High Quality Edger

The Husqvarna Edger is one of the known brands of edger which produces high quality edgers globally. From the Swedish company, Husqvarna AB, if you purchase and use a Husqvarna Edger, you are assured that you are using the same quality lawn edger as what the grounds of the NASCAR is used. Aside from NASCAR, Husqvarna AB also produces various items for the company Sears under the brand name of Craftsman.

The Husqvarna is taken from the name of the old spelling of the town Huskvarna. The Husqvarna began and was founded as a military arsenal for the Swedish Army during the 1689. At the present time, Husqvarna has expanded its company. Other companies under the Husqvarna include the Husqvarna AB, Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag, and Husqvarna Motorcycles which is a subsidiary of BMW, Husqvarna Sewing Machines, and the Electrolux Group.

Edgers are used to trim the lawn or home turf to make a clear division between the lawn and the walkway. Generally called a lawn edger or a stick edger, it may also be manual or automated. The automated edgers may either be powered with electricity or gasoline. Comparing the performance of an edger to the usual lawn mower, the lawn mower does not tidy up the edges of the walkway as it does not reach the low growing tufts of grass.

The Husqvarna Edger uses a worm shaft gear drive which has a lower power compared to conventional lawn edgers that run and use a drive system of a belt drive from two pulleys.

There are manual, gas powered, and electric powered edgers available. Though the gas powered is the most expedient and highly demanded, it is best to get the electric powered because it does not emit harmful gases to the environment. Manual edgers are also good if you have spare in your hands and may wish to have an occasional good body work out.

There are strict regulation standards depending on where you reside on the emission of gases such as these pieces of equipments. Be certain that as you purchase a Husqvarna gas powered edger that it follows the regulation standards imposed in your place.

Husqvarna produces an extensive assortment of garden tools from the smallest to the massive.