Food Processors – Spin Your Way to Saving Time!

Like to save time in your kitchen? The food processors may be just what you need. Carving out a niche in the modern home, a few decades ago, the food processor stands right along side such innovations as the microwave oven and the coffee maker. Beside ease of operation, food processors cut down on meal preparation time, with their ability to puree, mince, emulsify, blend and knead. When searching for the right machine for you consider capacity, power and versatility.

Standard food processors have the capacity options of 7, 9 and 11 cups. Small jobs such as mixing together a tasty salad dressing or a few servings of your favorite soup would call for the 7 cup model. But if making large batches of tomato sauce or pesto for freezing, the 9 and 11 cup model might fit that job better. Mini processors in the 2 and 3 cup range work great for mincing ginger or garlic and other small food items. Works great for producing your own baby food to. Both the standard food processor and mini belong in everyone's kitchen.

Units with the single control button and two-speed models offer easy use. Food processors in the 750 watt power range are idea for home use. This gives enough power for everyday using and the occasional bread making session.

The attachments for food processors are what gives them tremendous versatility. These typically include: blades for mixing, puree, and chopping disks for grating and slicing and a whisk whip are common items. Still another food processor attachment let's you juice fruit.

Food processors are easy to find and buy online. Most have great descriptions of them to help in finding the right one you need. Whether it's for making your meal in less time or baking bread the food processor is just the tool you need.