Family Board Games – Fun Activities For the Entire Family

Most Americans around the world love family board games. There are so many to chose from and many more keep different ones keep being made. Ages 3 all the way to adults love to play board games. Playing as a family is one of the best ways to do so.

Many stores that you shop at carry tons of different games. Usually when shopping in a store you will notice that there are isles of games that a person can choose from. Games can range from card games to games with dice. You name it companies have basically made it. Monopoly is one of the most popular games ever made. There has been many different versions of this game made all the way down to Masseyopoly which was based off of coal mines being bought and sold. Children learn to love the game early due to the many variations such as Spongebob monopoly. Some companies have brought board games out that are 3-D. That is something that is loved by children of all ages! Something that has never really been thought of as a family board game would be building a puzzle. There are so many varieties, the possibilities are endless.

Family board games have always been one of the funnest things to do. The more people play the more the game is! These types of games have been used in just about every kind of party situation. They have also known to be something fun to do when the lights or electricity has gone out.

There of course has been electronic games made from these family board games that can be played on a computer, but there is no luck when the electricity goes out. The best and most fun way to play is actually playing the board game itself. There has been versions of some of the most popular games made so that they are easy to travel with and can be played while traveling to your destination. The only thing with traveling and playing a game at the same time is you are prone to drop and not be able to find game pieces that you had previously.

Family board games have always made a perfect gift for any occasion especially for children. Christmas is a time when tons of games are bought to give to children as gifts along with birthdays. Some families play board games at family get togethers, Christmas parties, birthday parties you name it there is never a reason not to play a fun game.

Board games have been a favorite family past time for many, many years. The variety and costs of the games makes it enjoyable and affordable for just about every family in the world to own one. Board games are a great way to bring families together to spend that most needed time now days that most families do not have. Every family should own some type of board game. Family board games have been known to create unstoppable …

Reasons Not To Become A Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be a great career, but it is not as easy as it looks to become successful. In my last article I talked about the reasons why you should become a real estate agent. Before I get into the reasons of why you should not become a realtor I want to go over the reasons why you should. First and foremost, the harder you work the more money you are going to make. Not only can you make a lot of money but there is no limit to how much money you can make. Another reason why you should become a real estate agent is that you can create your own schedule. With a flexible schedule you are able to sleep in when you need to, and go home to watch a basketball game during March Madness. I will get to the reasons why a flexible schedule is not always good a little later. One final reason that you should become a real estate agent is because you can have a major impact on a lot of people.

If you like meeting the needs of your peers then this may be the right profession for you. However, before you decide to jump right in, let me explain to you the reasons why you should think twice about becoming a realtor.

The main reason why you should stay away from real estate is because it is usually based solely on commission. That means that if you do not sell anything, you do not make anything. I was naïve when getting into the real estate profession about how expensive it was. I did not realize there were realtor fees every year, nor was I aware of how expensive it was to get a license. You also need to consider the amount of money you will spend in technology. For example you are going to want a good computer that you can bring with you at all times. Also, your cell phone bill is going to be higher than you wanted because people will be contacting you at all times. Really the most expensive part of real estate is the advertising. There are many different methods for advertising but they all seem to be expensive. Just letting all your friends and family know that you are in the business is expensive. If you are looking for a steady pay check, this is not the profession to get into.

There are always going to be great times and at times it will be terrible. However, the longer you work in real estate the more likely you will see a consistency in pay checks.
The second reason you should stay out of real estate is because of the amount of time you need to work to become successful. Not only will you be working a lot, but you will also work Saturdays and even Sundays to do open houses. You need to let your family know that you are not always going to …

Dating Game

Whether you’re 15, 20, 30 or Fabulously40 plus, dating always seems like a task better left to someone else. And the older you get the harder it gets. After all, at 15 we are naïve, at 20 we are gullible, at 30 we are determined to find “Mr. Right,” and by 40 we become the biggest skeptics.

On the other hand, how are we supposed to find Mr. Right if we don’t submit ourselves to the dating pool?

Trying to find that one special man through friends and family almost never works, and blind dates get old and annoying very quickly. You know what I’m talking about. Your well-intentioned friends set you up with that “nice guy” that they swear will fill your life with love and abundance. Then you find yourself sitting across the dinner table from some insufferably self-centered slob, frantically searching your mind for a plausible excuse you can utter so he will shut up and take you home.

The only thing worse is having your mother (because she hears your biological clock ticking) arrange for you to meet a friend’s son. The description starts out, “He is a very nice guy and he is tall…” and goes downhill from there. As the warning bells go off inside your head and the color drains from you face, you realize the time has come to take destiny into your own hands.

So you take a deep breath, sit down at the keyboard, and type a URL that resembles something like [http://www.findingmrrighttonight]……com. You think of a user name and password, open your online dating account, and the adventure begins.

On A Mission

To your surprise and amazement, you awake next morning to find your email inbox overflowing with responses.

Your heart sinks as you open the first email and look at the picture of a bold, very unattractive guy who is “intrigued with your profile and wants to get to know you.” Nevertheless, you note that you have at least 30 more emails to read and plunge ahead, certain that there must be at least one prince among all the frogs.

As you open one email after another, you sift through attractive, successful, ugly, funny, boring males who have exposed themselves for your review. You feel somewhat empowered and confident that “things are looking up.” As you get to the last email, you realize there are several options you can consider replying to, and maybe one or two that actually look interesting.

All of a sudden you find your whole life revolving around this exciting new game of online dating. The next thing you know, you’re browsing your “matches” morning, noon and night, and are even skipping lunch to catch up on your latest online hopefuls. Your boss mentions several times that your work has slowed down. Your mother complains that you never call her. You ditch your friends for drinks during Happy hour day after day.

You now have a mission, and no one will stop you!

Mission …

Modern Promotional Pens and the Materials They Are Made From – Promotional Items With a Difference

We have come a very long way since our early ancestors relied on their fingers to make wall paintings and ever since then a myriad of materials has been used as writing instruments. This started off with stone tools to carve symbols known as pictographs but as this developed into what we would now regard as writing there was a need for much finer control over the writing instrument itself. Since then we have seen wooden sticks, feathers, brushes, chalk, graphite and charcoal used to get the written message across.

In the last two hundred years with the emergence of more sophisticated writing instruments a diverse range of materials has been used to manufacture them. Ivory, bone and metal were used to manufacture early fountain pens but with the emergence of synthetic materials, particularly plastic a revolution occurred in pen manufacturing as mass production techniques drve prices down. This coincided with greater levels of literacy in western societies and the level of demand fueled further innovation.

Pens are now incredibly cheap as a result of these innovations and certain sectors of the pen market are extremely price-sensitive. In particular, promotional pens when used as business gifts have to be cost-effective because they are used as giveaways and are not sold to the end-user. The cost of this is usually borne by the company's marketing budget and although price is important the look and feel of the pen must hide its under low price. It would be detrimental to any company's corporate image if the promotional items they are gifting to their existing or potential customers appear as sub-standard.

Here we seemly have an irreconcilable problem – great looking promotional pens that scream quality but at a low cost. To get around this dilemma manufacturers have returned to molding pens from inexpensive plastic and then using decorative finishes to conceal the undering material. Increasingly we are seeing silver colored personalized pens to mimic metal but with a lightweight core. These decorative finishes are usually sprayed with a silver paint and the effect can be very convincing. However, the under light light weight can give the game away when the pen is handled and in recent years manufacturers are adding low cost steel components to the internal cavities of plastic promotional pens in an attempt to give the impression of high quality.

The whole point of these innovations is to increase the perceived value dramatically while only marginally increasing the cost of the pen. A recent variation on this theme is the use of electroplated plastic pen parts that look identical to chrome plated metal and this when combined with the other techniques outlined above make for a very cost-effective and attractive business gift. Mutton dressed up as lamb I hear you say? Well not really, the result is usually stunning and the promotional pen functions as well as any pen that has a much higher price tag, so perhaps we should regard it as a testament to man's ingenuity. …

Warcraft Review

Duncan Jones tries to deliver the next epic fantasy that he and Universal Studios hope to turn into a franchise, but unfortunately Warcraft fails at being a good movie. First and foremost though, the movie is entertaining in some moments; although it struggles in many aspects. These problems far out shadow what the film actually does well and I couldn’t help but feel like they should have kept the film in the oven for a couple more years.

Warcraft is the equivalent of someone jumping into the most recent Game of Thrones episode without any prior knowledge of the story or characters. In other words, if you aren’t a fan of the of the lore already, the movie does nothing to make new audiences feel comfortable in the world it’s so desperately trying to build.

Before I get into all the bad stuff in Warcraft, let’s go over what actually works in the movie. SPOILERS AHEAD. The movie revolves around an orc shaman named Gul’dan looking to escape his dying world by utilizing dark magic to open a portal to the human realm of Azeroth. He also brings along many followers from different orc clans, including the conquering army called the Horde. Uniting to protect Azeroth from this new threat are King Llane, the mighty warrior Anduin Lothar and the powerful wizard Medivh.

The plot is pretty basic, but there is a subplot that revolves around Durotan, a member of the Horde that believes that following Gul’dan isn’t what his people should do. After all, the orc shaman is the one who made your world uninhabitable in the first place. So Durotan and close members of his clan set out to plead and help the human realm rid Azeroth of the new threat and stop Gul’dan from bringing the rest of the horde through a portal. Anything involving Toby Kebbell’s Durotan was very engaging and at time emotional. This character wants to do the right thing and protect his wife and newly born son, along with his clan. I like the arc as a whole and I even thought its conclusion was actually surprising.

I also enjoyed the main villain in the movie called Gul’dan. He was appropriately sinister and he looked freaking awesome. His intentions were sort of clear, though he is clearly just a bad soul looking to wreak havoc and have followers. Speaking of things looking cool, Warcraft boast some great visuals. Whenever the horde is one the screen fighting, it looks fantastic. Creatures and vistas look great too. The film certainly has the look of a huge budget film.

Last but not least is the action. It was surprisingly brutal for a PG-13 flick. You hear bones being crushed and blood bursting from wounds. They show a good amount of combat in the film, a stand out being an ambush taking place about halfway through the movie. I’m a sucker for swords and shields, Warcraft gladly gives the goods.

So with all the things I liked …

Backup Gamecube Games – Is it Possible?

I love my Gamecube. However, Nintendo has made sure to make that I can not backup Gamecube games easily.

And this can provoke a huge problem as your favorite games will start filling up with scratches and slowly, slowly becoming unusable. The first sign will arrive when your games start to slow down. Then one day they will start to refuse to play. That is the tipping point. From that point your only solution is to buy a new game.

The reason is very simple.

Take the disk out and you will find out that it is full of little scratches.

So, what can you do about it?

Backup Gamecube Games – Be Predictive and Save yourself money

The way around this problem is to backup Gamecube. Here is how to do it.

A) Purchase a special software that can backup games. It needs to work without any mod chip or special hardware. Easy backup wizard is such an example as it can override the security of Nintendo and backup your games.

B) Install the program

C) Put the game you want to backup in your PCs reader

D) Check the button on easy backup wizard (or other software) to backup the game.

F) Let it two minutes to copy the game to a local memory and you will be asked to put a fresh disk in

G) Put the disk, press backup and you are done!

From now on when you buy a new game you should first backup it and store the original. If for any reason the backup disk fails you can always make a new backup. …

Nintendo GameCube Walkthroughs

Video Game Consoles are the order of the day. Companies manufacturing these gaming consoles are coming up with new and improved versions of their gaming consoles incorporating the latest etchnology into it. You talk about the PlayStation 3 or, the latest edition of XBox 360, you would find a few thousand takers to it.

Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's fourth home video game console. The GameCube is a predecessor to the WII and is part of the sixth generation era.

The GameCube uses a Game Disc as a medium and is the first non-cartridge storage medium gaming console.

What is so good about the GameCube :

The GameCube has lots of positives to it. A few of them are as follows:

  1. The GameCube is very tight and Compact and is the best portable equipments available in the market right now.
  2. The Controller design is so practical and natural that it is a pleasure using it.
  3. Some of the best M-Rated games are easily available on GameCube. The best example of this is Resident Evil.
  4. The optical gaming discs are relatively small, but it can still hold 1.5 gigabytes of memory. But a GameCube can not play movies or CD's.
  5. In most of the gaming consoles there is often a problem that you encounter. A interruption by opening the disc leads to quite a few error messages. But GameCube is devoid of such issues.
  6. The best part of all is the availability of colors. The color choices are as follows: -Indigo: Purple -Black: Jet -Platium: Silver

Games available in GameCube :

The best game ever to be released for the GameCube is the "Resident Evil Zero". Based on the popular horror movie of the same name this game is a very thrilling and entertaining game to play with an equally wonderful storyline. A fe other available games are as follows:

Super Smash Bros. Melee

-Luigi's Mansion
-Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2
-Star Wars: Rogue Leader
-Animal Crossing
-Mario Party 4, 5, and 6
-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
-Mario Kart: Double Dash !!
-Star Wars: Rouge Squadron III: Rebel Strike
-Final Fantasy: Crystal Chornicles
-F-Zero GX
-Star Fox
-Metriod Prime
-Metriod Prime 2: Echoes
-Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
-Rresident Evil 4
-Residnt Evil Zero
-1080 Avalanche
-Tales of Symphonia

In addition to all these, for the WWE fans there is "WWE Wrestlemania XIX" which is again one of the best games made available for the GameCube.

What are walkthroughs ?

Walkthroughs are tips and techniques made available by players who have completed a specific game, that enable you to smoothly finish a game. One would wonder why should such tips be made available.

These games are very thrilling to play. But there is a point in all of these games where you get stuck up, just because there is something that you should have discovered or, learnt on your way to that particular point which you did not and was strangely stuck up at this point. …

The Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

If you have kids then chances are you have at least a few Gaming Consoles already. Kids and video games just go together. But many parents are frustrated at spending hundreds of dollars on the latest must have Gaming Consoles only to have those same consoles become outdated a few months later. Kids will always want the newest games and consoles, but there are some consoles that have staying power and are worth investing in.

If you're a parent that is overwhelmed by the many video game choices on the market or if you have kids in your life and you want to buy them a video game console they will use for more than a month check out these consoles that parents And experts say have the most staying power:

Nintendo DSi – The Nintendo DSI hit peak popularity last Christmas but it's still at the top of a lot of Christmas lists. Parents like the Nintendo DSI because it's small and handheld. You do not have to hook it up to the TV or computer and it's very portable. Of course, portability can be a negative factor too since it's easier for kids to hide it in school bags and in bed at night after they have been told to stop playing. Still for most parents the Nintendo DSI is one of the most solid Gaming Consoles on the market.

Nintendo Wii – The cost of a Nintendo Wii has dropped to about half of what this revolutionary console cost when it first hit the market but it's still one of the more expensive Gaming Consoles on the market. Parents like the Wii because there are a lot of games designed to be interactive and get kids up and moving. Add ons like WiiFit and cutting edge games make the Wii console something that the entire family will use and enjoy which makes the price tag a little bit easier to swallow.

Xbox 360 – As far as Gaming Consoles go the Xbox 360 was not a strong contender until the Kinect add on came out in fall of 2010. The Kinect add on uses a camera and motion sensors to allow the people playing the game to control the Game with their bodies and physical movements instead of using controllers. Because the Kinect add on is poised to make the Xbox 360 even more interactive than a Wii, it's being predicted by experts that the Xbox 360 will be this year's must have game console, but only if you can get the Kinect attachment. Already the Kinect is selling out whenever a new run hits stores and parents might have a tough time finding one for holiday gifts. Whether or not the Kinect gives the Xbox more staying power remains to be seen.

There are so many Gaming Consoles on the market it can be hard to choose one that is kid friendly and age appropriate. When you're searching for a new gaming system do not overlook …

Want to Make a GB, GBC GAME All by Yourself? Come in and Have a Look

Are you a little annoyed with the existing games. After all, they are developed by others and everything within it was designed previously which can not be changed by players. Maybe someone like you who is in pursuit of excitement wants to create a brand new game, in which your personal idea, concept and image can be shown and shared with others. It seems very difficult for ordinary people to do that, some people are creative and want to design games. With the development of technology today you guys can create GB / GBC games for yourself.

1. Make sure that you have installed Java Virtual Machine of SUN (you can download it from, keeping in mind that it needs to log out or reset the system after installing. See all files of java have changed to the icons of java bans.

2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar

3. Double click the MeBoyBuilder.jar

4. Select the key "Add ROM", then opt the ROM you want to add and press OK key. It will ask you whether to continue to add, just repeat the operation and you'll complete the "n" and "1" game package. However, you'd better pack up only one game a time, or your computer will run pretty slow when several games are packed up togheter to run.

5. Opt "finish" to end. Then introduce the file meboy.jar which is generated after packing to your mobile phone.

It is personally tested by me and it is really easy to make a game that can be played. But it needs to note that some mobile phones do not run it very well (the bigger the frames, greater the speed), especially the big GB games.

All in all, if you like to do it yourself, you can find much highlight delight in it. …

Emmy Record-Holders

This year's Emmy Awards are slated for September 18. The night is symbolic of the achievement and workmanship that those in the television industry put into their work. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences rewards outstanding work that has been done in the television arena over the past year. Some have consistently shown the workmanship that has seen them take the award multiple times. Here is a list of Emmy facts on such:

Hector Ramirez is the most nominated individual in the history of the Emmys. This year, Ramirez got five nominations, bringing his total to 64. Ramirez has been a cameraman for such shows as Dancing With The Stars, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and awards shows such as the Academy Awards. In addition to the Oscars, this year he has been nominated for his work on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert, the Grammys and the Kennedy Center Honors. Ramirez, who broke Jac Vanza's (TBS producer) record of 57 in 2010, has 15 prior wins.

Saturday Night Live, a show that Ramirez has worked on, beat ER's record to become the most nominated show in history. It won 16 nominations this year to bring its tally to 142. SNL was officially eligible to compete for the Emmys since 1976 and with the exception of 1981, 1982 and 1988, has received at least one nomination ever since. On September 18th, we will know if it will add to its 28 wins.

Sheila Nevins, HBO's President of Documentary and Family Programming, is the most celebrated individual in Emmy history, winning the statuette 22 times. She recently surpassed James L. Brooks Edward J. Greene's record of 20.

The most feted performers are Cloris Leachman (8) and Edward Asner (7) for a broad spectrum of TV work including guest performances, programs and TV movies. The most awards won for the same role by a performer is five each by Candice Bergen and Don Knotts for Murphy Brown and the Andy Griffith show respectively. Candice Bergen won her awards between 1989 and 1995, while Don Knotts won them between 1961 and 1967.

Frasier is the Emmy's most awarded TV series ever. The show, which ran between 1993 and 2004, collected 37 Emmys in total. The show also holds the record for most consecutive wins in the comedy show category, with five wins between 1994 and 1998. Eight of the 37 awards are for the show's stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce. The character of Frasier was played by Grammer on two other TV shows, Cheers and Wings. He was nominated for those performances too and he now holds the record for most nominations for the same character in multiple TV shows. Grammer was nominated for all but one season of the show's run, Pierce was nominated for every season.

The highest number of wins by a TV show in the drama category is jointly held by three series: The Hill Street Blues, LA Law and The West Wing. Hill …