Leather Travel Wallets – A Must Have

Probably one of the most useful genres of travel accessories is leather travel wallets for a number of reasons. Of course leather is the standard for most wallets due to their durability and ling life. There is never a better value for your money than leather.

Just think about regular leather wallets. Most people buy a wallet and hold onto it for years and years. The stuff can really take a beating. It's flexible, durable and most times lightweight which makes it perfect for any travel itinerary.

Protecting you important documents is so very important when traveling and leather travel wallets are the perfect way to ensure that your important papers stay safe from the rigors of travel. It is also important that you have your documents readily available. That means you want to have your wallets at the ready so that you can be ready to present your docs whenever they are asked for.

Leather wallets are easy to carry because of all the available configurations. You can carry them in your pocket or purse or just in a compartment in your carry on bags. Your passport is particularly important and a leather wallet is the best way to keep it protected. Remember, passports last for ten years so you want to keep it in good shape.

Then of course there are the leather travel wallets for carrying currency. When choosing a leather travel currency wallet you will need to be sure to keep in mind that currency sizes different per country.

That means you want a wallet that can easily accommodate any type of currency wherever it be paper or coin. Of course you will also need to keep your credit cards in your wallet too. Luckily, there are all manner of travel wallets available to fit just that bill, no pun intended. Consider safety too when buying leather travel wallets, Try to find a wallet you can easily conceal to thwart any would be robbers.

If you are like most people you like to keep organized during a business or pleasure trip and there are leather travel wallets that will help you do just that. Personal leather travel wallets can accommodate all sorts of calendars and other organization tools.

What is fun about these types of wallets are all the different styles and colors that they are available in. One thing is for sure leather wallets will treat you and your travel needs well. …

4 Best iPad Chargers for Travel

Before the iPad was released, many experts were asking whether such a device would catch fire without a decent battery. As it turned out, Apple did go all in and created a device that can go without a recharge for hours (almost more than any laptop you can find on the market). It may not last you as long as Amazon Kindle, but it is pretty decent for a tablet.

No matter how long your device can last per charge, you are still going to need a decent adapter to keep your slate charged in your car and during your tips.

  • Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger : it is capable of charging two electronics at once without actually putting extra pressure on your vehicle's battery.
  • Griffin Technology PowerJolt : a very safe solution to use in your car that charges up your device and does not damage your lighter outlet or your vehicle's battery.
  • Digitunes Dual Charger with USB : a dual travel solution that is quite compact and can be taken for trips without getting in your way. If you spend a lot of time in planes, you are going to need one of these.
  • CrazyOnDigital Apple iPad Auto Car : a budget power adapter for your tablet. It is not too fancy, but it does power up your device in your vehicle.

You do not want to forget about the official adapter that you get with your tablet. That's probably the safest solutions for air travel and beyond. The above car solutions do get you out of trouble when you do not have access to an outlet. …

Choosing the Best Travel Mug

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are popular beverages. When you are on the go, each of these requires a means of transportation. What should you look for in a travel mug? How do you choose the best travel mug?

Here are four qualities to consider when looking for a travel mug:

Insulation Qualities

In general, metals retain consistent temperatures longer than plastic, and double-walled mugs will as well. Plastics can also retain odors and stains, which is less likely with metal mugs.


Most travel mugs hold sixteen ounces and up, large enough for most needs. However, if you are planning to take the mug in the car, make sure the bottom is small enough to fit in your cup holder. Older cars tend to have smaller cup holders, and mugs with a chunky base will not fit.

The Lid

Does the lid close? Cheaper mugs have a hole for drinking and are not spill-proof. How spill-proof is it? The best travel mugs have some kind of locking device, complete with a seal, to intercept being knocked over and guard against car bumps. Does it require too much work to open? Some thermoses, for example, require that you unscrew the lid to drink, which is not safe when driving.


Do you like the look of sleek stainless steel? Will a more utilitarian mug do? Other than looks, consider whether or not you would like a handle, but be aware that two mugs with handles may not fit side-by-side in a car’s cup holder.

Here are some recommended mugs:

Zak City Perk Belly Mug

This is a 14 ounce mug, and retails for $9. The wide base is stable, keeps drinks warm, and has a good lid, but is not useful for cold drinks.

Planetary Designs Tumbler Mug

This is a 16 ounce mug, and it retails for $18. It keeps hot and cold drinks at their particular temperature and is available in a variety of colors. The lid is looser than others.

Thermos Raya Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

At 16 ounces, it will hold plenty, and retails for only $18. It contains useful rubber grips on the sides for good insulation. It is tall and the thin design can be tipped more easily.

Contigo AutoSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This is another 16 ounce mug, which retails for $19.99. It has good insulation and a leak-proof lid. However, the lid is hard to clean.

So, which is the best travel mug?

The sleek Contigo AutoSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug will keep hot drinks warm for hours and cold ones even longer. It has a no-spill lid and lives up to its AutoSeal name, resealing after you have taken a drink. The only drawback is that you must hold the release button while drinking, which is not much of an issue with today’s multitaskers.…

Grooming And The Traveling Man

We all travel through the year for business and / or pleasure. Whether you go away for a weekend, week, or a month, you need to know the basics of what to bring when it comes to your grooming needs. As the author of "Grooming Secrets For Men" I know that men want to know the best way to be prepared for a trip, so that when they get to their destination they'll be ready to look their best at all times!

First of all there are a few things to consider. If you are already using skin care products you have to decide if you're going to bring the whole jar / tube or just a portion of it. If you're going away just for a few days, or even a week, you should get yourself small plastic travel bottles / tubes. You can usually find a kit that contains several different sizes at your local pharmacy. Sometimes the kit even comes with labels so you can write what the product is and stick it on the appropriate bottle.

Once you have your travel size bottles, simply take your cleanser for example and pour just the amount you'll think you'll need into the travel size bottle. Do this for your other skin care products as well. This way you do not have to pack the large bottles or tubes, just the small travel size, which leaves more room in your suitcase for your clothes! Some skin care lines sell travel size kits. These are great for short trips. Just make sure to get the kit that is for your particular skin type.

When it comes to what to pack for your shaving routine, that all depends on what products you use. If you use a shaving cream that comes in a can, you can try to find a travel size can. Chances are you will not find a travel size can, and you'll have to bring the full size with you. However, if you use a shaving gel, you can for sure squeeze out some gel into a travel size tube and just bring that with you. If you're someone who uses a shaving brush, with a shaving soap, simply pack the shaving soap with the brush in a zip-lock bag and you're all set. When it comes to bringing your aftershave along, if it's in a large jar / tube, again, put some in a travel size container to save space in your suitcase.

Shower gels, shampoos and conditioners that come in large bottles have no place in your suitcase. Even if you have to buy more travel size tubes, transfer your shower gel, shampoo and conditioner each into their own bottle. You do not want to get to your location and have a counter full of full size products when you're only going to be there a short time. When all your travel size bottles and / or jars are filled and securely closed, simply put them …

Choosing the Right Luggage For Your Trip

Choosing the right luggage for your trip is one the most important decisions of the vacation planning process. Obviously if you want to go backpacking through Europe you are not going to be bringing a suitcase and if you are packing suits for a business trip you are not going to throw them in a backpack. So I guess the best question would be, "What are my options?"

Option 1: The Suitcase

The days of the hard suitcase are over. Now everywhere you look its fabric suitcases with multiple zippers for various compartments. They are for the most part light weight and very convenient. The most popular bags seem to be the ones that have wheels and a retractable handle so you can simply wheel you bag down the hall instead of carrying. The wheels can damaged despite and no one wants to buy a new bag just because of the wheels so you might as well learn how to replace your luggage wheels. An average bag will run you about $ 40 dollars and sets of 4 or 5 decent quality bags can be had for about $ 150.

Option 2: The Backpack

Visiting hostels around the world? Taking a short trip to see some friends? Just want to look cool? Then the backpack is for you. There are many variations of the travel backpack. There are very large ones that act almost as a duffel bag, very small ones that can be used as a daypack for short trips from the hostel and the standard sizes that come with multiple compartments for your water, guide books, clothes, etc. Strapping a bag to your back is the only way to travel between multiple destinations and you'll beat it up a bit with all of that traveling so buy a good one. They can be had for as cheap as $ 40 on sale but most will run you between $ 90 and $ 200.

Option 3: The Duffel Bag

Ah the classic duffel bag. Duffel bags have come a long way since the classic tan one compartment army bag of old. They still have one large main compartment but most have a couple more on the sides for easy access to water and books. They look a lot cooler now a days too and some can even convert into a backpack. Use a duffel bag when one large main compartment makes sense. Ski boots for instance would need such a place. Duffel bags come in a lot of sizes so $ 30 to $ 90 is a good bet.

Just remember to think about your particular travel situation in advance because the right bag can make the perfect trip. …

Different Types of Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are something that you can not live without. They are an essential addition to your travel equipment. You are always going to need somewhere to put all of your bathroom stuff, and there is no other perfect place for that, you need a toiletry bag. You really do not want to have to put your toothbrush in your bag, it can get dirty and you do not want to put it in your mouth. Many of us have quite a lot of things that we need to put in the bag as well, and it is the best solution to keep your bathroom things organized. It is a central place, and it means that when you travel you will have easy access to some important things. There are many different types and styles of toiletry bags out there, and you will be sure to find on that you want.

Toiletry Travel Bag

This bag is especially designed for travel. There are a few different kinds within this category, but mostly they are pretty compact and you can carry it around with you easily. They come in a few different sizes, and you need to decide what size you need according to how much stuff you want to take. The more that you will be traveling, the smaller you should consider getting it.

Leather Toiletry Bag

Leather is a fantastic material for any bag, and that does not exclude a toiletry bag. It is very durable, which is important for this type of bag, and it will last a long time. When you are traveling a lot you do not want to have to worry about your toiletry bag wearing down and getting holes.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This is a very good option for people that are not traveling as much A hanging toiletry bag does exactly what its name says, it hangs. This means you can put it on a hook, and you can have your toiletries easily accessible in the bathroom or where you feel like hanging it.

Mens Toiletry Bag

A lot of toiletry bags look very feminine, however there is a large range of men's toilet bags out there. They can often look really stylish. You just need to know what size you want, and you have a choice of a few colors. …

Travel Pillows As Gifts

If you are trying to think of a unique and useful gift for someone who travels a lot than considering giving them a travel pillow. If they have never owned their own pillow for traveling, they will certainly be grateful for this thought present.

Most people over the age of 10 or so, have a hard time getting rest or even getting comfortable when on an extending trip in a plane, train, bus or car. For someone who has to travel a lot for their job, this can cause major stress. While some of us can be productive during business trips and then catch some sleep when needed, most people are constantly struggling with the cramped conditions when traveling and not being able to move around to get into a comfortable position.

A good travel pillow will give our head and neck the support it needs to decrease the chances of ending up with aches and pains once we reach our destination. When traveling by plane, having your own means that you will not have to depend upon the airline to provide one for you. With all of the recent cutbacks, many airlines do not provide them anymore. If they do, they are very small and usually not much help in making you comfortable. And then there is the issue of cleanliness. You may wonder who was using the pillow on the last flight.

If you have your own pillow you can be assured that you will be able to rest more comfortably and will reach your destination more prepared for whatever work or play you have scheduled.

So how do we choose which one to give as a gift? Look for a good quality pillow that will provide firm support. The memory foam version is very popular because they give support where needed and also conform to the shape of the individuals head and neck to provide comfort. These ones compress so they do not take up much space in a suitcase. Inflatable models are another good choice for the frequent traveler since they deflate for packing purposes. Make sure that you purchase a good quality inflatable pillow, there are some cheap ones on the market that develop leaks easily.

Choose a travel head rest that has a removable cover for cleaning and one that has a nice comfortable material on the outside that you would like to feel against your face. If you are shopping online, read some reviews of the products to see which ones are popular with other people who tried them. …

Car Travel Accessories – Traveling Isn’t Just For Airplanes

Car travel accessories can make even the longest most grueling car trips more comfortable. All too often when some mentions traveling, we automatically assume that means air travel. But as air fares rise more and more, people are taking to their cars to make business or pleasure trips.

And, just like with air travel there are the little touches you can buy to make a long or short trip more pleasant and worry free. There is lots of cool stuff you can get for your buggy to make like easier and more comfortable.

Car travel accessories range from the most practical to the most fun. The first thing to make sure you have is all the right adapters and converters for all your electronics. Keeping in touch and entertained while you travel is important and doing it safely and conveniently just makes good sense. Cell phone chargers, holders and protection devices are key to making sure you get the most out of your cell phones, PDA’s, MP3’s and even GPS units.

Another good accessory for the kids is a DVD player either attached to your car or portable. This is one accessory that can certain save you a lot of trouble. Kids can enjoy hours of watching their favorite shows and movies while tooling along America’s highways.

And, of course car travel accessories that make your trip more comfortable are important too especially if you are the driver. Cool products like seat belt sheepskins, back massagers and steering wheel cushions can make a long or short drive much easier and can keep fatigue to a minimum.

Driver fatigue can be a killer on any trip. Refreshment is another important item. Coffee cup warmers and liquid coolers can be a very welcome commodity during your drive. Keeping refreshed and awake can make all the difference in the world.

Traveling by car can be fun and exciting and when you have the right car travel accessories the trip can really be memorable that’s for sure. There are so many different accessories for comfort, practicality and function.

Your car, truck or SUV can be a rolling living room or even bedroom for your passengers when you add an electric blanket and specially designed car pillows. Ste the kids up with a DVD and then pout them to bed while you drive in comfort and stay awake and aware. Car travel can be fun.…

A 10-Point Plan for Sales (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Advertise Cars for Sale

Maybe you are in need of money now and one of the ways in which you thought you will be able to raise the money that you need is by selling your cars. When it comes to selling your cars there are many options that are available for you in order to sell them. You can use the different ways of advertising in order to ensure that you get a buyer for it immediately.
A very simple and free way of advertising your car for sale is by simply putting a sign on the cars that they are for sale. This sign is carried by the car everywhere it goes. Of course you must not forget to include your contact details in the sign so that anyone who sees it can contact you if they are interested to buy. There are some people who were able to sell their cars through this free way of advertising.

But since we are living in an online world now it makes sense to do the advertising online too. These days there are specific websites that people who sell cars use to reach potential buyers. You will be able to easily find such a website when you look for it online. It is simply a fact that more and more people are using the internet when they want to look for something and this includes looking for a car to buy. The basic thing that you need to post there is the name of the model of the car and the contact details. There are many who were able to sell their cars this way. The reason for this is that there are many who use the internet now. That is why car listings are becoming more widely used around the world.

You can easily find such websites online. What you have to do is just look. What you need to do to be able to put up a car ad with them is to create an account first there. There are even some listings that allow you to be able to see how many views your car ad already has. Another important thing that you need to include in your car ad is of course a picture of the cars that you are selling. It is highly recommended that you include there pictures of different angles of your car. Do not be contented with posting a mediocre image of your car. You may also put there more information about the cars such as specifications. This will provide more info to the potential buyer. This helps them see in an instant if this is a car that would appeal to them.The Best Advice About Sales I’ve Ever Written

What I Can Teach You About Cars

Top 5 South Africa Beaches


One of the best things about any holiday is the beaches. What could be better than shimmering oceans and the hot, shining sun? There are a plethora of glorious beaches to choose from whilst on holiday in South Africa, which might make the task of finding the right one seem impossible. Luckily, not only are there a host of cheap low cost flights to South Africa, we’ve also grouped together a list of the best beaches in South Africa, so you can get there and get to the best beaches!


Jeffrey’s Bay

If you’re into surfing then you’ll love Jeffrey’s Bay, with its perfect waves and general friendly atmosphere. Situated along the East Coast, with sand dunes texturing the background, this beach is an often overlooked gem in South Africa.


Jeffrey’s Bay hosts the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event, drawing surf fanatics from all over the world there. However, if surfing isn’t your thing, then the local seafood restaurants might suffice. Freshly caught produce, grilled to perfection, is what’s on offer here; the perfect meal to accompany a great day out at the beach.


Boulders Beach

People from all over the world flock to Boulders Beach for one reason: penguins! A colony of adorable African Penguins have decided to make Boulders Bay their new home and can be seen frolicking along the coast. Although it is heavily populated by tourists, seeing the penguins waddle around is a great and fun experience.


Large granite rocks reach towards the sky, creating an unforgettable backdrop to this beach. Boulders Beach is located near Simon’s Town, a charming place which deserves exploration after you’ve finished visiting the penguins.


Coffee Bay

Defined by its unique rock formation called the “Hole in the Wall”, where the water rushing through the hole in a cliff can be heard from a great distance, Coffee Bay is a nifty beach where surfers like to catch a wave or two. Not the most popular of beaches, Coffee Bay usually sees people who enjoy Watersports flock here; so if you’re into surfing, diving or snorkelling then look no further.


Camps Bay

Located in Cape Town, Camps Bay is a trendy beach and considered highly fashionable by tourists and locals alike. A collection of chic wine bars, hotels and gourmet restaurants line the boardwalk, making for a fun night out. You’ll feel like you’re in Miami at Camps Bay, where beautiful people frolic in designer bathing suits and golden-skinned sunbathers compete for the most attention.


Although the water is a little on the cold side, you’re guaranteed to have a great time at Camps Bay with so much on offer.


Robberg Beach

Robberg Beach is a favourite with locals, which is always a good sign. Perhaps it’s the warm water that they like or the golden sands which feels like silk beneath your feet. Whatever it is, you should explore Robberg Beach for yourself! Settled in Plettenberg Bay, you’ll find …