Business Card Cases and 101 Ways to Catch The Public Eye

One of the innovations of advertising was initiated by the Kendall Refining Company when it bought hundreds of Zippo lighters and had the company logo engraved on the lighters’ outer casing. Soon others picked up the concept. The same strategy is used with the contemporary business card cases. However, there are more ways to use this tactic and project a dynamic corporate or business image.

Catch the Public Eye

If you are one of those business people ever on the alert for advertising opportunities, you understand the value of marketing strategies that won’t cost much but will work effectively on the long term. It is not unusual to have business cards in your business card cases – business cards support your advertising campaigns.

The business world is now occupied by younger people and their tastes veer toward the trendy and the novel. Leather and chrome business card cases come in different designs to suit every taste, so these are ideal corporate gifts for patrons and business associates in this category.

Giving away designer business card cases is a smart move to woo more patrons and make your presence felt in a highly competitive market. But do not limit yourself to this type of corporate or business gift. There are other ways to catch the public eye and interest.

How to Survive Advertising Contests

As the business owner, you know your target market. Your advertising should appeal to homemakers if it’s a product geared for household use. If it’s an automotive accessory, it should appeal to all vehicle owners, and so on.

Effective print and online advertising must be visually appealing and contain the necessary information about the business. Hence, everything you give away as business gifts should have these elements.

If you are a small business owner, you can maximize your limited advertising fund by talking to small shop owners – from the butcher to the baker – to give out your business cards to the neighborhood shoppers. You can sweeten the deal with cash and business card cases for their personal use.

Call up local radio stations sponsoring competitions and offer to give a prize – in exchange for free publicity. The popular the radio program, the better for your business because you can reach out to a wider market in your locality.

When marketing a product, make sure you emphasize the product’s value in solving a problem. When people shop for a knife, they don’t look for a multi-purpose knife; they’re looking for one that solves a specific problem. You should be able to make it more sellable than the competition.

Eye Catching Business Gifts

Your year-end business gifts should not be items that will stay inside the bag all the time. Choose gifts that the recipient has to use in public areas. Give business card cases, money clips, and pens. These are not expensive items and can fit into your budget. What’s more, these items are eye-catching.

Business card cases, money clips, and wallets engraved with your company logo will speak for your business, so choose quality and give attention to design. People will appreciate this and use these items extensively; they’ll be your walking sales force.

Here’s another tip, don’t be limited by gender-specific gift items. Choose gifts that will appeal to all gender, age, and necessity. But don’t stop there. Follow up this strategy with more innovative ideas. You can never be complacent in a fiercely competitive market.