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Wearing Orthotic Devices for Feet Comfort Products that are created to provide comfort and foot support are generally referred to as orthotic devices. Contrary to what others think the device is not a treatment by itself as it is not capable of curing the inflammation on the foot. Usually the device is issued to the patient together with some medications or in some cases, after a surgery. Over time, orthotic devices have been modified that today, the devices in the market are no longer custom-made to fit the size and shape of the patient’s feet. Wedges, higher heel cups and cut-outs are among the variety of orthotics in New York that are marketed to provide cushion and padding to the feet’s arch and soles. These over-the counter inserts are not that effective compared to those custom-made products. Because the plastic may not be that yielding, it can easily irritate the tissue on the bottom of the foot. People who are suffering from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from these over-the counter orthotic inserts as it can greatly reduce the pressure on the feet. People who may be suffering with conditions that require long-term support should contact a doctor for orthotic in New York. This is to create the right product that is directly molded on the feet of the patient for snug fit and full support on the subtalar joint.
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Podiatrists, pedorthists and orthopedic surgeons are the professionals who can prescribe orthotics in New York. Over-the counter orthotic inserts can be recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists and those who work in shoe stores. Ideally, a biomechanical exam should be completed before the prescription of the device as it will measure the position of the subtalar joint.
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The hyperpronation condition of the patient can be alleviated with the help of an orthotic device. When hyperpronation is left untreated, the condition can open other complications that would disrupt the normal life of the patient. Individuals with hyperpronation are not capable of supporting their body weight and thus they experience chronic pain. By employing an orthotic device, the weight can be evenly distributed in both feet and the shock on the heels is lessened. Patients with hyperpronation can receive a lot of benefits when they make use of an orthotic device, however orthotics in New York is not capable of all providing treatment for all feet conditions. Because of foot pain, patients are not able to go about their daily routine and they always feel uncomfortable when they move around. Through an orthotic device, these individuals can walk around normally and not feel that much pressure and pain when walking in longer distances.