Funny Comedian to Heal You

A Funny Comedian as your doctor? This may sound, excuse the word play here, funny, but there's some truth to it. If the comedian is really good, she will make you laugh real hard.

This is where the health benefits appear. Study results indicate that, right after laughing, there is a general increase in activity inside the immune system. Particularly it showed that laughing out loud elevated the amount and activity level of the particular natural killer cells designed to attack bad cells such as cancer. It also elevated the antibody that combats upper respiratory tract infections. Furthermore, this increased the levels of gamma interferon, a protein which triggers various aspects of the immune system.

The final results of the study also reinforced research indicating an overall decrease in stress hormones that constrict blood vessels and hold back defense activity. These were proved to decrease in the study group subjected to laughter. Research has discovered that simply anticipating laughter provides actual physical rewards. Some people in the research were advised three days in advance that they were going to be shown a funny film. Just before the film even began, blood sucked from these people showed these people already got a 27% boost in hormones called beta-endorphins.

Beta-endorphins are powerful pain suppressants. Humor allows a person to forget about pains such as cramps, joint disease, and so on. Quite surprisingly, laugh can trim down blood pressure too. Many studies have proven that people battling with blood pressure laugh extremely rarely. More often than not anxiety is actually the top reason for health issues such as hypertension. This is when laughter comes for your own assistance. It calms stress which in turn regularizes the blood pressure level readings to a great extent. Get a radiant and healthy skin tone by laughing a lot more.

The harder you chuckle, the happier you often turn out to be from inside, which shows onto the skin also. Laughing assures sufficient supply of air and bloodstream to the face which can contribute to a good and beautiful complexion. Therefore, laugh more and you'll very easily show your best complexion. Neverheless, you can not depend on laughter only to solve skin problems like pimples. With this, you need to apply effective acne treatment things like clear pores facial defense system.

A Funny Comedian does not just help fix your body, she could repair lots of things. Laughter can also be a great way to minimize conflict in your relationships. When you are engaging in a heated up argument with your co-employee, try throwing in some light-hearted laughter. It will likely be hard for you to keep mad at one another when you're both laughing. Instead of losing time becoming annoyed when you commit a mistake, learn to chuckle at yourself. This will help increase your confidence levels and can aid you in living a more balanced life. You may make laughter an integral part of your everyday lifestyle by enjoying humorous shows, reading humorous books, getting …

Humor in Corporate Gift-Giving – Why So Important? And Why Does Humor Make it More Important?

The right corporate gift adds that personal touch that no other medium, whether owned by Rupert Murdock or Ted Turner can do. It is an item, generally a calendar, a coffee mug, or some item that not only offers this personal touch but is something your client (or potential clients) views daily. It becomes a part of their psyche and they feel a kinship toward you and your company. Traditional media can never do this, and that is why corporate gift-giving, once considered "on the fringe of advertising" has become more mainstream than what once was traditional advertising.

Maybe you have granted giving corporate gifts because you have your own huge inventory in your home of fridge magnets, calendars, tee shirts, chocolates, etc. And no place to put them all (except in a far space of a closet you rarely enter).

Something new has emerged in the world of corporate business, and you know about it if you've been reading Forbes, Wall St. Louis. Journal, or other business publications. Humor.

Humor in the workplace, once considered, water fountain and coffee room talk (along with gossip) is now being taken seriously for both the emotional and financial health of the corporation. Humor consultants are being brought into such companies as IBM, Dupont, and many other Fortune 500 groups?

So what does this have to do with corporate gifts?

Londons Times Cartoons, the largest private inventory of licensed images on the Internet has done something very interesting with their work.

They opened a store of gift items from gourmet coffee gift baskets (with mugs and coasters) to water bottles, to coasters, to sweatshirts.

Corporations are buying these gifts to give to clients and future clients. The difference is, the cartoon is not only of the topic of your company (or the company to which you are purveying the gift), but London only charges $ 2.00 to engrave the gift with your company's name and web address. Most gifts are under $ 20.

So how does this benefit you, and / or your firm?

In a multitude of ways.

Now you have a corporate gift that people do not toss in the closet. They keep it out to display because it has a funny cartoon (the same reasons newspapers devote a full non-revenue producing page to silly pictures. People save them, now usually the newspaper and pass it around for others to see.

For years newspaper publishers have devoted an entire page to a totally non-revenue producing page called the comics page. Ever wonder why? They even have to pay a syndicate for the comics? LOYALTY. They have known for centuries that humor and goodwill sacrifices loyalty, and let's face it, news, especially these days is not necessarily loaded with "humor and goodwill". But you can easily put a bit of it into someone's life, where they see it daily, look forward to seeing it, and your name and www right there with it (for only $ 2). There are not many true …

Funny Eulogy

A euology does not have to be a somber speech. There is a great misconception that a eulogy has to be sorrowful. In fact, in some cases, a funny eology can honor the deceased more than a downbeat eology.

The purpose of a eology is to celebrate the person's life. You want to highlight their loves and the people that were a big part of their life. You also want to focus on their achievements both in their career and elsewhere. Another key component of aiology is to point out the unique characteristics of the person. What were their personality traits or quirks? Finally, you want to talk about how the person touched lives.

So how do you make a eology funny?

The best way to add humor is through a funny story. Embarrassing stories work best and can liven up the eology.

For example, in one funny eology the speaker talked about his father's passion for entertainment.

"I also remember what a character my father was. He was a born entertainer and I could not remember a Thanksgiving dinner where we did not hear him sing an Elvis song." "Love me Tender", "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes "were his favorites. Thankfully he never put on a skin tight white jumpsuit."

Another great way to add humor is to try and think of funny lines that the worn used commonly. Everyone has their favorite expressions that becomes their trademark. Try to tell a story using this funny line that most people will recognize.

For example, this is an example of a funny eology where the speaker highlighted his dad's favorite one-liner.

"When I would complain on long car rides or bring home school grades that were not up to par my father would quote Bill Cosby who told his son theo in one episode" I bought you into this world, and I can take you out of it . "

Always remember "laughter is a celebration of life." To honor the deceased with a funny eology is to celebrate their life. …

Feel Better With Funny T-Shirts

It's been an age-old belief that laugh makes sick people well. In fact, a lot of publications exploring the healing powers of humor have been released with scientific studies even confirming truth to these claims. Laughter is said to bring a lot of health benefits to people from increased immunity to decreased stress. It is even said that a simple smile will do despiteaughter still might be more effective in hastening an ill person's recovery. Definitely, this makes people automatically attracted to whatever tickles their funny bone, including funny t-shirts.

Aside from making people feel good, funny tees have also become a fashion phenomenon. Even celebrities have been spotted off cam wearing funny tees which certainly helps in making them more popular. Beside, someone who wears a witty thought across his chest is generally viewed as cool. But beyond this physical appeal, we know there's always something more to the humor that is more mysterious and interesting. For example, did you know that laughter, genuine or not, sets off the same physiological reactions that produce the same healing effects in your body? This actually makes it healthy to laugh simply for health reasons which means a person who breaks into laughter without any apparent reason may not needarily be a looney.

Did you also ever wonder why children tend to recover faster than adults even if they're generally more susceptible to diseases? This fact is being associated with kids' ability to find more reasons to laugh as compared to adults who tend to get too upight with lessened ability to see humor in life as they age. This also means that it's always better for people to always try to see the brighter side of things no matter how gloomy they seem.

Somewhere out there, there's always a reason to be happy and growing a skill for spotting that reason is more likely to happen when humor becomes a way of life. It's not even always about laughing. Mere openness of the mind to receive humor is the most important part of all. Part of the healing wonders of laughter has something to do with the psychological dimension in a human being. Aside from the physiological benefits, laugh also works to improve one's disposition in life. And it is a guaranteed stress reliever which is probably one of its properties that gives it such tremendous power to heal. It is said that most of today's ailments are significantly linked to stress. Thus, it follows that controlling this stress through humor promotes healing. …

What Font Should You Use For Your Book?

One of the most common questions asked by would-be self-publishers who are intent on designing and typesetting their book themselves is, “What font should I use?”

I’m always relieved when somebody asks the question. At least, it means they’re not just blindly going to use the ubiquitous default fonts found in most word processing programs.

However, there is almost no way to answer the question. It’s like asking, “What’s the best car model for commuting to work everyday?”

You’ll get a different answer from almost everyone you ask. And they might all be correct.

I am willing to offer one hard-and-fast rule, however: don’t use Times New Roman or Times Roman. That will brand your book as the work of an amateur at first glance. And there are other, very practical, reasons for not using it. Times Roman and Times New Roman were designed for the narrow columns of newspapers, originally for the London Times back in the 1930s. Today, almost no newspapers still use it. How, or why, it became a word processing standard, I have no idea. The font tends to set very tight, making the text block on the page dense and dark.

Here are two caveats before proceeding to few recommendations:

  1. The typeface you choose may depend on how your book will be printed. If you look closely at most serif fonts (like Times), you will notice that there are thick and thin portions of each letter. If your book will be printed digitally, you should steer away from fonts with segments that are very thin. They tend to become too faint and affect readability.
  2. Don’t get carried away with the thousands of font choices available. Most are specialty fonts suitable for titles, headlines, advertising, emotional impact, etc. And never use more than a very few fonts in a single book — we usually choose one serif font for the main text body, a sans serif for chapter titles and headings within the chapters. Depending on the book, we may select a third font for captions on photos, graphics, tables, etc. (or maybe just a different size, weight, or style of one of the other two). We may select a specialty font for use on the front cover for the title and subtitle.

For 90% of books, any of the following fonts are excellent choices:

  • Palatino Linotype
  • Book Antiqua (tends to set tight, so you may have to loosen it up a bit)
  • Georgia
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Adobe Garamond Pro (tends to have a short x-height, so it might seem too small in typical sizes)
  • Bookman (the name sort of gives it away, doesn’t it?)
  • Century Schoolbook (tends to be a bit wide, creating extra pages)

You need to look at several paragraphs of each font to see what, if any, adjustments you may find necessary in things like character spacing and kerning. You want to avoid little confusions, like:

  • “vv” (double v) that looks like the letter “w”
  • “cl” (c l) that looks like the

Humor – Appropriate for Work?

Very few people really enjoy going to their jobs. Let's face it, most bosses are a pain, the work is not very interesting and even if it is, after a while it gets routine. The days are long and when times are slow, they are even longer. Boredom can easily settle in. Some people try to combat this boredom by bringing a little humor into the work place. What follows are two true stories.

One gentleman worked for a medical software company. It was their slow sales and support season and finding things to stay busy was not easy. So this man, who was also an amateur ventriloquist, brought one of his dummies into work. Fortunately, this guy was very well liked and the people in the office, including his supervisor, all got a kick out of it. The jokes and one liners were flying fast and furious. Everyone was having a good time. Then, one worker walked in who had a terrible phobia of dummies. She verbally abused the other employee and then filed a complaint. The employee was absolutely asked to put the dummy away and never bring it back.

Another gentleman who was working at a business school as a computer instructor held a joke session in the teachers' lunch room. All the teachers were asked to get up and tell their favorite jokes. This was all well and good until one of the teachers told an ethnic joke. One of the people in the room was of this ethnicity and became very insulted. He filed a complaint and a lawsuit directed against the school.

These are just two of the probably many cases of humor at the work place turning into an ugly scene. The truth is, what one person finds funny or entertaining, another person may find offensive. When that happens, complaints are bound to be made and that's when the trouble starts.

So what is a company to do? Do they allow humor? Do they post rules that no forms of humorous entertainment or even casual talk be allowed? What if two friends are talking in private on the job and are telling each other jokes? What it somebody walks by and overhears one of the jokes and is offended by the joke? Is it the fault of the two employees that a private conversation was overheard? Where do we draw the line when it comes to allowing humor in the work place?

Unfortunately, what many companies do and a big reason why work is such a miserable place to be, is prohibiting all conversation on the actual work promises that does not directly involve the doing the job itself. People who are speaking breaking this rule are given a reprimand the first time and on a second offense are given some sort of punishment. If the violations continue, they are let go.

Fair? Maybe not. But in an age where everyone has to be politically correct or face possible lawsuits it may be …

Humorous, Meaningful and Overdue Look Into Emergency Services Worker Experiences

Sherry Jones Mayo has written a tremendously informative and humorous book about the daily experiences of emergency services personnel, whether paramedics, EMTs, doctors, or nurses. After twenty years in the field, Mayo reveals multiple aspects of the job from caring for people who need emergency care, to experiencing tragic losses, difficult and often humorous patients, and coping with fatigue, emotional breaking points, and personal issues.

Most books about trauma are written for the victims and their caretakers-so the caretakers (counselors, responders to an emergency, even family members) can help the victims. Although television dramas pay homage to the courage of emergency services workers-especially in the ER-these programs tend to treat the situations as heroic and dramatic rather than showing the actual real effects-the emotional and physical toll-these experiences have on the workers. Mayo provides multiple aspects of how emergency services personnel respond to trauma, most of it becoming their everyday work, but the deaths of children, cases of child abuse, or situations that resonate with their own personal tragic experiences can require immediate counseling and crisis intervention to protect the workers. Burnout is common, but so is the deep feeling of reward when the greatest efforts pay off.

This book is rich in a variety of experiences ranging from doing emergency care on an airplane to helping overweight people out of their homes, and an emergency services worker experiencing an accident and then seeing things from the patient's side as her co-workers care for her . Mayo shares her own experiences throughout, but she also shares the stories of co-workers, her daughter who was inspired to follow in her mother's footsteps, and numerous other first-person accounts of helping in an emergency.

While "Confessions of a Trauma Junkie" has numerous telling and moving stories, what I appreciated most was the humor. The humorous passages actually made me better understand how emergency services personnel respond to the most difficult situations, the boredom they have to deal with, and the need for humor as a coping mechanism. The workers also do not always receive the appreciation and respect they deserve. They become rightfully irritated when treated like servants, when they are threatened with lawsuits, or when the lazy try to take advantage of them, refusing even to sit up by themselves because a worker can pick them up. While Mayo's experiences occur in the greater metropolitan Detroit area, and a larger economically and socially challenged population exists there, I imagine emergency services workers need to deal with rude and inconsiderate patients constantly, whether in rural or metropolitan areas.

The humor in this book was so rich that I would recommend it to any emergency services personnel simply as a way to cope and relieve stress with a good laugh. Among the many humorous passages, one of my favorites was the response received from a patient when the admitting nurse asked for her name:

I'm too sick to talk. Ask my husband what my name is … can not you see I'm sick? What's …

Humorous Resources

I would say that your number one resource for funny material is yourself. When searching for comedic stories, think back on your own life experiences. Often those embarrassing moments and awkward scenarios provide excellent, true-to-life humor that people can appreciate, relate to and enjoy. Such personal stories are doubly effective when they underscore a key point you're trying to make to your audience or when they offer a lesson to be learned from the experience.

Other definite perks of using your own stories include the fact that the material is truly authentic and original. Even if it's a common experience in the human family, your personal account will never be "worn out." As you go about your daily tasks, always be aware that the situation you find yourself in at any given moment may have some humor in it. You should always carry around a little pocket notepad and pen with you to capture ideas and insights when they occur.

The next best source for humorous material is friends and family. Again, their stories are the kind you know are genuine and that people are likely to respond to. The beauty of firsthand and secondhand accounts is that people can readily put themselves in the situation or imagine someone else close to them in the situation. If it's real, it's not ever going to come across as dry, manufactured or "trying too hard." Take the time to ask parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc. about funny stories and experiences, and literally start building a "humor database." Sometimes gathering others' stories is easier to do with a handheld recorder than trying to write everything down. Whatever the method you opt for, get started today. The more stories you have up your sleeve, the more prepared you will be.

What makes people laugh? What can you use to create humor during a presentation? There are a variety of ways in which you can spice up a presentation with a few laughs and smiles. You can use a joke, a story, an embarrassing moment, an exaggeration, a pun, irony, self-depreciation, a metaphor, a put-down, silliness, surprise, an anecdote, satire, the one-liner, innuendo, an embellished story, a witticism or even an outrageous statement. Humor really works well when you catch someone off guard, especially with exaggeration. For example, "It was so cold in NY that the Statue of Liberty was holding the torch under her skirt." Even a little embellishment can go a long way. Notice in the local newspaper: "Missing dog, right ear missing; broken left leg; half of tail gone; recently neutered. Answers to the name of Lucky." What about the shocking statement: "If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments."

TV comedians do the put-down very well, but if you follow their strategy, you have to be cautious you do not offend your audience. David Letterman once said, "Fall is my favorite season in LA, watching the birds change color and die." Keep watch …

Humorous Book Review – A Must Read

Have you ever asked yourself; What Happened to Common Sense? Well, you are certainly not alone, we all wonder what folks were thinking when they do stupid things and we are also often flabbergasted when our elected leaders make such ignorant or unethical decisions. Sometimes a bit of humor is the best way to address such hypocrisy, ignorance and stupidity. Something we can laugh at, perhaps to keep all the sound, fury and drama from making us cry due to the serious nature of all the issues.

It is for this reason that, I appreciate a humor book now and again, books like the Dilbert Series, and similar works. One great book I have recently read on this topic of common sense and one that I would definitely recommend to you if you feel the same as I do on this topic is;

“Gump’ism; The Wit and Wisdom of Forest Gump” by Winston Groom; Pocket Books, New York, 1994.

One wonderful quote in this book and mind you it is full of great quotes, so it is hard to pull just a single on out, but one I enjoyed was:

Don’t ever pick a fight with someone who is really ugly-looking!”

Decent advice, common sense, good idea; of course, as someone who is really ugly has nothing to lose and you perhaps do. And someone who is willing to fight and is ugly has probably been in many more fights than you and has better experience too. You see, it is just plain common sense and this book has nearly 90-pages of common sense quotes just like this one.…

Snorg Tees – New Funny Shirts Every Week

Snorg Tees are a company from Atlanta that specialize within funny tee shirts that cover a huge array of topics that include zombies, wordplay, television and movie quotes, geek culture, pop culture as well as the super random.

As far as offensiveness is concerned, Snorg Tees lean toward a more wholesome humor and shy away from vulgarity you might find upon other funny tee shirt websites. There include a couple of options you possibly would not wish to sport around your mother.

Anyhow, Snorg hung its first shirt shingle within the year 2004 with a few of the cleanest designs and sharpest one liners upon our planet. The company should get added bonus points for 3 additional great things:

· The company prints their shirts upon American Apparel tee shirts, that are soft, high quality, well fitting tee shirts made in the United States.
· The company provides updated designs at four dollars off the standard cost, so if you are on top of things, you can obtain a good deal.
· The company features a few of the best models within this Northern Hemisphere.

It is safe to say that they do not bat 100 in humor. A few of the tee shirts will sort of be lame, yet they possess hundreds of models, so their total average is not too shabby.

Therefore, the if you are On inclined to goofy, random and silly humor and possess an affinity toward sporting a comic gold Diamond Elissian across your chest, you shouldnt really give Those Snorg tees a chance.

One example is the "I'm Huge in Japan" tee shirt. The concept around this shirt is: You might not have conquered the American market for that top swallow calls compact disc that you recorded within your mother's basement, yet your stuff will totally be big overseas, particularly in Japan, and you understand what that will mean . It will mean that you are a bit ahead of the curve here within America. Thus, give it a bit more duration and your popularity ought to also explode stateside. If you tell all of your acquaintances and friends concerning your success within Japan, half of them will believe you. Half of those people will think you are going upon a swallow call tour within April.

They will believe you more if you wear an "I'm Huge in Japan" tee shirt each day. It is the sole way to convince those skeptics. …