Custom Auto Accessories – Must Haves For Upgrading Your Ride

In the land of automotive accessories there are many upgrades and options to choose from. In this article we will discuss what we consider to be some of the important auto accessories for upgrading your vehicle’s interior and protecting your vehicle’s exterior. These auto accessories will prolong the life and beauty of your vehicle for many years to come.

Custom Floor Mats

The first step in preserving the interior of your car is to purchase a good set of custom fit floor mats. But what choices do you have as a consumer when it comes to car floor mats? No matter what style you are looking for there is a mat out there that will fit your needs. From plush carpet to all-weather rubber and vinyl mats, there is a mat style for you.

Some popular styles of floor mats include:

o All Weather Rubber floor mats

o Luxurious, plush carpeted floor mats – optional embroidery available

o Molded carpet mats fit to your vehicle’s floor

o Harley Davidson Logo Floor Mats (as well as many other logos)

o Select Touring Carpet mats with Innovative Stain Resist(TM) technology

o Clear vinyl floor mats

o Leather Floor Mats

o Berber floor mats

o Diamond Plate Vinyl Floor Mats

o And MANY more!

Your car’s interior and how it looks says a lot about you. If you want to preserve the beauty of your carpeted floors, there is nothing better than custom fit floor mats. They add great looks to your vehicle and will extend the life of your floor for many, many more years! If you would like to have complete coverage of your floors then you will need to purchase floor mats for each row of your vehicle as well as a trunk or cargo mat for the rear.

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering Wheels wear out – Everyone knows that. But what can you do when your steering wheel is starting to show the wear of those daily drives to and from work? One option is to purchase a steering wheel cover. They are economical and provide a fresh new look to your wheel. Universal covers are available in a plethora of designs, some of which are very eye catching. For those on a limited budget, these would work great. However, if you’re looking for something a little more sleek and sophisticated, you might want to try a Wheelskins genuine leather steering wheel cover.

Handcrafted in California, Wheelskins come in 15 colors and a size to fit every vehicle. Each Wheelskin comes with nylon lacing cord, needle and detailed, illustrated instructions. It takes approximately 60 minutes to install your Wheelskin, but once you are done you will be amazed at how great your steering wheel looks.

Wheelskins also protect your wheel from the sun’s harmful rays that can cause cracking and fading. Most importantly, they keep the exterior of your wheel from deteroriating which can happen over time. They are available in three different styles. Single color, EuroTone (two colors), and EuroPerf (two colors with optional perforation).

Your Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover will insure that your wheel is in top condition for the years ahead. And I think you will agree, there is nothing else like the feel of the Wheelskins leather on the palms of your hands!

Car Covers

Car covers are an excellent accessory for protecting your vehicle’s exterior from the harsh elements of mother nature. With a Silver Phoenix Car Cover there is no need to worry about the sun’s harmful rays or the effects of the summer rain on your sleek paint job.

The Silver Phoenix car cover is custom designed to fit your specific vehicle, including mirror pockets, and provides long and low coverage to keep wheels clean. The 150 Denier polyester fabric is coated with aluminized polyurethane acrylic making it reflective and UV-resistant but also highly water resistant yet breathable. The inside of the car cover is soft and non-abrasive so it is safe for your vehicle’s clear coat finish. Comes with a matching storage bag, cable lock and kit. Includes eyelets for cable lock as well as straps in front of front wheels and behind rear wheels to keep the Silver Phoenix car cover in place even under the harshest weather conditions.

Investing in a car cover is really worth it in the long run. In just a short time the weather can take a toll on the exterior of your vehicle. Car enthusiasts agree there is nothing better than the Silver Phoenix for protecting the beauty of your vehicle.

There are so many more great accessories available for upgrading your vehicle. There is almost an endless selection! Here are some of the more popular automotive accessories that are available:

o Shift Boots

o Vent Visors

o Seat Covers

o Grilles

o Tonneau Covers

o Fender Flares and Trim

o Sunshades

o Hood Shields

o Chrome Accessories

This list was just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different accessories to choose from to upgrade your vehicle. If you are interested in automotive or truck accessories to upgrade your ride, Auto Upgrade is a great place to start looking. We are an online automotive accessories store that is growing in leaps and bounds. We already have a wide selection of accessories to choose from and are continually adding more each day. At Auto Upgrade we do our best to provide each customer with a personal shopping experience. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is always ready to help you with any questions you may have about our products for sale.