Do Real Estate Guru's Invest Or Do They Just Sell Products?

There is a problem that is currently occurring in the real estate world and it started with the fact that many investors all over the country are struggling. The real estate market went through a downturn in many places, which led to countless real estate investors getting desperate and looking for fast money. This search for the “miracle” has brought about an entirely new way for certain real estate guru’s (information marketers) to make money. They have figured out that the money is in providing information and selling products. These products are meant to help other real estate investors as they attempt to break out of their current ruts, but one has to wonder whether these gurus selling courses are actually making money in the real estate market.

When people get desperate, they will begin looking for different ways to succeed and this is the situation that many real estate investors are in. When this desperation hits and these individuals attempt to do something about it, multiple problems can arise, especially if they are not getting the proper advice. The problem with many of these gurus is that they have no idea how the real estate market actually works, as they have never made money within the industry. All they have done is read a few books and developed theories on the way that they believe things work, but they do not have any real world experience and truly do not know how to sell a home.

What is happening is that you are seeing a proliferation of “push button” techniques that are sold by these individuals tell real estate investors that they can put their businesses on autopilot and the money will simply start pouring in. Sadly, many investors believe these claims, because of their desperation, and spend their hard-earned money paying for something that will not even work.

These Guru’s are very good at selling their products and can hype them up enough to get nearly anyone to believe in them. After all, who wouldn’t like to make large amount of money doing nothing? These supposed gurus also play on the desperation of people by claiming that they will not be offering these products for much longer because of various reasons. They force buyers to make an immediately decision which, as many real estate investors already know, is not always the best decision to make.

These “newbies” have never been involved in the real estate world to an extent that they are knowledgeable about what is needed and what is real. The truth about these products must come out. The absolute truth is that even though these real estate tasks can be somewhat automated, you will never make money selling homes unless you put the work in.

The reason for this is that people do not want to buy a home from a machine. If you are simply sending them computer generated phone calls and emails, they will quickly lose interest because they need that human touch. You can bet that you would not want to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who will not even take the time to talk to you and these buyers are exactly the same.

The people who sell these systems are scam artists who are simply trying to take advantage of people who are currently struggling. Therefore, it is important that real estate investors take the time to master their own crafts and use real techniques that will expand their businesses.

There is no way to turn your business into an overnight success, as it will take a lot of hard work for people to begin to trust you. Therefore, you must work on becoming an authority that people can trust and relate as a human, as this is exactly what your customers are looking for.

By purchasing one of these “miracle” systems, you are showing these individuals that they can succeed online by selling suspect information and that needs to stop. These people are not putting any money into real estate at the moment and many of them have probably never invested at all. They have simply come up with a little bit of information that they believe people want to hear and desperate people are taking the bait and are wasting their money.

The next time you see one of these gurus and his magic system, do yourself a favor, and think before you buy it. Ask yourself some hard questions. Remember the advice, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. By jumping immediately to buy a course before they “close the doors” for good is nonsense. All you will be doing is wasting your money and your time, since there is very little chance that it will work. There are many different things that you can do to improve your real estate business and lead generation, but thinking that all you have to do is push a button and dollars will come flooding in, is ridiculous. Real Estate investing is work. You don’t get something for nothing. If we did, we would all be rich buying these systems

One thing that you should do is begin networking with other people within your industry. While they probably will not let you in on many of their secrets, it might help to see that other people are in the same boat as you. This is not an isolated problem, but is rather something that spans the entire country and will eventually change the way that people are doing business. Just remember that these real estate trainers do not have a corner on the market because they have “insider” information.

The good news is that you can be very successful as a real estate investor borrowing a book from the local library and using software that you can get from long establish real estate education sources. Rather spend your money in marketing your business than buying more information on how to do it. I bet you already have spent enough money on information. Now is the time to commit to taking action and doing the work needed to get a check.