Dummies – Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

There's a Dummies book for learning just about anything under the sun. So, is there one on Affiliate Marketing? No! Mind you, I'm not surprised as the world of affiliate marketing is changing all the time and it would be challenging to bring out new editions fast enough to keep abreast.

Anyway, the real point I'm trying to make is that affiliate marketing is not, absolutely not, for your average dummy. (Dummy = 'a dim person', 'dullard'). In fact, with the amount of information you need to take in, I'd say it was for folks with more than an average grasp of business acumen.

Consider the newbie. No matter how they arrived at the thought of making money at home through affiliate commissions, what will they need to figure out and find out prior to earning. In my own current experience, I even found it challenging to explain to my friends and family what affiliate marketing is. Even now, I'm not they fully understand.

Can you start without the expense and learning curve of setting up a web site? Yes of course you can. Article writing, blogging and Squidoo are three cost free methods to point traffic to a free web site, blog or direct to an affiliate site. However, if you pick this route what do you need to gain knowledge of? For example, if you decide on article writing then how do you learn to compose successful articles so as to exploit key words (and a further thing is how do you discover the key words). How long should the article be so that it's accepted by the very few mainly significant article directories? What must you really include in the final paragraph to win over readers to click on your link. How do you select a catchy title for your article, one that will grab the casual reader's attention?

Well, I went though all this myself, and I can tell you it was not plain sailing. With restricted money to pay out it's undoubtedly a skillful way to drive traffic to your web site but I was floundering for a while before I learnt how to do it correctly. OK, I needed to pay out a little money to find out, but boy was it worth it. I enrolled in an affiliate training program with a monthly fee (no large initial outlay) to be taught the secrets of article marketing. I also invested in some quick and straightforward to understand article submitting software – with one click I can right away submit unique articles to the top 30 article directories. It also incorporated article rewriting software but I do not find that as valuable.

I also spend a large deal of time studying other people's articles. It's fascinating to see and discover from the skillful article writers – and how the bad writers fail. This type of learning is cost-free. I additionally belong to some free to join forums of like-minded people who are very willing to share their experience with you.

So, to return to my opening question: Is affiliate marketing for the average dummy? As you can appreciate from just one small aspect of it – article writing and submission – you've probably guessed that I really believe you need to be well beyond the ordinary crowd if you are to succeed in affiliate marketing. I know that just by studying this you are one of those elite folks. Congratulations!