He Calls Less Often – Why Men Do This And How To Change It

Dating relationships seem to have an ebb and flow to them. There’s the beginning stage when you are just getting to know one another and everything seems fresh and new. As the relationship matures, things seem to shift into a comfortable and stable place. Although it’s nice when you start to feel a pattern to your relationship, that pattern can sometimes includes elements that aren’t exactly what you want. This is sometimes what a woman feels in relation to her guy and the issue of telephone calls. If he calls less often now than he did when you two first started dating, it’s not only frustrating, it’s disappointing too. There’s a slight feeling of rejection that accompanies this and if a woman doesn’t really understand why her man is doing it, she can’t take the necessary steps to change it.

If he calls less often than he did when you two first got together, there are a number of possible reasons for that. One is that he just doesn’t feel the urge to because he knows you’ll call. Women often make the crucial mistake of picking up their boyfriend’s slack in this department. If he says he’ll call repeatedly and then doesn’t, she’ll call him. Eventually he’ll stop calling because he knows that she’ll call anyways. It’s a horrible position to get yourself out of if it’s already happened to you. The other reason why your boyfriend calls less often may be related to him testing you. It’s funny how women often do things just to judge how their man will react. We want to feel as though he loves us so we may say or do something hoping to illicit a certain reaction from him. Men are much the same. He may not call you as often just to see what you’ll do. He’s expecting you to overreact and get on his case about it. That’s the last thing you want to do.

The best possible thing you can do if he calls less often is call him less often too. Mimic his behavior. It doesn’t take a man long to notice when a woman has changed. If he’s used to you calling him when he doesn’t call you, he’ll wonder why you’re not. He may not come right out and ask you about it, but if he does just tell him that you were too busy or you had other things to tend to. If a man feels that he’s not the first thing you think about, he’ll work to change that and calling you more will be part of his approach. When that happens you’ll get more calls and he’ll pay more attention to you too.