Feel Better With Funny T-Shirts

It's been an age-old belief that laugh makes sick people well. In fact, a lot of publications exploring the healing powers of humor have been released with scientific studies even confirming truth to these claims. Laughter is said to bring a lot of health benefits to people from increased immunity to decreased stress. It is even said that a simple smile will do despiteaughter still might be more effective in hastening an ill person's recovery. Definitely, this makes people automatically attracted to whatever tickles their funny bone, including funny t-shirts.

Aside from making people feel good, funny tees have also become a fashion phenomenon. Even celebrities have been spotted off cam wearing funny tees which certainly helps in making them more popular. Beside, someone who wears a witty thought across his chest is generally viewed as cool. But beyond this physical appeal, we know there's always something more to the humor that is more mysterious and interesting. For example, did you know that laughter, genuine or not, sets off the same physiological reactions that produce the same healing effects in your body? This actually makes it healthy to laugh simply for health reasons which means a person who breaks into laughter without any apparent reason may not needarily be a looney.

Did you also ever wonder why children tend to recover faster than adults even if they're generally more susceptible to diseases? This fact is being associated with kids' ability to find more reasons to laugh as compared to adults who tend to get too upight with lessened ability to see humor in life as they age. This also means that it's always better for people to always try to see the brighter side of things no matter how gloomy they seem.

Somewhere out there, there's always a reason to be happy and growing a skill for spotting that reason is more likely to happen when humor becomes a way of life. It's not even always about laughing. Mere openness of the mind to receive humor is the most important part of all. Part of the healing wonders of laughter has something to do with the psychological dimension in a human being. Aside from the physiological benefits, laugh also works to improve one's disposition in life. And it is a guaranteed stress reliever which is probably one of its properties that gives it such tremendous power to heal. It is said that most of today's ailments are significantly linked to stress. Thus, it follows that controlling this stress through humor promotes healing.