Q    :    Is This PBN?

A    :    Yes this is 100{6bcf053b5e4d99a9b8744df1d452b9f53f04ee967e9ae18f54f98c8cafbd743a} my PBN build from 3 years ago.


Q    :    Do you have a real site? Or not PBN?

A    :    What are you mean? I buy this domain with real $, make with my hand, this is real site, not fake website.


Q    :    About existing content, is this spinned article?

A    :    Is mixed with spinned and real handmade articles.


Q    :    All your site is indexed by google?

A    :    Yes all my site is indexed by google.


Q    :    How about spam score & traffic?

A    :    I used this from 2013, build to rank my moneysite and customer moneysite. I have my own technique to build backlinks and SERP.


Q    :    So you do not have traffic on your PBN?

A    :    I do not use 2011 SEO technique, & as I said above I have my own technique.


Q    :    And where I can get my traffic when your PBN do not have traffics?

A    :    You get your rank, you will get the traffic.


Q    :    Any other ways to get traffic than use PBN?

A    :    Yes there is, do not use SEO/PBN/Backlinks, use Google ADS, easy Smile


Q    :    And your PBN is tested? Any rank sample?

A    :    Yes please check screenshoot on homepage and testomial too


Q    :    Is there is guarantee on rank 1 and page 1 from your PBN?

A    :    NO! this is backlinks service, and you will buy only my backlinks service, the rank service is on another package, contact me.


Q    :    So? DO or NO follow link?

A    :    All default links is DOFOLLOW, but you can ask me to make a NOFOLLOW.


Q    :    This is build from wordpress? All of them?

A    :    Yes all of them. Why? Easy to customize.


Q    :    And what about footprints?

A    :    All my network is on differents ip, nameserver, hosting, owner, random WHOIS / owner, theme, design, persona.


Q    :    How far you gone with this service? Still safe with new Panda / Penguin?

A    :    Yes it does, we have put a lot of research for this 4 years, no problem with BIG G.


Q    :    So it safe from google?

A    :    Well I do not want deindex, but if in some case my site deindex, you will get free replacement on my another site, with same niche and metric


Q    :    And my link is permanent?

A    :    Yes all my customer link is permanent, for regular post, it will be on homepage for 1 week and go to inner page automatically.


Q    :    Do you accept non English article?

A    :    Yes, I accept, but for keywords is English


Q    :    Does it work for a brand new site?

A    :    It will be works, but better if your site 3 month age.


FAQS : How To Order

Q    :    How to order?

A    :    Please go to menu “Price”


Q    :    What? Upfront Payment?

A    :    And? What do you Think? This is SEO Industry, not Mortgage Loan.


Q    :    What is your time to published the articles?

A    :    Since this is all my site, I can publish instantly, max on 1 x 24 Hours


Q    :    Can I drip feed my post / content?

A    :    Yes of course you can tell me how long/delay your drip feed.


Q    :    Do you provide the articles?

A    :    Nope, 100{6bcf053b5e4d99a9b8744df1d452b9f53f04ee967e9ae18f54f98c8cafbd743a} article is yours. If you want free, I can create with seocm premium, unique, 500 words, passed copyscape


Q    :    What articles do you need?

A    :    Min 300 words, 3 max OBL, NO ADULT/SEX/GAMBLING/HARD DRUGS niche.


Q    :    Do I get report?

A    :    Yes you can get full link report to your mail. For bulk order, I can make a google sheet.


Q    :    What about refund?

A    :    After you make a payment, your orders will be started, and there is no refund, if I can not complete before my time, 100{6bcf053b5e4d99a9b8744df1d452b9f53f04ee967e9ae18f54f98c8cafbd743a} is refund.