Guide On How To Pack Liquids In Your Checked Travel Luggage

Whenever you are travelling, you bring with you different toiletries and beauty essentials. About half of them are liquid and the others are made from drippy and creamy materials. Do not trust the bottle or the packaging of the liquid as they can sometimes spill.

Here is how you can avoid spills in your checked travel luggage:

Step 1: Purchase travel bottles. It will be easier if you only bring with you a portion of your shampoo or your moisturizer. Travel bottles are available in drug stores or department stores. They come in roll on, spray bottle and jars. Transfer your shampoo, facial creams, toner, conditioner and other beauty essentials on those convenient bottles.

Step 2: Wipe off the excess moisture or liquid outside the bottle with a clean tissue. Make sure you secure the cap well. Tilt the bottles and test if it will leak.

Step 3: Purchase duct tape or masking tape. Tape the cap of the bottle. Run the tape twice over the caps to secure them. Use your fingers to press the tape on the bottle.

Step 4: Wrap the bottles individually in plastic bag. You can purchase sandwich plastics since they are small and the bottles can fit perfectly. Individually place the bottles inside every sandwich bag. If it spills, the plastic can still prevent leaking.

Step 5: Tie a rubber band around the opening of the plastic to seal it. It will also make it easier for you to remove when you get to your destination. This way, you can still use the plastic when you go home instead of ripping it off.

Step 6: Get a pouch with plastic inner lining and place the wrapped bottles inside. You can also use a plastic container to seal them inside better.

Step 7: Place the pouch or the plastic container inside a shopping plastic bag. Wrap it and tie the end of it with a rubber band. This should make sure that there would be zero spills inside your checked travel luggage.

When you are using a pouch to store your toiletries, make sure you place it in your luggage last so they will be on top of your other stuff. Since the pouch does not have a hard shell, the containers inside might get broken or might get squeezed up and it will cause spilling of liquid. But when you are using the plastic container or a Tupperware, you can place it even at the bottom part of the heap.