who is wearing them?

Take a look around you the next time you’re strolling down the street. Look closely at what other people are wearing. Think about how many black, white and gray tees you see. You’ll probably look again at someone who is wearing pink, orange or another vibrant color. Then, you might look away because while a bit of color is a nice contrast to the usual neutral colored t-shirts many people seem like wearing, the colors aren’t really any more thrilling than a carton of colored chalk.

The shirts that you commit to memory may be far and few between but they are the ones that make you chuckle. An amusing shirt reflects the wearer’s sense of humor in a way that any solid color or even patterned or striped tee shirt could never match.

What Makes a Tee Shirt Amusing?

A funny tee may have a catchy picture or an image with a few well placed words. There’s not a precise type of tee that makes the shirt amusing. Any t-shirt can be humorous if it conveys a joke that is smart enough to illicit chuckles yet common enough to be understood.

There are a lot of different subjects for amusing tees. Same favorite topics include: politics, TV shows, movies, partying, drinking and sexual jokes. Some of these t-shirts might be humorous in one place but not another. For example, a political or movie Tee might be humorous in a school but a sexual or drinking t-shirt would probably not tickle the teachers. It is important to know your target audience and to wear funny t-shirts in areas where they will be appreciated.

Who is Wearing Humorous Shirts?

There are many different amusing t-shirts on the market and it takes a confident person with a good sense of humor to wear them. If people see you wearing a funny t-shirt about drinking, dating or even politics social issues then they may assume that you are a fun person and will be more likely to hang out with you. You will seem approachable and those who find your tee shirt amusing will probably think that you might be a fun person to chat with and get to know.

A humorous t-shirt also makes a great gift for a pal. It shows your friend that you understand his or her sense of humor. It’s a great and personal gift that your buddy is sure to get a kick out of.

So, where should you buy your amusing tees? This might seem like a moronic question. After all, when you see a funny t-shirt you can just purchase it, yes? If you get lucky then, yes, you can just buy a funny shirt when you see it. But, sometimes you have to do a bit more research to find a t-shirt that really shows your sense of humor.


There are a lot of stores online that sell tees to people with good senses of humor. Tees might seem the same but it really does matter which online shop you purchase your tee shirt from.

The first thing that you want to consider when you are shopping online for amusing shirts is whether or not the web site is well organized. The site ought to be divided into easy to browse categories. That way you can be sure to see all of the available tees in a category before you make a decision about what to buy.