Rugby – Top 10 Essentials

Most rugby players will have sustained some form of injury in their career or most likely have caused one. Products such as protective clothing, first aid kits and the correct taping and strapping can help minimise the risk or even prevent injury.

This list has been carefully selected from knowledge and experience gained from working within the sports industry. The items are in no particular order- they are all as important as the next as they each serve in a different way.

1. Scrum cap. These help reduce the risk of concussion by absorbing the impact of a blow to the head. They also keep the ears safe from blows helping prevent the risk of ‘cauliflower ears’.

2. Padded Shorts. These shorts are great for contact sports such as rugby as they provide strong protection for hips and thighs against tackles. Some are now designed with a cooling technology which draws the heat and moisture away from the body helping it stay cool.

3. Padded Shirts. Like the shorts- the shirts are equipped with the same technology protecting the shoulders, clavicle, upper arms, ribs and sternum by dissipating and absorbing impacts to the body.

4. Mouth Guards. These act like a shock absorbent preventing the force of a knock from damaging the jaw. Some particular guards include a home moulding kit which allows you to take impressions of your teeth which you then send to the manufacturers who create the Mouth Guard to specifically fitting your teeth only.

5. First Aid Kit. Most kits are designed specially to include the right products and the correct amount, depending on the desired level of ability and it is one essential that is definitely needed on the pitch side.

6. Foam and Felt Adhesive. Feet need to be protected just as much as any other part of the body during rugby. Foam and felt adhesive packs are layers of foam or felt which can be cut to size and placed in the boots to prevent rubbing and friction.

7. Instant Ice Packs. These are a great way to produce instant cold relief to reduce swelling and inflammation following an injury. There is no need to freeze before hand and they are simple and easy to use.

8. Sports Tape. There are many different tapes that are essential for rugby. Elastic Adhesive Bandage is used around the thighs as lifting straps. Cohesive Bandage is often wrapped around players’ heads to protect their ears during a scrum and coloured PVC tape is also applied to thighs for added grip for lifts during line outs.

9. Petroleum Jelly. This is a non irritant protective ointment and lubricant. It is used regularly by players during scrums to reduce friction. It is also good for preventing blisters.

10. Triangular Bandage. These are useful following a shoulder/elbow/wrist/arm injury as they are a great way to immobilise the arm straightaway which can reduce the risk of further injury.…

Top Ten Sports Shoe Brands Worldwide

At the beginning of 2010, I think it is necessary to give the public a clear guideline of the world famous sports shoes brand like Nike shoes and etc. Here is a simple list of top ten sports shoes brand. If you have gotten any interests of purchasing a pair of sports shoe, you could take the list as a source.

1. Nike
As a well-known American sports brand, Nike was famous for its high quality Nike shoes and advanced technology. Beside, the swoosh logo as well as the popular slogan "just do it" make it one of a kind and gain a great amount of reputation.

2. Adidas
Created by Germany, Adidas has represented a special kind of status. Founded in 1948, Adidas has helped countless athletes to achieve success. Thus, it is a successful example which perfectly combines both trust and respect of the public.

3. Reebok
Reebok is a subsidiary of German sportswear giant Adidas. It firstly originated from Europe mainly in UK, then expansion its business to international.

4. Puma
During fifty years development, puma grows up from a small shoes factory in a German village into a transnational corporation worldwide.

5. Fila
Founded in Italy in 1926, the products of Fila involved many fields including sports shoes area. Now, it has become one of the most famous fashion sports shoes brand in Italy.

6. Converse
The first pair of basketball shoes was produced by converse. And its classic Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe is still well-received all around the world.

7. New Balance
Eschewing promotional advertising campaigns, New Balance has soonless grown to be one of the largest makers of sports footwear in the world. To offset the pricing discrepancy with Nike, Adidas and other companies, it offers technical innovations that others do not, such as greater selection of size, a blend of gel inserts or heel counters.

8. K-Swiss
K-Swiss was founded by two Swiss brothers who were interested in tennis and introduced the first leather tennis shoes. It was once elected as the best company by American Footwear News magazine.

9. Asics
Asics is a Japanese athletic equipment company. And it had become widly renamed for their running shoes as being among the top performance footwear in the market.

10. Hi-Tec
Hi-Tec is the world`s leading outdoor sports brand, at the same time it is a veteran hiking shoes in British. It primarily focuses its attention on mid-price range of the market. …

Reasons Not To Become A Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be a great career, but it is not as easy as it looks to become successful. In my last article I talked about the reasons why you should become a real estate agent. Before I get into the reasons of why you should not become a realtor I want to go over the reasons why you should. First and foremost, the harder you work the more money you are going to make. Not only can you make a lot of money but there is no limit to how much money you can make. Another reason why you should become a real estate agent is that you can create your own schedule. With a flexible schedule you are able to sleep in when you need to, and go home to watch a basketball game during March Madness. I will get to the reasons why a flexible schedule is not always good a little later. One final reason that you should become a real estate agent is because you can have a major impact on a lot of people.

If you like meeting the needs of your peers then this may be the right profession for you. However, before you decide to jump right in, let me explain to you the reasons why you should think twice about becoming a realtor.

The main reason why you should stay away from real estate is because it is usually based solely on commission. That means that if you do not sell anything, you do not make anything. I was naïve when getting into the real estate profession about how expensive it was. I did not realize there were realtor fees every year, nor was I aware of how expensive it was to get a license. You also need to consider the amount of money you will spend in technology. For example you are going to want a good computer that you can bring with you at all times. Also, your cell phone bill is going to be higher than you wanted because people will be contacting you at all times. Really the most expensive part of real estate is the advertising. There are many different methods for advertising but they all seem to be expensive. Just letting all your friends and family know that you are in the business is expensive. If you are looking for a steady pay check, this is not the profession to get into.

There are always going to be great times and at times it will be terrible. However, the longer you work in real estate the more likely you will see a consistency in pay checks.
The second reason you should stay out of real estate is because of the amount of time you need to work to become successful. Not only will you be working a lot, but you will also work Saturdays and even Sundays to do open houses. You need to let your family know that you are not always going to …

Dating in the 21st Century – Changes in the Dating World

There have been changes to the dating scene over the last few decades. The same routine that the parents of many readers went through before finding Mr. or Mrs. Right has changed dramatically. I want to take a look at some of those changes, and hopefully shed some light on some of the things that are making your dating life a living nightmare or a raving success.

The thing that is most markedly different is the speed at which relationships are expected to evolve. This isn’t surprising anyone out there, because we’ve all been on the dating scene in the last decade and know that the pressure to move along into a relationship is one of the biggest things we feel as daters. You’ve met someone, had some good times, get along well, it must be time for marriage, right?

That’s an over-exaggeration, but the speed at which relationships move has increased in the past few decades. This is in direct correlation with the speed of society in general. World-wide we’ve seen the global pace increasing to amazing speeds. Technology, business, manufacture, you name it, it’s faster. Whether it’s because we feel the pressure of the outside world pushing in on us, or we’re just going with the flow, dating, like everything else, has sped up as well.

Another thing that you’ve probably noticed changing in the world around you is the roles that women and men play in relationships. Traditionally, the man asked out the woman, the man paid for the meal, etc. etc. Today, that’s not necessarily the case. It’s not uncommon for the woman to make the first move, and some even insist on picking up the check (or at least splitting it). This is a large break from the way it used to be in the dating world.

This is easily attributed to changing gender roles. Recently we inducted a woman into the supreme court, with another up for consideration. Women are attaining and maintaining positions of power, high paying careers, things that were typically reserved for men. It’s no surprise, then, that women are moving into the driver’s seat of their relationships.

Television, media & technology have also made huge impacts on our dating world. While outrageous shows like “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire” and “Flavor of Love” are a far cry from what we experience in our own dating lives, they definitely have influence over our perception of what is and is not acceptable in dating. It’s become an impersonal competition that has an end goal, defined by the dater. For some it’s hooking up and some it’s marriage. Whatever your reasons, and even if your motivation hasn’t changed, how many people feel about what’s an acceptable means to the end they’re seeking has definitely changed. Lines are blurred & it’s a much harsher dating world out there today.

There are also the effects of technology, making online dating one of the biggest phenomenon that the internet has instilled on our society. While …

The Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

If you have kids then chances are you have at least a few Gaming Consoles already. Kids and video games just go together. But many parents are frustrated at spending hundreds of dollars on the latest must have Gaming Consoles only to have those same consoles become outdated a few months later. Kids will always want the newest games and consoles, but there are some consoles that have staying power and are worth investing in.

If you're a parent that is overwhelmed by the many video game choices on the market or if you have kids in your life and you want to buy them a video game console they will use for more than a month check out these consoles that parents And experts say have the most staying power:

Nintendo DSi – The Nintendo DSI hit peak popularity last Christmas but it's still at the top of a lot of Christmas lists. Parents like the Nintendo DSI because it's small and handheld. You do not have to hook it up to the TV or computer and it's very portable. Of course, portability can be a negative factor too since it's easier for kids to hide it in school bags and in bed at night after they have been told to stop playing. Still for most parents the Nintendo DSI is one of the most solid Gaming Consoles on the market.

Nintendo Wii – The cost of a Nintendo Wii has dropped to about half of what this revolutionary console cost when it first hit the market but it's still one of the more expensive Gaming Consoles on the market. Parents like the Wii because there are a lot of games designed to be interactive and get kids up and moving. Add ons like WiiFit and cutting edge games make the Wii console something that the entire family will use and enjoy which makes the price tag a little bit easier to swallow.

Xbox 360 – As far as Gaming Consoles go the Xbox 360 was not a strong contender until the Kinect add on came out in fall of 2010. The Kinect add on uses a camera and motion sensors to allow the people playing the game to control the Game with their bodies and physical movements instead of using controllers. Because the Kinect add on is poised to make the Xbox 360 even more interactive than a Wii, it's being predicted by experts that the Xbox 360 will be this year's must have game console, but only if you can get the Kinect attachment. Already the Kinect is selling out whenever a new run hits stores and parents might have a tough time finding one for holiday gifts. Whether or not the Kinect gives the Xbox more staying power remains to be seen.

There are so many Gaming Consoles on the market it can be hard to choose one that is kid friendly and age appropriate. When you're searching for a new gaming system do not overlook …

Want to Make a GB, GBC GAME All by Yourself? Come in and Have a Look

Are you a little annoyed with the existing games. After all, they are developed by others and everything within it was designed previously which can not be changed by players. Maybe someone like you who is in pursuit of excitement wants to create a brand new game, in which your personal idea, concept and image can be shown and shared with others. It seems very difficult for ordinary people to do that, some people are creative and want to design games. With the development of technology today you guys can create GB / GBC games for yourself.

1. Make sure that you have installed Java Virtual Machine of SUN (you can download it from, keeping in mind that it needs to log out or reset the system after installing. See all files of java have changed to the icons of java bans.

2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar

3. Double click the MeBoyBuilder.jar

4. Select the key "Add ROM", then opt the ROM you want to add and press OK key. It will ask you whether to continue to add, just repeat the operation and you'll complete the "n" and "1" game package. However, you'd better pack up only one game a time, or your computer will run pretty slow when several games are packed up togheter to run.

5. Opt "finish" to end. Then introduce the file meboy.jar which is generated after packing to your mobile phone.

It is personally tested by me and it is really easy to make a game that can be played. But it needs to note that some mobile phones do not run it very well (the bigger the frames, greater the speed), especially the big GB games.

All in all, if you like to do it yourself, you can find much highlight delight in it. …

Looking Inside an iPod

IPod represent a wide array of moveable media players which have been designed and are sold by Apple Inc. It was first launched in October 2001. The models generally cover digital audio players with a central click wheel to the model Shuffle that uses various buttons because of its small size. The model Nano, a fifth generation, was launched in September 2006. This led to discontinuation of the model Mini, which it stored the data on an internal hard disk. IPod Shuffle and Nano employ flash type of memory for smaller size. These devices also act as an external medium for data storage.

IPod was inspired by the shortcomings of existing digital music players, which were not physically compact and the user interface were not very friendly. Apple assembled a group of engineers and within a year, it unveiled the new music player. It was launched as a product which was Macintosh compatible with a hard drive of 5 GB. Apple used PortalPlayer's reference for its software. The company Pixo helped the music player for developing the user interface. But these were refined by Apple after development. The naming of the device as 'iPod' was suggested by Vinnie Chieco, who is a freelance copywriter. Coincidently, Apple had the name registered for 'internet kiosks', but it never used it for this purpose.

IPod can run MP3, M4A / AAC, AIFF, Protected AAC, Audible Audio book and WAV format. It also introduced the displaying of images ability with PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and JPEG formats. The 5th generation models can even play MPEG 4. From the 2nd generation model, the software also started working with Windows along with Macs. It does not support Microsoft`s WMA audio format. WMA and MIDI files can be changed using iTunes, a service provided by Apple through which you can view and download latest songs and movies on your device player. IPods having colored displays use texts and graphics which are anti-aliased and sliding animations. The operating system is stored in a dedicated storage medium of the device. Each device player has 32 MB Ram, though later ones have 64 MB Ram. Most of it is used to cache songs through the storage medium.

Apple also added PDA type functionality so that text files can be viewed and an address book can be maintained through a computer. Also, some built-in games like brick are also included. In fifth generation iPod, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted and games can be downloaded from iTunes Store. For first and second generation models, as well as Nano and Shuffle, internal lithium polymer batteries are used and for third and fifth generation models, internal lithium batteries are used. Initially, iPods came with a FireWire connection for charging the device, but with introduction of multipurpose USB ports, they became outdated. Recent models can be charged using USB 2.0.

Many accessories, even by third parties, have been made for iPods. Some additional accessories developed by Apple were sound recorders, FM Radio …

Welcome to the Internet of Things Revolution

When I was a kid, time stood still in India.

My cousins and I would run out if a car passed by just so we could stare at it, because cars were such a rare sight. If you wanted to buy a car, you had to wait five years to get one because the government allowed only a certain number to be made each year.

It took six years or more for the government-run company to install a telephone in your house.

Cars and telephones were all the technology that was ever available to us in India.

Computers, new medical technology and consumer appliances like washing machines and air conditioners were all something we just heard about.

But that was then…

Today, thanks to the Internet and satellite TV, people around the world know about new technologies at the same time. And that’s one reason why the newest tech trend that’s bringing a revolution to every aspect of human society is going to be a global phenomenon.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is sweeping the world right now.

According to researchers, the global market for IoT in 2020 is going to be worth $373 billion in terms of sales. Hardware will account for 52% of sales – devices ranging from personal wearable technology to smart homes to connected cars.

The remaining 48% will pour in from the software and analytics required to turn the copious amounts of data generated by hardware into usable information.

Leading market research firm IDC forecasts China to spend $128 billion on IoT by 2020. India’s spending will come in around $10 billion to $12 billion by 2020. And forecast sales for the Middle East and Africa are at $11 billion by 2019.

When the personal computer (PC) revolution started, it was mostly limited to developed countries. Only in the much later stages, when prices of computers dropped significantly, did this revolution go global.

But unlike previous tech revolutions, IoT is a global revolution from Day One. Kids growing up in India today are going to be part of the IoT at the same time as their peers in richer, more developed countries.

IoT Global Reach

In fact, IoT is going to be the first tech revolution that has the genuine likelihood of benefiting every country at the same time.

IoT is going to give us information so that we have safer cars, buses, trucks, trains and planes. It’ll reduce waste and increase safety in factories and manufacturing. It’ll give us choices on how to use energy so as to maximize its efficiency and reduce pollution.

That’s why I believe the IoT revolution is going to have a greater impact than the Industrial Revolution and the PC revolution. That’s why Cisco Systems, the world’s biggest networking company, estimates that the total impact of the IoT revolution will be $19 trillion. And Ericsson, a device manufacturer, believes there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020.

And yet, despite these massive numbers, most people are …

New Air Purifier Technology Promises Allergy & Asthma Relief

New Technology

(Tokyo) Some very cool new technology is coming from Japan – and if you have allergies or asthma it's really going to help to improve the air in your home 24/7.

Detecting Pollen And Dust Automatically

This new "sensor" technology has the ability to detect pollen and dust automatically, and when combined with a HEPA filter air purifier system it can remove allergens and allergy triggers before a person starts to sneeze. The US model we saw demonstrated, the Aliveair Machine, utilized HEPA, UV, Tio2, electrostatic and a total of 9 technologies in one. Released to the US market in January (2009) it also detects odors. ($ 299 on sale online)

Saves Electricity

One of the other benefits is the cost savings to air purifier systems as it adjusts the fan speed and technology used, saving electricity costs.

Saves Guesswork

We appreciated the fact that the air purifier could be left on 24/7, without having to guess when to have it on, or how to best save electricity. Most of the time it was so quiet that we did not notice it at all.

For Cat and Dog allergies

The demonstration we saw had a cat walks by the machine, and the unit went on high for 4 minutes, then quieted back down.

For Pollen allergies

Pollen was blown over the front of the unit, and again the machine adjusted accordingly for 5 minutes.

For Odors and Smells

The same thing for odors and smells. The only downside we heard was a person who enjoyed the smell of cooking.

You can watch a demonstration of this technology in action via the link provided below. …

What's in a Business Card?

Over the years as I have attended trade shows, networking meetings, chamber events and more; I have noticed a few things about the successful and the not so successful. First of all, do you have a business card?

If you belong to a large corporation, you were probably issued business cards as a matter of course, almost as if it was a company perk. If you are in a small or home-based business, chances are you, personally, made the effort to get business cards, which entailed design, print and distribution. So if you went to all of the trouble of acquiring them, you should use them to your advantage. Here are a few tried and true rules for marketing with your card.

1. Never leave home without the cards. I have stopped for coffee already and had someone ask me for a card because they saw my car sign as I folded into the local coffee shop lot. If you want people to discredit you as a businessperson, all you have to do is say "Oh sorry I forgot my cards today." I have even been to trade shows and fellow exhibitors were walking around without cards. You have not only lost an immediate opportunity to market your business, but you look like an amateur who does not deserve the business.

2. Is the information correct? The reality is that sometimes we change our contact information. If you know that there will be changes in the near future, then limit the number of cards you have printed. Do not, scribble out and hand write information on your card. Back to "Can anyone say amateur?" I said that to someone once and his reply was, "yes but business cards are expensive." That says two things to me: 1) he did not shop around for a good price and 2) AMATEUR! The idea is to attract business not scare it away.

3. Does the card say what you want it to say? What message are you trying to get across? When designing a business card, think about the placement of information on the card. Is the key information in a prime place on the card? Does the design work with the rest of your company image? Your business card should be an extension of your company just like your logo, stationery, checks, signage, website and more. They should all get across the same message and design.

4. Can prospective clients contact you easily with the information provided on your card? This is a big one!

Is your website up to date?
Do you check your email at least once a day? (And respond!)
Is your email address professional (not [email protected] )
Is your voice mail message clear, concise and professional?

In this day of technology everyone assumes you must have email and a website for your business to be successful. This is not necessarily true. If you do not conduct business via email or internet then do not put that information on …