Food Processor Attachments

When we buy a food processor, few attachments will be provided with the original equipment. Generally one ‘S’ shaped multipurpose double blade along with shredding and slicing discs are provided as standard attachments. These are the minimum requirements in a food processor. But depending on the nature and methods of cooking, the user may require special features to meet various purposes. It is not possible to buy additional equipments to facilitate faster cooking process. It is not an economically viable proposition also.

The manufacturers of original equipments as well as others have introduced various special purpose attachments which are suitable for the food processors. Irrespective of the make or models, such attachments are available in the market. If the user finds it difficult to get additional attachments made and marketed by the original manufacturer, there are many other options. The attachments are to be fixed over the shaft inside the bowl. The blades are usually made of steel but many modern versions are made of industrial plastics. Metal blades are more durable and capable of retaining their sharpness for longer periods. The discs are located at the top of the bowl. The items that are to be processed should be pushed in through the tube. Even though the standard attachments are capable of doing most of the functions, certain operations may require special purpose attachments. To make a food processor more versatile, special attachments are to be procured.

To prepare dough for bread or pizza, special paddle shaped double blade attachment is available. Similarly, an attachment with two straight arms with paddles is intended to whip egg white or cream. To facilitate cutting vegetables to shot thin strips julienne disc is available. Similar, but slightly modified form of the disc is suitable to bring out larger pieces for French fry. Other attachments like citrus juicer and non-citrus juicer are also available as extra attachments.

Different types of bowls and tubes can be procured for special purposes. The advantage is that all such additional attachments can be adapted to the same base of the food processor. Cup food processor and mini bowls are convenient to process small quantities of food items. Sets of mini blades are interchangeable and facilitate carious cooking methods. Similarly many types of work bowls are also available to enhance the convenience in the kitchen.

Many innovations like large feed tube and juicer attachments are offered as special accessories. There are others like meat grinder and pasta maker. The kitchen work can be made effortless and enjoyable by procuring special purpose attachments for the food processor. The users should make sure about the safety of the accessories. The extra attachments should fit exactly on the original equipment to avoid hazards. In this context it is important that the users should buy food processor attachments only from reputed manufacturers or their authorized dealers.

The users can surf the internet to find suitable sources for such special purpose food processor attachments. Many of the online dealers offer fee shipping and discounts to the shoppers. The catalogues will illustrate the details about the attachments and their adaptability.