Great Online Emails to Send to Women

What is a guys biggest problem with online dating? You probably don’t get many responses back from women you email. Did she even read it? How do you get more responses back? You have to remember if she is attractive she is getting hit hard with emails. She might be getting 100 emails a day especially if she just got on the dating site. She is deleting most of the emails. Online dating great emails: One key, never mention anything sexual in the subject line or first email. No fawning over her either, she gets tons of those kind of emails. That is the first thing guys try when they hit the online dating scene. Remember it is a dating game just like all the rest. She writes the rules and to play, you have to follow the rules.

  • So in this article I am going to tell you a few rules and tactics to consider before you waste 6 months learning them by trial and error.
  • First is the best way to search for her.
  • Secondly, What to say in an email so she will respond.
  • And lastly we will talk about some important online dating rules.

When you first get on an online dating site you want to look around and learn the tools available on for example. There are various winks and IM chatting methods on each website. So see what is there and test them out. I don’t recommend winks, they rarely work. So if you want results, you should start searching with the search tool.
What to say in your email? Your subject line is important, it has to get her attention. She is getting lots of emails. Stand out and be different. Some ideas: mention something she said in her profile. Pick out something that caught your eye, not her looks. A hobby, movie she loves and put that in the subject of the email. “You love Ghostbusters?!?! I love the…” That is a subject she is interested in. Or “Here’s a great recipe…” or “Just got back from France…” Give her something or question something specific in her profile.

It is important in that first email to talk about what caught your eye in her profile, why it was different and not average. Keep the email short, just two paragraphs. If you can give her something, a link to her favorite subject, a funny joke. If you can get her to laugh that is always good. Then tell her to check out your profile.
Now there are a few rules: Don’t mention her looks in the first email, don’t tell her you are in love or can’t wait to meet her. Play it cool and relaxed. This is a simple get her to look at your profile. Now make sure you have some great photos of yourself. Try, professionals photos will triple your response rate.

Your profile needs to be different, so look at what other guys are putting up and make yours better. Remember you only have to have a better profile then they do.

Put what you like to do, what you want your date to be like and be positive. No negatives in your profile at all. Your profile needs to excite her and lift her spirits. You are selling yourself but not trying to impress. Tell her a story of what you are going to do together and put her in the story so she feels it.

So there you have it.

How long do you wait to meet her after emailing? I would definitely keep the email back and forth to a minimum. Put your phone number in your emails on every email. On message #2, Tell her you want to call her or she can call you then wait for her response. When you get her on the phone, get to know her a little while and then suggest a quick meet for coffee or a drink.