Fashionable Hairpieces

Recently, the fad of wearing hairpieces of any kind has been very heavy in the fashion industry. Whether it is a classic headband, a fancy tiara, a hippie style headpiece or a hat, the hair could have a closet of its own. Hairpieces revive the stylish affair of the end of the sixties, with women's long silky hair always adorned for a younger, fresh and comfortable style perfectly complemented in the summer days.

Any woman can pull this look off, not only the younger crowd; the key is to choose clothing that combines perfectly with the look, like a flowy summer dress or skirt. The hippie look is back and holding hands with simplicity, less is more.

For more dressy occasions, tiaras or head bands are also a must-have trend this season. There are millions of styles and fabrics for this headpiece, wide, thin, colorful, polka dots, braided, embellished, metallic, etc … Always be aware of the type of activity you will wear it too, if it is an informal affair , wider, colorful and printed might be a good choice for jeans and a casual shirt. For a more formal occasion, wear a classy feminine tiara like head piece with either your hair down or in an elegant up-do. This type of metallic formal headpieces can be found in a wide variety of styles and prices for every person to acquire. It is just a little detail of femininity to add fun and spark your personality and add a touch of color to your hair.

The hat is also a star for this season's street wear; we are not talking about baseball or newsies caps, we refer to fedoras, cowboy, Pamela, or panama style hats in bamboo or knitted thread, the fedora hat was popularized by Indiana Jones, and the Panama hat by President Roosevelt while the Panama canal inauguration . Hats can also give protection from the sun or the cold weather, and reveals a unusual sense of comfort with summer fashion. Cowboy hats are great to wear with a summer dress, not exactly jeans since you do not want to appear that you came from a western movie.

The hat has been related to masculine fashion for hundreds of years, but it also expresses a sense of femininity when worn right. A Hat can accentuate your personality in a classic or outworn outfit; it can change your look completely. They are available in leather, linen, with rhinestones and embellishments, feathers, lace, and even flowers. They are the best option for a new renovated and unexpected look.

The most celebrated event for a woman is the wedding, and no wedding ensemble can be finished without a headpiece, wedding gowns are accompanied by every sort of head pieces from beaded tiaras, flowers, jeweled accessories, feathers and hats.

It is known that accessories can spice up any outfit, so be daring enough to wear even a scarf in your head for a different and original look that can deliver a piece of your personality.