Dog Food Storage

Recommended Dog Food Storage Container

Dog food is generally fairly easy to store, space is one downside when using the big bulky bags, and then of course maneuvering them if you need to move the bags when still full is another problem.  The bags also need to be stored in a cool dry place in order to keep the contents and feed value at the correct level of nutrition which allows the food to last longer.

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Dog Food Storage – what’s important:

Your chosen dog food storage container should be air tight, and therefore have a sealed lid.  This will prevent mould and mites, and also it will prevent your dog from grabbing a sneaky snack from his food too!  Keeping the food in a dry and sealed container will keep the food safe, and keep the nutritional value at the appropriate level for longer.

Of course the size of storage container required will vary according to the size of dog.  So larger dogs will get through more food quicker than smaller dogs and therefore you would need a larger container.  Equally if you have more than one dog then you would need a larger container as they would get through more food between them.  By storing a decent amount of food in a proper container will stop you having to head off to the shops to buy little bags regularly, and it will also keep the food fresher.

However a smaller dog will need less food stored and therefore a smaller container is ideal.  Your smaller dog’s food will go much further as he will not get through the volume of food that a larger dog will, but he still needs it to be fresh as it may be stored for longer.  So a storage bin that can comfortably store the dog food from the varying sizes of bagged dog food is ideal.

Some pet food storage containers have scoops or dispensers to help measure the quantity accurately.  This also prevents the food from coming into contact with hands and therefore minimizing any possible contamination from bacteria on to the food.

A pet food container on wheels is also just a great idea; this will allow the dog food storage container to be moved even when full.

And this great container could also be used for storing dry food for other animals too, or even cat litter.

Dog Food Storage Solution:

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