Easy and Fun Retirement Gifts

Over 40 years of working and the time has come to put down the tools, shut down the computer and take life easy. Do you have the task of finding a Retirement Gift? Are you looking for something that says goodbye with humour? Well stop your search and take a look at the list below. Here are ideas on easy and fun retirement gifts to give your friend, relative or colleague:

– Slippers. With all the rest and relaxation they will want new slippers. To add humour, have them personalised with a retirement quote like “Officially retired” or “Slowing Down”.

– Brain Training Puzzles and Games. These will keep their brains ticking over!

– VIP Retirement Box. Make up a gift box and add joke items such as memory loss mints, officially retired badge, a retired to do list or day planner, racing grannies/granddads, vitamins, a t-shirt, mug or cap with a funny slogan on, retired business cards, an over the hill car sticker or even a pair of old geezer glasses – all designed to give the retiree a laugh.

– An inflatable walking frame. Just another funny and cheap gift to give the retiree.

– Learn it gifts. There are many gifts available now designed to teach people new things. Gardening, wine tasting, become a chocolatier, meditation, or even creative writing, there are lots of learning ideas to choose from.

– Personalised Wine. Have their favourite wine labelled with their picture, a message and retirement date on. Perfect for a retirement party.

– Cardigan, Cap and a Pipe. These are stereotypical items for elderly men so why not buy them for your retiree!

– Gardening Set, blankets etc. Stereotypical items for elderly women are gardening tools, baking sets and blankets so buy them for you’re her and save her the job!

– Light Bulb Changer. There are easy reach light bulb changers on the market to stop your retiree having to reach up and stand on steps to change the light bulb. Another humorous gift you can give for their retirement.

– Portable Hammock. Give your retiree a portable hammock to keep in their car. Now anywhere they go they can take a nap!

– Decision Maker Spinning Wheel. A fun spinning wheel that can land on different activities for your retiree to get up to each day. For example take a nap, go fishing, slay some weeds, have a cup of coffee, visit the grandchildren, play golf, oil the rocking chair etc.

Retirement is the start of a new way of life and whilst it is a daunting time for people, it is also something people envy so as long as your retiree has a sense of humour you can’t go wrong with funny gifts. If you are unsure on whether or not to buy a funny gift my advice is not to as you don’t want to upset or offend anybody who may already be emotional about retirement. For these people stick to wine, flowers, a watch, a brooch, afternoon tea at a famous location, or maybe theatre tickets – traditional retirement gifts. Or if money isn’t an issue you could combine a keepsake gift with a funny gift. They get the best of both worlds. Good Luck with your search.