Fashion Designers Books

Buying fashion designers books and collecting copies should become a hobby of all budding fashion designers. They get to learn a lot from seeing the reviews and styles of the well-known designers and besides it helps them unleash their own creativity as well.

You will not only learn by seeing others work, but over a period of time be able to define your own style statement and be able to focus on which fashion trend you wish to follow in the future.

These books will teach you a lot of about trends and concepts besides showcasing others work. Over a period of time you will be able to start identifying yourself with a particular genre and define your own art and design for whenever the time is right.

However before you spend money on the books, it is important that you have the clarity on the kind of fashion that you wish to design and pursue, so that you buy the books that help you grow professionally. It will be a waste to buy a book that does not deal with your subject but deals with something else entirely. There is simply no point to try and do that.

As students you may not be able to afford to buy the latest top fashion industry magazines, for they are very expensive, neverless worth it. The best alternative would be to keep a watch for second hand sales in bookshops as well as garage sales where you can pick up old copies for very cheap rates.

For those students who are studying fashion designing however, might find it more useful to look for the subject related books that cover the subject in depth and deal with technicalities of designing and all other aspects.

Fashion designers and teachers prescribe certain good books to be used for reference and as texts either on their website or on a television special. You can look for such references and buy those books for yourself at any local store or online retailer.

These reference books are collector's items and when you buy them, make sure you maintain them properly so that they thank a lifetime in good condition.

These books have to last you a lifetime, for you will keep referring to them over a number of years in your profession, especially when you want to remember and clarity certain point that you had read about and need reconfirmation. Think of it as an encyclopedia of knowledge for your fashion. …

Home Automation System – Live A Cozy Living

In this century, the world has turned so faster that taking care of their own home itself is so difficult and not possibly effective. The few peoples who has time as mobbed down due to this routine work and they have turned tired of doing the same work time and again. One has to remember and accept to the fact that in today's faster world people really do not have time to spend for themselves and enjoy their leisure activities.

That is the reason for peoples of this era trying to save those precious times to their leisure activities by installing those home automation products in their house and trying to have some fun. You might think that this whole concept is a typical Hollywood commercial which is not available but it is not true, this whole concept is currently available in market and doing wonders for its users.

We have to thank the advancement of technology and theventions of this home automation, which was once considered as the typical Hollywood saga has turned out to be a big boon and helping all its users across the globe. Although this whole technology looks like something fantasy happening around us, it is catching very soon as days passes on and provides a time saver mainly for those peoples who are involved in the hectic life style as it eases their pressure. But the user has to remember, since the whole technology runs in the computer with state-of-art technology, we need to shell out some more money, as it worth of it.

When the user has money and wants to make life simpler and ready to shell out money from their pocket, and then straight away head to home automation. With the facilities and advantages of the home automation is being endless, one can expect the growth of this industry in a rapid rate with as high as possible. One could ever imagine have a single remote control to access the entire home and advantages of using it is unexplainable. It would so easy and convenient and will also easy the pressure of the hectic day of the users.

By bringing this technology, one can say relation between incidents and reality continues. Because of the competition there are lots of latest and diverse home automation systems available in the market. By this various ranges now available, one can easily pick out the ones required and the one that suits them best for all their needs up. One must also make sure that he picks the one that really suits all his needs and works for it.

First of all the user needs to know what it all takes to use the home automation and how it works, because without it one can never define what works good for him and the comfort it gets them. It is basically defined into three different categories, which are named as just like in a computer such as connection center, microprocessor and structured wiring. These complete …

Increasing Your Cash Flow. Key Component of Making, Managing, and Investing Your Money

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To become financially secure in your future, you must realize there are three key, very distinct components when working with money. The obvious one that most people focus on is the “art of making money.” Getting a good education, getting a good paying job, and receiving a paycheck can be easily accomplished. This is the one element that usually gets 90 percent of everyone’s focus. The art of mastering wealth creation is really becoming efficient with not only making money, but understanding that this one component is useless in your quest to obtain financial freedom unless you master the skills of the other two: The management and proper investing of the money to create genuine cash flow you can actually take to the bank and bring home.

It is critically important to understand the latter two, better than the first one. Compounded over time, even someone who makes relatively little money can become a millionaire if they manage what they make wisely and invest it with a high level of expertise and create cash flow. Cash flow is the essential ingredient to mastering wealth creation. Recently a report of a woman was released how she left the university she attended 60 years earlier in the 1940’s after passing, millions of dollars. She was a receptionist or secretary for most of her life. How did she leave millions? She lived within her means, managing wisely, and chose her investments carefully and made millions. This is happening less and less today, with the rise of inflation and the de-valuation of the US dollar. I have seen Individuals earning six figure incomes, annually, waste away their lives buying beyond their means, and struggling in their retirement, while others that earned half of what their peers did, are living a lavish lifestyle, after managing and investing wisely throughout their lives.

What money you make is generally determined by your actual earning potential; how much you and your employers, or company determine and agree you are worth in the marketplace, how much you are capable of generating from your craft or trade, or how much profit you have from net earnings from your business. A simple way to determine this is to look back and see what the highest tax return is that you filed in the most recent years. Generally when deciding that you need to increase your earning potential, there are things you may consider doing. The most common:

· Work more hours in a given week, work overtime, or take a second job.

· Learn to do the same amount of work in less time or more work in the same amount of time.

· Go back to school for further education, learn another trade, update your training.

· Move to an area that will pay more for the skills you already have or take a job that pays more.

The second component, the actual management of your money, is …

Principles of Marketing 101

Marketing results should be measured in only one way – increased sales. Marketing should not be considered an art form. Its mere existence is not enough. Marketing is the first step to the sale. There are seven underlying principles upon which to base your marketing strategy and efforts. Follow them and your business will be a raving success. Violate them and you will fail as so many small businesses do.

The seven underlying principles are Image, Differentiation, Repeat Business, Ease of Doing Business, Networking, Likeability, and Emotion. Let’s begin with image.


Much like people have an image so does their business. Some people are informal and likeable, as are some businesses. Some people are formal and aloof, as are some businesses. Your image is wrapped up in your packaging. The clothes you wear, the haircut you sport, the weight you carry, and the age you are, all create your image. The same applies to your business.

Every way your business presents itself to your customers adds to or detracts from the image you are trying to create with your marketing efforts. Decide on the image you wish to convey to the public and design your business to support that image. Your business cards, letterhead, website, advertising materials, and every other portion of your business which will come into contact with a customer must reflect the same image.

If you sell a product, your image is also reflected in your packaging, the colors, the box, the website, the store — everything. If you sell a service, your image is reflected in your writings, your website, your proposals and your presentations. Make every interaction with a customer or prospect reflect the image you have for your business.

However, remember, it is far easier to create an unforgettable image by differentiating yourself from the competition.


Be as different as a zebra in a herd of horses. You must be different from your competitors in order to stand out. And, you must be able to convey that difference in all your messages to prospects. If you know you are different and don’t convey it, you lose. You must leverage your differences to your advantage.

If you can’t differentiate yourself, it’s because of two general reasons. You think you don’t have any competitors. Or, you have copied your competitors to the extent you all look alike to your prospects.

Thinking you don’t have any competitors is a dangerous and naïve position to take. Even if someone doesn’t sell the exact product you sell, they do compete with you for people’s money. If a potential customer is spending money with someone else, they aren’t spending it with you. Offer something different in product or service.

The second option, where you look just like your competition, is equally dangerous. In this situation, the only way to compete is by having the lowest price. Lowest price also translates to lower profit margin. This means you’re working harder to make money than you have to.

Differentiating yourself …

D’Angelo Dating Tips Can Improve Chances of Getting a Date – Uncracking the D’Angelo Dating Code

If you are the type of guy that has a difficulty even speaking to a pretty woman, let alone getting a date with one, D’Angelo dating tips can improve your chances of getting a date. David D’Angelo is a musician, not a member of any major popular band, who once had many of the same problems relating to women. Today he has no problem getting a date, and he wants to share his secrets to his dating success.

David D’Angelo has published several e-books on dating and sexual attraction based on his experiences in the dating world, mostly meeting women in bars and clubs. By his own admission, David has dated some pretty incredible women, models, and a few that could have made Sharon Stone’s character in Fatal Attraction look like an amateur. His techniques seem to work well for him, as he can enter a bar or club and leave with several new phone numbers and a few dates already scheduled with women he had never met in his life.

D’Angelo offers several dating tips about flirting, how and when to use pick up lines, ways to increase sexual attraction in a woman, and many different subjects related to the whole dating ritual. While there is absolutely guarantee that every single piece of advice he passes along will lead to a new date with a drop dead gorgeous woman, following the advice he shares in his various e-books can improve the odds that you will meet someone, be able to attract her attention, and obtain her phone number and/or schedule a date after just meeting her once.

However, it is also important to note that David D’Angelo is not the only dating guru out there and is certainly not the first and won’t be the last. While his techniques work for some people, they have proven not to work for others. I personally like to take the best techniques from each dating guru then create my own, which is customised to help me achieve success with women. There are some aspects of David’s system I find useful and others I am not fond of.

D’Angelo dating tips can be found scattered about on many dating websites. I would research his tips as well as that of many other dating dating gurus.

If you would like to learn the D’Angelo Dating Tips and the art of seducing beautiful women, then visit my website and get your hands on my free report that has changed the dating life of thousands of men and turned them into dating kings.…

Thank Heavens for Arts and Craft Supplies and Projects!

Can you imagine what the world would be like we were all deprived of art and craft supplies? Imagine how boring summer camps would be for children! Think of how school lessons would drag on for kids if there was no break to play with arts and crafts supplies!

Luckily, we do not live in such a world. If we did, it would not just be the kids who would suffer, either. We adults would certainly suffer, as well. What would we do if someone took away all of our acrylic paints, oil paints, leather craft supplies, wood supplies, and other craft supplies? I, for one, would cry.

In a sense, I did grow up in a world that lacked art and craft supplies. How so? Well, to put it simply, my parents thought that “art” was a waste of time. They preferred that all of my free time be spent reading and learning. In fact, they were so dead-set on this idea that they decided to homeschool me!

As a homeschooled child with no access to crayons and other craft supplies, I feel that I really missed out on something great. I did not get a chance to try out my artistic skills until I was in my teens! Let me first say that my premier arts and crafts projects were not pretty. That being said, let me tell you that from the very first moment I held a paint brush in my hand, I was hooked.

I love art! I love crafts! I can think of no better way to spend my time than grabbing a few paintbrushes and some acrylic paint or oil paint and having at it. I love to paint! Of course, I also love paper craft supplies and wood craft supplies and leather craft supplies. To put it simply, I just cannot have enough.

My parents would roll over in their graves if they saw my closet full of art and craft supplies! Of course, to their credit, I still do love learning and reading and all of those other things that they deemed “important.” Nonetheless, I do feel that I missed out on an important part of childhood by not being allowed to practice the art of art.

I believe that is very important that all children get very well-rounded educations – this means that they should be surrounded not just by books, but craft supplies, sports supplies, music, and other such things. Children should be given a chance to be creative.

Of course, I believe that the same is true of adults. Adults should most definitely surround themselves with scrapbooking supplies, leather craft supplies, paper craft supplies, and other arts and crafts supplies. It is amazing how soothing it can be to work on a craft project after a long day of work. It is good to use a different part of the brain, for a change, too.…

Melissa and Doug Standing Easel Set – Best Art Easel Set

Any parent with little kids at home is well aware that keeping them busy is a hard task. The kids’ art easel is one toy that can keep them busy for hours as well as provide educational value. One of the best easels out there today is the Melissa and Doug Standing Easel. This adjustable-height deluxe wooden easel bought along with the Melissa and Doug Companion Set provide for the best art easel set in the market. Some online stores bundle both of these together and offer at very attractive prices.

This two-sided wooden easel will accommodate up to two kids at the same time and provides for multiple mediums for your kids to draw and paint. The height of the easel is adjustable and you can change it according to your child’s height. This is one of the main features that distinguish from the other easels in the market.

On one side is a chalkboard, on the other is a dry erase board. In between the two easel sides is a dowel for holding a paper and an extra large tray for holding erasers, chalk and markers. The colorful clips, sturdy paint tray with cup holders, and easy-loading paper roll allows the kids to unleash their artistic talents.

Just like a professional easel, the workstation is generously sized so that children can complete projects both big and small. Its durable wood construction ensures that it won’t tip and it folds up easily for convenient storage.

And the companion set provides all the necessary art supplies that are required to get your kids started on this wonderful toy. This accessory set comes with the following:

1. 4 eight-ounce bottles of poster paint – Provided in vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. They are washable, non-toxic and provide excellent coverage.

2. 4 spill-proof paint cups – These are dishwasher-safe and come with snap-on caps to keep the paint fresh paint and don’t dry out in between art sessions. The assorted color caps are provided to keep the paint where it belongs.

3. 4 medium brushes with medium-tip and natural bristle come with easy-to-clean and easy to grasp handles to apply the paint. The brushes are really high quality and durable.

4. 10 jumbo triangular chalk sticks – Non Toxic, Colorful, chunky, triangular pieces are easy to hold, and won’t slip away

5. 1 roll of easel paper – premium quality paper roll that easily loads on to the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing easel.

6. 1 felt eraser – A top quality eraser that features a solid-wood handle and thick, durable eraser pad.

7. 1 dry-erase marker – a standard one that easily wipes off any dry-erase surface

With the best standing easel and the best value for money accessory set this Melissa and Doug Art Easel Set provides the perfect combination of fun, education and value.…

Objective and Subjective Photography Props

Objective and subjective photography props are of great importance in professional photo shooting depending on the impression targeted in a certain photo. Objective ones will include must have items for picture taking such as backdrops, lights, possible prints etc. while subjective will include photographers ideas on certain scene or picture poses.

Photography is an art that simply need not be a truthfully rendering of reality and on the contrary it should be more about other things such as emotional touch on a models face. Photography props come here in handy and helps in refining picture atmosphere. The model and photographer are partners in a concept-design that can be influenced by mood, attitude, flexibility and communication and they should be considerate in backdrops that would create the effect that they are looking for.

Most importantly photography props used should have the proper components, design and quality that will match to the intended picture exit. You should take note that this props will vary due to different locations and themes of the shoot for example, you will use different ones in outdoor and indoors shooting. For digital cameras its quite simple since virtual props can be used.

Props are not really necessary when it comes to digital cameras and their use will vary depending on the user. For instance professionals will bother to go an extra mile to enhance settings while an amateurs will not bother much.

It should be well understood that quality and nature of props is influenced by type of photos we want to take and the better they are the more we are likely to get a glamorous picture. …

Cooking Japanese – Real Taste of Home Healthy Cookbook Recipes

Nowadays every one loves eating Japanese food. They seems to have a fascination with Japanese food, the way it is prepared into small little bite sized sushi, delicious grilled teriyaki, fresh salmon or cod fish in sashimi, the humble miso soup and soba noodles are jam-packed with nutrition and bursting with vitamins and minerals! The salmon and cod fish is high in omega 3, which is great for lowering cholesterol levels for a healthy heart. They provide the most optimum nutrition that our body daily needs. Every single dish is an art form packed with nutrition. It's simply ingenious!

The beautiful presentation and well-arrangement in Japanese food and the distinct taste of home recipes always fulfill one's appetite. However, eating out in Japanese restaurants does take a big chunk out of our budget. Cooking Japanese dishes by yourself is another alternative to save some money in the mean time to enjoy the real Japanese taste recipes from your own home.

Below are some Japanese taste of home healthy cookbook recipes which will definitely let you and your family enjoy a luxurious yet affordable dinner:

Tofu Dengaku
Japanese have a long history of eating miso-topped tofu. This nutritious dish came to be called dengaku, named for the wooden skewers on which it was sometimes cooked. These long skewers were reminiscent of the stilts worn in an ancient dance of the same name.

Making this dish is easy. First wrap the tofu with a clean dish towel. Put two plates on top of tofu leave aside to extract any excess moisture. Meanwhile, combine the 100g miso, 1 egg york, 2 teaspoons dashi, 2 teaspoons mirin and 2 teaspoons sugar in a bowl. Whisk until smooth. Preheat the grill, lightly brush the tofu blocks with little vegetables oil and grill until lightly brown. Thickly spread the miso mixture onto one side and sit under the grill again, miso side up for a few minutes or golden in color. Sprinkled with some sesame seeds and serve immediately.

Sake-glazed Salmon
Both savory and sweet often mingle in Japanese cuisine. These tender and juicy salmon slices are served with a lightly sweetened soy sauce and butter glazed. Usually serve with a vegetable side dish and a bowl of hot steamed rice.

You will need to have 500g salmon fillets lightly season with salt. Heat the oils in a frying pan and cook the salmon pieces with skin side down over medium-high heat. Cook about 3 minutes and reduce the heat to medium. Turn fish over and cook for further 2 – 3 minutes. Be careful not to overcooked the salmon. Remove the salmon from the pan, cover and set aside. Remove any excess oil from the frying pan, mix in butter, sake, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and ginger to the pan. Increase the heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Bring to a boil and cook, stirring until slightly thickened. Drizzle the glaze over salmon. …

Humorous Resources

I would say that your number one resource for funny material is yourself. When searching for comedic stories, think back on your own life experiences. Often those embarrassing moments and awkward scenarios provide excellent, true-to-life humor that people can appreciate, relate to and enjoy. Such personal stories are doubly effective when they underscore a key point you're trying to make to your audience or when they offer a lesson to be learned from the experience.

Other definite perks of using your own stories include the fact that the material is truly authentic and original. Even if it's a common experience in the human family, your personal account will never be "worn out." As you go about your daily tasks, always be aware that the situation you find yourself in at any given moment may have some humor in it. You should always carry around a little pocket notepad and pen with you to capture ideas and insights when they occur.

The next best source for humorous material is friends and family. Again, their stories are the kind you know are genuine and that people are likely to respond to. The beauty of firsthand and secondhand accounts is that people can readily put themselves in the situation or imagine someone else close to them in the situation. If it's real, it's not ever going to come across as dry, manufactured or "trying too hard." Take the time to ask parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc. about funny stories and experiences, and literally start building a "humor database." Sometimes gathering others' stories is easier to do with a handheld recorder than trying to write everything down. Whatever the method you opt for, get started today. The more stories you have up your sleeve, the more prepared you will be.

What makes people laugh? What can you use to create humor during a presentation? There are a variety of ways in which you can spice up a presentation with a few laughs and smiles. You can use a joke, a story, an embarrassing moment, an exaggeration, a pun, irony, self-depreciation, a metaphor, a put-down, silliness, surprise, an anecdote, satire, the one-liner, innuendo, an embellished story, a witticism or even an outrageous statement. Humor really works well when you catch someone off guard, especially with exaggeration. For example, "It was so cold in NY that the Statue of Liberty was holding the torch under her skirt." Even a little embellishment can go a long way. Notice in the local newspaper: "Missing dog, right ear missing; broken left leg; half of tail gone; recently neutered. Answers to the name of Lucky." What about the shocking statement: "If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments."

TV comedians do the put-down very well, but if you follow their strategy, you have to be cautious you do not offend your audience. David Letterman once said, "Fall is my favorite season in LA, watching the birds change color and die." Keep watch …