Funny Eulogy

A euology does not have to be a somber speech. There is a great misconception that a eulogy has to be sorrowful. In fact, in some cases, a funny eology can honor the deceased more than a downbeat eology.

The purpose of a eology is to celebrate the person's life. You want to highlight their loves and the people that were a big part of their life. You also want to focus on their achievements both in their career and elsewhere. Another key component of aiology is to point out the unique characteristics of the person. What were their personality traits or quirks? Finally, you want to talk about how the person touched lives.

So how do you make a eology funny?

The best way to add humor is through a funny story. Embarrassing stories work best and can liven up the eology.

For example, in one funny eology the speaker talked about his father's passion for entertainment.

"I also remember what a character my father was. He was a born entertainer and I could not remember a Thanksgiving dinner where we did not hear him sing an Elvis song." "Love me Tender", "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes "were his favorites. Thankfully he never put on a skin tight white jumpsuit."

Another great way to add humor is to try and think of funny lines that the worn used commonly. Everyone has their favorite expressions that becomes their trademark. Try to tell a story using this funny line that most people will recognize.

For example, this is an example of a funny eology where the speaker highlighted his dad's favorite one-liner.

"When I would complain on long car rides or bring home school grades that were not up to par my father would quote Bill Cosby who told his son theo in one episode" I bought you into this world, and I can take you out of it . "

Always remember "laughter is a celebration of life." To honor the deceased with a funny eology is to celebrate their life.