Do Yard Sweepers Work?

When people first see that lawn sweepers are available the first question they ask is whether or not yard sweepers work. Of course there are varying degrees of what people consider to be an acceptable job, but the basic fact is that yard sweepers work very well. The only real task that lawn sweepers perform is to pick up loose items from your lawn without damaging the grass.

There is a very easy way to tell if a grass sweeper would work for your personal lawn. If you currently mow your lawn with a push lawn mower then you will most likely be looking into purchasing a push lawn sweeper. If you have a large lawn and use a riding lawn mower then a tow behind yard sweeper will probably be the right tool for you. These tow behind sweepers easily attach to most riding lawn mowers. In order to tell where the lawn sweeper will work you simply have to look at your yard after you have mowed. Where is the grass cut? Are there any areas that you have to use a weed whacker or manual trimmer in order to get the lawn nicely trimmed? These are the areas that a yard sweeper will have trouble picking up the leaves. Areas near the house, or near the sidewalk, or near the fence will often be trouble areas for your grass sweeper.

If you are wondering how effective these tools are with regard to the actual picking up of leaves, I can say with all confidence that they are very effective. You must take note of how flat and smooth your lawn is. Again, if your lawn mower has trouble cutting the grass your sweeper will have trouble picking up the leaves. As long as you have a relatively flat lawn with no severe elevation changes the yard sweeper will be a terrific tool.

One of the biggest advantages of using yard sweepers is the light weight of the machine. You will find it easier to push than almost any lawn mower out there. They are also completely mechanical, and require no fuel to operate. The benefits of this are evident in both fuel costs, and in the maintenance that many gas powered lawn tools require.

When used for it’s intended purpose, this lawn tool is a very effective tool. It is not a magic pill that will take away all of your yard work, but it will save you a tremendous amount of time.