Los Angeles Terrorist targets



Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter. Oct 8, 2009 at 7:00 PM PDT A Lake Elsinore man who lost his hand in an improvised explosion device (IED) is being held in custody today after he went to a hospital emergency room with his hand blown off. His brother and mother have been arrested on suspicion of making explosives and child endangerment, a Riverside county sheriff’s sergeant said.

The allegations stem from explosives found at the family’s home, where the mother ran a licensed daycare facility, said sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez.

Benjamin Kuzelka, 23, walked into a hospital and told emergency personnel that he had shot his own hand, said sheriff’s Sgt. Gutierrez.

An examination of the wound determined it was not consistent with a gunshot, and Kuzelka later told deputies that he had been injured by explosives, Gutierrez said.

Sheriff’s deputies, along with agents from the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, went to his home at 30524 Audelo Street and found bomb-making materials and marijuana plants, the sergeant said.

Kuzelka was in serious condition and will be arrested when he recuperates.

His brother, Grey Timothy Kuzelka, 21, was arrested and booked into the county jail. He had been free on bail since Sunday, following an arrest on suspicion of drug possession, sales and transport.

Their mother, Rebecca Kuzelka, 55, was also  being held.
The possibility that the family is associated with hate groups or other radical home grown or international terrorist with intentions of bombing southern California targets is being investigated by local, county and federal authorities according to an investigator.
Law enforcement in surrounding counties including Orange and L.A.Counties are investigating to see if there is any connection between the Kuzelka family and any recent bomb threats.
LAX has long been believed by terrorist experts to be a high grade target for terrorist.
In a wide-ranging Rand report it considered the potential casualties from car bombs, mortars, snipers and surface-to-air missile attacks the most likely scenario and is the first public blueprint of the airport’s greatest vulnerabilities.
LAX, the world’s fifth-busiest airport, is considered the state’s top terrorist target. An Al Qaeda plot to explode several luggage bombs in terminals was foiled in December 1999.  According to former president George Bush a Los Angeles skyscraper was a terrorist target.
Bush indicated that in Feb 2006 – Al Qaeda terrorists were planning to fly a plane into the tallest building on the West Coast not long after they’d launched the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York City and Washington.
The terrorists’ target was a notable Los Angeles office building, he said during a speech given at the National Guard Association of the United States’ headquarters.
The 73-story Los Angeles office building, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, was called the Library Tower at the time of the terrorist plot. It was later renamed US Bank Tower.
Bush said the scheme involved terrorists using shoe bombs to hijack an aircraft that would then …

What Are The Best Home Security Cameras – Top Three

Home security is a huge issue in this country. Burglary is one of the few areas of crime that is on the increase. While most categories of crime are on the decline home burglary is on the rise. Home invasions are also on the increase but are hard to quantify because they are treated separately. Police tell us that 90 percent of all home burglaries are preventable and that 60 percent of all home burglaries happen through on secured doors and windows.

Homeowners can beef up their security in many ways that are free. First lock all doors and windows even when you are at home. Get involved in a neighborhood watch program. Place a sign in your yard that you have a viscous guard dog or that you a card carrying member of the NRA. These all work and are free. What is not to like about free?

Law enforcement officials will tell you that the best way to show external signs of security is with a security camera. Here are the top three home security cameras.

1. Vandal Proof Dome-for external security of your home. It is fully weatherproof and vandal resistant. It has 36 infrared LED’s for night vision capability up to 80 feet away. The 550 TV lines of resolution provide excellent picture quality. It adjusts and can manually rotate 360 degrees.

2. The Alarm clock hidden camera-for internal security. It is a fully functioning brand name Sony dream machine alarm clock radio with AM/FM and all the trimmings. It has a full power backup in case of power loss. It can be wired or wireless and produce color or black-and-white images. Another option is the built-in DVR, which saves you money on recording images.

3. The high resolution day night color camera-for external home security. This bullet camera has 56 infrared LEDs which allow you night vision capability of 150 feet away at night. Video is recorded at 540 TV lines resolution, producing high quality images.

When it comes to security cameras for your home these are the best three. Don’t put your security at risk any longer get a security camera. When are you getting one?…

How to Prepare for a Career in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the most exciting, important, and demanding fields. A lot of young people see the glamor of a law enforcement career, but fail to understand the amount of preparation that is needed. They may spend their time looking through a catalog promoting the Blackhawk tactical gear and the amazing Surefire flashlights, and dream of James Bond type adventures. There is nothing wrong with this kind of dreaming, and Blackhawk gear is certainly the best you can find once you become a law enforcement officer. The problem is becoming one.

There are three levels of law enforcement type jobs. They are local, State, and Federal. The local level consists of City and Country police officers. The requirements are, usually, an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, a physical fitness test, and a complete background investigation. The State level requirements are mostly the same, but you also must be willing to relocate anywhere within the State. The Federal level consists of several agencies including the FBI, and the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Agency. A Federal Law enforcement position will require a four year Bachelor's degree. Many four year colleges offer a degree in Criminal Justice. Each level also has academies where specific training is given.

If you are serious about a career in Law Enforcement, there are several things that you can do to prepare. The first, and perhaps the most important, is to remember that to a law enforcement officer requires that your own personal life be of the highest standard. It is impossible to enforce laws without you abide by them yourself. Remember that a background investigation is part of each level's requirements. You need to be aware that any type of criminal background in your record is going to disqualify you. It is important to consider even your financial matters. A very bad credit history can also harm your chances.

It is important to pay attention to your education, and your school record. It is a very wrong stereotype to think of police officers as uneducated dummies. A modern law enforcement officer needs to be highly educated. Most positions will require an associate degree, and many will be looking for a bachelor's degree. It is never too early to investigate the requirements for a degree in Criminal Justice, and schedule the necessary courses to make sure you qualify.

If you are serious about this career choice, you should be aware of the physical fitness demands of almost every law enforcement position. Live healthy, stay fit, keep out of trouble, and work hard in school are all preparations for law enforcement professionals. If this does not seem too demanding, you might be the kind of person who will be able to prosper in this demanding career field. …

Law of Attraction – The Use and Meaning of Signs from the Universe

Ever since I began studying and applying the Law of Attraction, I have always received signs from the Universe. Some are signs of encouragement or inspiration and some are signs to act upon.

Some ask if it is a lack of faith in the Universe if you ask for a sign of encouragement. The answer really depends on how you look at it, but from my point of view I believe signs are here to give us encouragement just like you would give your child praise and encouragement. Encourage in the form of signs serves as a catalyst to do more and be more.

Signs of encouragement or inspiration send your heart to new heights: You wonder how something is going to work out and you receive a clear sign from the Universe that it will. When I first began practicing the Law of Attraction, I was a professional costume designer. I was unsure of how I was going to make money at it, but I knew at the time that this was what I wanted to do. I kept my focus on costume designing and would look through magazines and sketch out costumes that I would love to make.

I started to specialize in the old time look of Judy Garland and Shirley Temple. I devised a plan to make children's costumes that were old fashioned; Glorious fairy costumes, skunks, Little Rascals, and of course Shirley Temple. I was not sure what would sell well and I asked the Universe for a sign. I had to make at least twenty copies of one costume to sell at an industry show. I did not receive what anyone would call a blatant sign telling me what to do. I stepped back and just released it into the Universe and thanked the Universe for the sign.

One day as I was picking up fabrics, I parked next to a car with the license plate that read, 'Shrlyrcks.' "Wow!" I thought to myself, "I think that is my sign!" I was so excited that this was leading me in the direction I needed to go. I went into the fabric store and the fabric needed for a Shirley Temple costume was 75% off, today only! Boom! Boom! Two signs in a row! These kinds of signs take your heart to a new level. You feel so taken care of when you have blatant signs. So I designed the costumes and sold every last one of them at the show and took many orders home with me. Just remember to expect the signs and thank the Universe in advance for the signs and the subsequent manifestation of what you have been attaining.

You can also have the kind of sign from the Universe that says, "Here's your sign! It's your time for your light to shine! Act on it!" This kind of sign can be unnerving if you are not used to 'acting upon' something, but it's best if you do because the universe …

Cracking the Case of the Crime Drama on Satellite TV

It seems that, at least on television, there is an American fascination with crime. And not just any crime at that, it seems that the blood thirsty public just can not get enough of homicide crime dramas. With choices ranging from Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, SVU, NYPD Blue and various other letter combinations, there is a crime drama for every taste, featuring almost every major city across the country. The formula is tried and true, as we see a little bit of crime action, interspliced ​​with the wit and wisdom of our favorite quirky law enforcement characters, training their brains to crack the case. The plots may be intrate or pretty straight forward, but they are consistent in content and style, giving the audience a pleasant sense of knowing what to expect from their television hour.

For a nation with a higher than normal rate of homicide in real life, you may think the masses are scanning their satellite TV dials for voters. However, not only are these formulaic thrillers favorites at home, but abroad as well. Of all the television programming options to draw from American television, it sees the people have spoken, and what they are saying is "more crime dramas!" Maybe people like all the blood and guts spraying across their screens in high definition. Or, just maybe these programs do play to the savage side in all of us, or at least morbid fascination.

On the flip side, perhaps it is the humanistic side in all of us that enjoys these programs, looking for quick and concise justice against the bad guy. In crime dramas the detectives (almost) always get their man, making things like reasonable doubt in the much desired apprehension of the bad guy. Classic cops and robbers (or murderers) Scenarios have long been the fascination of many a filmmaker and television producer, and crime dramas play to that interest.

Even when watching sports, say the NFL Sunday Ticket, each one of us has a desire to see the good guy win, no matter which side we are on. Look at dramas like Dexter, where the audience takes the side of both the killer and the police simultanously. The only real antagonists are those who deserve vindictive wrath, the real bad guys who kill for the wrong reasons. But somehow the audience keeps it straight. Just when it sees the moral lines of the crime drama have been strict drawn, they go and change again.

One thing that is for sure is that satellite TV is illegally to see a short of such programming any time soon. There will likely be even more US cities displayed in these carefully crafted dramas, making it even more fun for more citizens to watch their hometown heroes. Seemingly endless plot lines pour out of crime drama writers, and after decades running, some of these crime programs are institutions that will certainly last for decades to come. The murderers may get more graphic to appearence our HD …

Influence of Newspapers

The invention of printing is an epoch making achievement in the history of human civilization. The modern age owes three fourths of its progress to printing. It has brought many blessings in its train and one of these is the newspaper which has deeply and widely influenced modern life in many ways.

A newspaper at first was nothing more than a paper which gave news. In its infancy, it had no other aim. But as it developed, it began to be used for various other purposes and served several ends. Today, it has become a tremendous force for good and evil in the world. It not only continues, as before, to give news but also comments on them, criticizes the people and the government, deals with social, political, industrial and religious questions, reviews books and periodicals, ventilates grievances and does many other things, In fact there is hardly any public activity of man which does not come within the purview of the modern newspaper. The press, of course, has now become an organ of public opinion.

But unfortunately, sometimes the press is stifled. It is prevented from carrying out its legitimate work either by the unfitness of those who manage it or by the unnecessary interference of the powers that be. It is sometimes seen that passion and not reason guides its action. A wrong cause is championed, truth is suppressed and morbid tastes are pandered by it. Dangerous as these evils are, a greater danger comes from the attempt of some irresponsible government to gag or subsidies newspapers. Often, without sufficient cause, newspapers are gagged simply because they had the guts of criticizing plainly the unjust action of government.

But when it runs or is allowed to run in a normal and rational course, a newspaper is a great public educator. More than what can be done in schools and colleges is done by it. It supplies necessary information on the burning topics of the day, tackles the principal social and political problem of a country, criticizes books and brings to light the epoch making discoveries and inventions. It benefits every class of people. But it is not only a public educator and fearless critic of a government, it is also a great social reformer. It is in the columns of the newspapers that social abuse, are ruthlessly exposed and criticized and attention of the public is drawn to the inherent evils of some customs and practices.

The press is also an effective check on the vagaries of men in power. So it is a great mentor and stands against the misuse of power and the miscarriage of justice. It brings all the questions of the day before the bar of public opinion to be approved or condemned by it, in this way it serves the nation. The press is also a very great force in the field of politics. It teaches citizens their rights and responsibilities and make them fit for citizenship. It educates public opinion and teaches …

Affiliate Marketing Management Taxes – FAQ

Affiliate marketing management requires attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and the ability to plan long term. One of the more important aspects of the job involves taxes. The affiliate marketing management team must succeed, accurately, and consistently tracks affiliate tax information over the course of the year. Miss one person and it could cost the company millions.

Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding taxes.

Do I need to send a 1099 to everyone?
While state laws may vary, federal law requires you to send a 1099 to any United States citizen whom you paid more than $ 600. It is up to you if you wish to send a 1099 to anyone that you paid less than $ 600.

What about foreign citizens or companies?
The forms are different for foreign citizens and companies, but the $ 600 limit is the same. You will be required to send a 1042 to all non-US citizens which you paid over $ 600.

When do I need to collect a W9?
There is no required time to collect a W9. However, it is highly recommended to get a W9 before you ever pay anyone. If the person or company never receives pay in excess of $ 600, it does not hurt anything. However, if you pay a person over $ 600 and you do not have it, then you will be liable for taxes on that money.

Do I need to do the same for foreign citizens and companies?
The same does apply to foreign citizens. The difference lies in the paperwork. Instead of a W9, the affiliate will need to fill out and sign a W8.

Does the affiliate have to mail the W9 / W8 in? Egypt will a fax work?
While you can have the affiliate mail or fax the document, the federal government now allows for digital signatures. Therefore, you can send the paperwork via e-mail and the person can digitally sign the document.

A digital signature is just as legal as a written signature but it is easier to keep track of a digital file than a physical file. Therefore, we recommend the use of a digital signature.

Does not my affiliate program track that information?
Sometimes the affiliate network does track this information. Sometimes they do require a W9 / W8 filled out before allowing people to join. However, many also allow the affiliate to change the information at will and it may not be signed.

Additionally, many programs that require the information do not verify the information is correct. Therefore, you can be stuck with an affiliate who put all those in for their social security number.

It is highly recommended you track all the information yourself or with software.

How does the software help?
Software acts as a safeguard to the system. Before you pay your affiliates, you run the mass pay file through the software program. It verifies all the information and sends you an approved affiliate list. …

The Imperialistic State

Webster defines imperialism as a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. It can be arguably said that by the turn of the 20th century the United Sates began to stretch it's rule of democracy to the far corners of the globe. In truth the election of William McKinley edged the United States closer to that lofty pinnacle of dominance, regime change and nation building that we are seeing today. The global reach of our policies and military actions from the past 116 years has gained the United States the recognition as the most prolific imperialistic nation since Great Britain was during the late 17th and 18th century.

Since the beginning of the 20h century the United States has only continued playing into the hands of the power elite. It has been this power elite who have and are the movers and shakers that have steered the United States into too many needless wars costing trillions of dollars and millions of lives while at the same time recklessly endangered the economic stability of this once great nation. In too many instances policy decisions for the last hundred years whether military or not only continued filling the coffers of those who wield the real power. It was Major General Butler that quoted "I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it. " Today, our military continues to be just a tool used by government, and the power elite. We may think that our elected officials do the bidding of their constituents but in truth they are only figure heads in an never ending ploy to beguile the public into thinking that their concerns really matter.

We have to go back to 1898 when President McKinley following the sinking of the USS Maine declared War against Spain. This war even though it lasted only a few months was the start of Americas imperialistic agenda that continues today. The sinking of the USS Maine was not sabotage nor an act of war perpetrated by Spain but was an accident brought about by the extremely hot weather which accelerated the temperature of the ships boiler to the point that the munitions stock piled right next to it set off the explosion that sank the ship. A convenient cover up to capitalize on what was really an accident. But the hysteria that followed by the mass publication of the Hearst's newspapers convinced the public that the United States was justified in going to war with Spain. This was just the first instance in along line of ploys to induce public sentiment to act without knowing the real truths behind what is really a hidden agenda. …

HVCC – Knowing the Basics of the New Home Appraisal System

Home valuation is the process of evaluating the market value of the property for sale through assessments made by professional home appraisers or property surveyors. Home appraisal is basically a very essential component in the process of home mortgage because it is the basis of the amount to be approved by the lending company or book.  If you apply for mortgage loan, the bank or lender will not immediately approve your application. Important concerns must be considered including the home appraisal and the result of the assessment of the worth of property you wish to acquire. With the implementation of the new federal law on home appraisals known as Home Valuation code of conduct or HVCC, a brand new shift in the mortgage process was initialized.

What exactly is HVCC?

HVCC is a federal law that provides basic guidelines on the new process concerning home valuation or appraisals. In the new law, any professionals that have financial connection with the bank or loan officials can no longer order or appoint their own appraisers to do the property valuation. The creation of HVCC originated from a complaint with the appraisal process done in assessing the worth or market value of a particular property. The federal government provides this regulation in order to ensure the impartiality, independence and accuracy of the appraisal being performed.

With HVCC, all appraisers are licensed and provided by a single certified appraisal management company. No other appraisers are given the right to appraise or evaluate any real estate property, those who still do will not be honored and recognized by the bank or lending company. The efforts of the government through HVCC aim to improve the standard and credibility of the appraisal system in giving a fair and accurate home valuation.

What are the effects of HVCC?

The new home valuation code of conduct, despite its noble objectives and basis for creation still has certain loopholes and setbacks recognized by mortgage providers and lenders. The approval of the mortgage application certainly takes longer to be approved with the implementation of the new appraisal system. The time consuming effects brought a lot of buzz among lenders and borrowers who are directly affected by HVCC rules and regulations. In terms of the appraisers especially those who are not employed or associated with the certified appraisal management company, unemployment is definitely imminent. Others who find it hard to be hired for their services opted to change careers and shift to a different profession. However, there are also good points in the implementation of HVCC especially in providing opportunities to professionals who are experts in the field of home appraisal. As long as they are connected with appraisal management companies licensed by the government, career advancement is certainly guaranteed.

Home valuation code of conduct or HVCC is another of the many support provided by the federal government to those who wish to acquire a house of their own. Following the right procedure in searching for financial assistance like mortgage will definitely …

New Home Security Technologies

New Technologies for Home Security

Technology for home security is constantly evolving. While there are still the traditional methods to include smoke alarms, home security systems, and others, there are also many new things on the market. The new technologies are exciting while giving homeowners better peace of mind.

Fingerprint Door Locks: Today, fingerprint door locks are one of the newest forms of technology, which can be used on front, back, or garage doors. Different from coded devices where a person would enter a special code, the fingerprint door lock actually recognizes a person's unique fingerprint.

This means that anyone in the household, as well as friends, can have the fingerprint encoded and then any time they need to enter the home, they would place the finger onto the door lock, which would read the print and allow access. Anyone without the fingerprint in the system would never be able to get inside the home.

There are many brands for fingerprint door locks but all work off much the same concept. In fact, if the homeowner has remodeling going on in the home or has someone house sitting, the person could be provided with temporary access and then when no longer allowed inside, the fingerprint would be removed from the system, easily and quickly.

Electronic Pet Doors: Many homeowners have dogs and cats that could benefit from a pet door but the traditional style also provides access to the interior of the home for intruders. However, with electronic pet doors, the animal would wear a collar with a small device attached, one that would work with the door system to provide easy in and out access. With the electronic pet door, a person or even animal without the attached device would not get in.

Cameras: New technologies for home security are also seen in the form of miniature cameras, which are wireless and therefore, can be placed outside or inside as a means of protection. With this system, the homeowner could be on vacation and still have the ability to see goings on at the home from a laptop computer, one that has special software installed. If someone were breaking in, the homeowner would then call 911 and law enforcement would be able to catch the intruder in the act.

Typically, a homeowner will place anywhere from two to six cameras in and outside of the premises. All information received is in real time and live. In addition, the homeowner would be able to view multiple locations around the home and even have the ability to maneuver the cameras in different directions. These cameras are incredible, many designed with both day and nighttime lighting features. Best of all, the installation for home security cameras, especially the wireless type, is easy.

Personal Emergency Response: Another technology for home security that people overlook is the personal emergency response system. With this, an elderly person or perhaps someone with a disability that became ill or took a bad fall could call for help …