Dummies of Affiliate Marketing 101

That’s why this article called affiliate marketing for dummies was created. It will be a good place to start. You won’t find all the answers in here but you will gain some knowledge and I hope I give you a good direction on where to go. As you started reading this article I explained to you that “affiliate marketing for dummies” was a good keyword and I will explain to you why choosing good keywords is very important but first we will talk about finding a good business to advertise. Some of the important things I look for is how well the sales copy is written. If its written good enough to make you buy the product then you know its good. You will also want to look at the website and make sure that it looks very professional and not something that was just thrown together. You want to make sure that the company pays a good commission and that they pay on time. Think about what they are selling and if they are onto something big, how many people need this product? Show it to some one that shares the interest as you and see if they would even purchase the product, but never base your whole decision on what this person thinks.

Once you picked the perfect product/service start thinking about how you will advertise it. I will tell you right now one of the best ways to advertise any affiliate marketing program is pay per click advertising. This way you will only pay for visitors that are coming into your website, so if you don’t know anything about pay per click you better start learning. Once you get that down you will want to start choosing your keywords correctly. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Most people will naturally pay for broad clicks that get clicks for an entire mass audience. You are smarter than that and you know that paying for keywords such as “Internet marketing”, “MLM”, “affiliate marketing” “make money” will cause you to fail tremendously. There is just too much competition with those keywords and they get clicks for broad audience. You might get some people that are interested in what you have to offer but these people are also interested on what your competition is offering as well. Most of the people that search for these keywords are just curious and most of the time not serious. Then we got people who know a little bit more about choosing keywords and these type of people usually will pick keywords such as “Work from home”, “healthy diet”, “money from home”, “fishing”. These keywords are a bit more specific so it narrows it down a bit more and targets the interested party more than the others. Then we have the smart marketer that knows exactly type of people he/she wants to reach. This person will usually pick keywords that are carefully choosen to attract only those interested on what they have to offer. For example “trout fishing books”, “low fat diet”, “How to make money from home”, “MLM vitamin business”, “affiliate marketing for dummies”. Now can you see why I choose the keyword affiliate marketing for dummies? These keywords don’t have a lot of competition and they are very targeted. When you do a search online do you ever only type in “make money” and hit the search button? NO, you might type “how to make money from home” right? Well I know I do, I know when I’m doing a search online, I want my searches to be well related to what I type on my search box.

Well my friend, I hope this article has at least lit up some light bulbs in your head and they lead you on the path to success. Affiliate Marketing is a very tough business but don’t give up. Success is right around the corner, you just have to know in what corner to look. I know you are not a dummy so get out there and make some money!