Good Budget Computer Speakers For Every Application

The moment you step into an electronics store and head over to the PC speakers section there are guaranteed to be a large collection of speakers on display and a reasonable amount hidden on the shelves. Same scenario for the internet when you search for speakers there are an overwhelming number of selections to go from. Sometimes you have an idea on what you want, sometimes you do not. For those who have a slight clue, I hope you can take some tips from this article to find the right budget computer speaker for your intended application

Video Games:
If you are a regular gamer, or have someone in the house that loves gaming on the PC. Look no further than the Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speaker system. At a street price of around $ 120, Logitech gives you 2 speakers and an 11 "subwoofer. With THX certification and at 120 watts of subwoofer power, the quality is ideal for gamers looking for another dimension to add to their video game experience. Things even easier, included is an adapter that allows you to plug in your sound source from your video game console, and like me I use my existing LCD monitor with the computer and my XBOX 360. For those who enjoy gaming on a laptop are obviously Looking for a little more portability yet do not want to give up too much on sound quality. To carry around a bulky adapter. Without compromising on too much sound quality, the Z-5s are an excellent choice for video gamers on the go.

Movies / Online Videos:
Film fans often believe that film and sound quality should come hand in hand. If you are those who enjoy an occasional movie on your computer, be sure to check out the Hercules XPS 2.1 Lounge speakers. At a street price of around $ 60 bucks you get 2 speakers AND a subwoofer. The bass is strong enough for general movies, but the highs and midrange are where the vocal clarity in a movie would really stand out, and the Hercules XPS would provide just that. The performance is still substantial even at high volumes, so do not be afraid to really push this speaker system. Forewarning though, is that the "unique" speaker design is not for everyone, and if that turns you off be sure to check out its brother the Hercules XPS 50 speaker system.

There is one speaker that I think would fit in this category and both audiophiles and typical users would be equally impressed for a speaker of this caliber priced at only $ 130. Those speakers are the Creative Gigaworks T40, and believe me when I say that that it provides a lot of strong quality midrange and treble sounds. In my opinion, Music is best when the sound is not colored and warm, and when I say that I mean that the music is crisp and heard through the speakers in the way it was intended to. When you switch from inferior speakers to the Gigaworks T40, you will hear and discover sounds that you've never noticed before and vocal clarity would really resonate through the speakers. If you are a big music fan, be sure to grab these speakers