Find the Best Sports Duffle Bags For Women

Bag manufacturers are beginning to realize that sports are not dominated by men anymore. Women are starting to take a huge interested in playing a number of different sports.

While women may be playing the same sports as men, they don’t really want to have the same type of sports duffles as men. They want something that is more feminine. Black and navy may be versatile but it is not the only colors that women want to be sporting on the sports field or at the gym. They would like to have options with more colors and prints.

There are a many stores that sell sporty duffles for women. They aim to stock a variety of cute, fashionable and funky bags that will appeal to all ladies. The duffle bags that they sell can be found in shades such as pink, lavender, baby blue, yellow and orange. Duffle bags with cute prints of animals and flowers are available everywhere you look.

Many women also like to have personalized sports duffles. By having your name monogrammed onto the front of the duffle bag, the bag immediately becomes your own. This makes it also easier for you to identify your bag when kept with others. Wearing a personalized sports duffle bag looks ten times cuter than wearing one that’s not. The key with personalizing your bag is to have your name embroidered or printed on a solid color. However, personalizing a duffle with prints is just as adorable.

Most of the sports duffle bags that are on the market for women are made from quality materials. Women have a choice between fabric bags and leather ones. The fabric ones come in different materials such as nylon, satin, polyester and even spandex. The nylon bags are cheaper than genuine leather duffle bags. However, you will be able to find synthetic leather (known as ‘shleather’) sporty duffle bags at an affordable price.

Women’s sports duffles come in a variety of sizes. When selecting one, consider what you will be using it for and whether the bag has enough space for extra items. Because there are so many available don’t be too in a hurry to select one. You will find that each shop you visit has a different and more creative design. Rather take your time to pick one that matches your personal style.

If you are choosing a sports duffle bag as a gift, try to select one that is unique. The lady you give it to will think you had it specially ordered in for her! Thanks to the internet, it is possible to find great deals on customized duffle bags.

Sports duffles are not only for sports

Sports duffle bags for women are not only available for sports or going to the gym. Many women trade their everyday handbags in for these duffle bags. The smaller sports duffles are becoming more of a fashion statement and trend than a useful place to store sports gear in. Because women’s sports duffel bags look really fashionable, they do a great job when worn to work, to the shops or a day out.