Dating Game – Get to Know the Person You Are Dying to Impress

Let’s be honest – how many times have we been on a date (probably a first date or a blind date) and we just go to dinner and then to a movie? How boring, typical, and uncreative – EVERYONE does that!  But, then again, some dates are awkward and you may not know the person very well, thus it is easier to just do activities that don’t require any talking or interacting … right?

Well, here is a challenge – for that next date night, try playing a game together. NO – not a video game!  It must be a game that requires you to interact and get to know each other a little more. Yes, kind of like a ‘getting to know you’ game, or ‘ice breaker’ type game. Below I have included just one of literally dozens that is an extremely FUN game to play. It may seem silly at first, but believe me, when you are done – it will have been a whole lot more fun and entertaining than any movie you could have gone to! And, it may just help you get to know that person you are dying to impress. Have Fun!


# of Players: 6 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

Everyone playing will sit in a large circle, with one spot less than people playing. One person will start by standing in the middle of the circle, and this person will say: “I have never ________." This player will fill in the blank with anything, but it has to be true (no lying in this game). An example might be: “I have never been skydiving,” or “I have never had a child,” or “I have never been to Alabama,” etc.  After this person says what they have NOT done, all of those sitting in the circle who HAVE done what the person in the middle has NOT done must stand up and run and try to find an empty spot (created by an opening from another person who also got up to run). Upon reaching an empty spot, a player will sit down, and eventually there will always be one person left in the middle without a spot. However, players must move at least two chairs away – they can not sit down at an empty spot created right next to them. The last person, who did not get a chair, now becomes the person in the middle and the game continues by having this new person now also say “I have never _________.”

As is obvious, the person in the middle is trying to think of some random or creative thing they have NOT done, but that they think many others will have done. Play repeats until people are ready to play a new game; or to be competitive, once a person has become ‘it’ (or been in the middle) three times, they are out. Once someone gets out, remove one of the chairs. Then, continue play until there are only 2 people left.