Home Food Dehydrator – What to Look for and Why You Want One

Santa, all I want, as soon as possible, is a quality home food dehydrator.  One of the best return on investments is a food dehydrator.  And the second best investment is more food dehydrator trays.  These two items can put saved money back into your family budget quicker than buying lotto tickets.  Here are some reasons how and why. 

  • Are you packing lunch for yourself, dad or the kids? Use an L equip food dehydrator to add nutritional fruity snacks to the lunch.
  • Use beef, pork, fish, game or poultry to make artisan quality jerky for pennies on the dollar compared to the store. 
  • Get the summer garden going full bore.  Dry the over production for latter in the winter.  Except for the zucchini, those must all be given to the relatives because they love zucchini so much. 
  • Go to the weekend farmer’s market and buy extra for later and dry it. Talk with them to get the best deal you can.  Again, this equals money back into the family budget.
  • Plant herbs in the garden and dry for use in the kitchen.  Getting to your kitchen quicker, even dry, will equate to better and tastier herbs. 
  • Cut back on sugar and any other additives in your food for your family’s health and well being.
  • Have the luxury of panty items not usually in the family food budget.  Dried tomatoes, banana chips, dried apricots and other costly dried fruits and vegetables from the store are not a norm in most folk’s pantries.
  • Dry pasta, many food processors come with the ability to make fresh pasta.  Dry and store, and it will be far better than store bought.
  • Make your own bread crumbs.  If you know ahead your need for bread crumbs and do not want to spend for them at the store, pull out a few slices from the loaf and dry away.  When done run through the food processor and instant crumbs. 

These are not earth shattering things to do with a home food dehydrator, but a little here and a little there and the cost savings do add up and will pay for the home dehydrator quickly.  Food dehydrating is the biggest plus for your family’s health and well being.  Hurry up Santa!

Mary Dahlberg