Choosing the Right Lockbox

Lock boxes are secure durable boxes that house conventional keys, granting individuals with the combination access to your home or other locked property. Real estate agents most commonly use them when securing a home for sale, however there are a number of everyday uses for homeowners as well. This article will help you pick the right lockbox for your particular application.

Lock boxes are typically thought of as handle mounted, however you can also buy wall-mounted ones. If the application is temporary or aesthetics are not a main concern, handle mounted lock boxes work great and are much easier to install than wall mounted boxes.

Some lock boxes may scratch the handle or leave dents in the door, so if this is a concern, buy one that has a protective cover over the shackle and a rubber bumper to protect the door. If yours doesn’t have a protective cover, take some duct tape and wrap it around the shackle and the bottom of the box.

If the quality of the key needs to be maintained, make sure the lock box has rubber grommets that supply all weather protection, especially from the rain and moisture. This is also important in northern states with temperature variances or coastal states with high salt content.

The right lock box should also be easy to read, especially at night. Some include illuminating dials that glow in the dark. Large, easily manipulated dials are important, especially for the very young or very old.

Newer lock boxes include electronic locks, however, they are much more expensive and may be more difficult to use and prone to hardware and software malfunctions, rendering it useless. If you do decide to buy an electronic lock box, make sure it has some kind of mechanical override.

Buying the right lock box really comes down to your certain application. However, make sure you fully evaluate that application before making a purchase. Remember, this lock box is protecting your assets.