Business Cards – Creative Usage (Part A)

Business cards are made to present your business. Many people ask how to use them, where to put them. It depends on your business type, how much you can spend for business cards, how much you pay for them. You can find business cards which cost $ 80 for 500 cards. Or you can make and print it by yourself then the price would by very small. In this article I present idea that we are going to spread our business cards everywhere.

1. Make it special. This means that you have to make your card more important to people. Here is few advices how you can do that using back side.

– Write with your hand your special number which is not in the list. It will make people to keep it longer.
– You can print discount coupon on it. People love discounts and I guarantee that your card would not be thrown.
– Print some interesting phrases or good joke. You are making seminars print main ideas of it that people could always remember your seminar.
– Put a sport tournament schedule. Fans will love it and keep them.

2. Put them everywhere.

– Put them to all of your products. For example if you deliver cosmetic put one in basket. Do the same with flowers, gift baskets, pizza box. I think you understood.
– Put them to all your correspondence. When you write letter put one, when you send invoice put one even when you pay electric bill put one. There is chance that your card reach potential client.
– Scan in and save in computer. Give them to all your Internet partners. They can use it like advertisement graphic.
– Use them like bookmarks. Go to library and put some in books. Also you can ask librarian to put in all outgoing books. Meet bookstores assistants ask if is it possible to place your cards in books.
– There is a good advice for a small thank you gift. Buy some not expensive business cards holders and put one of yours in it.
– Put one in seasonal gifts. If like to send Christmas sandy boxes, Valentine's Day candies or gift always put one of your cards.

This was part A of this article. Look for part B with more answer in my article list.