Free Home Appraisal Calculator – How to Use Them and Where to Find One

Using a free home appraisal calculator online could save you a lot of money when trying to sell or buy your next home. The question is where can you find one and how do you use it once you do find one. This article will explain where to find a free home appraisal calculator and how to use the appraised value of your home to your advantage.

If you are trying to sell your home in this buyer’s market then you must know how much your property is really worth. Many people list their home for sale not knowing how to price it properly. You want to price your home slightly less than the market value. This will generate more buyer traffic and hopefully get you multiple offers. Using one of the free online appraisal tools is a good idea if you need a ball park figure. There are a few recommended sites that I use to get my estimates. These sites are easy to use and only take a few seconds. The estimate they provide is usually based on historical sale data. All you do is enter your address and a little info about the home and in a few moments you will have a reasonable value.

Another method is to use a realtor. Ask several experienced real estate agents to give an appraisal. Most agents will do this for free in hopes of getting your listing. Make sure they know your neighborhood and they understand you want to sell the home fast.

Once you know the value of your home you can price it correctly. I recommend pricing the home about one to two percent less than the calculated value. Use these free tools and price your home right, and you might just sell your home a little faster.