Home Security System Statistics – Trends and Facts For Consumers

Why is a home security system so vital in today’s society? Why should any home be equipped with an advanced, professionally monitored security system? A brief look at some of the relevant industry statistics will show you just how important it is that homeowners have an advanced security system in place in their homes.

Burglary – According to the FBI, a home invasion occurs once every 14 seconds. That means, in the time it has taken you to read this sentence, someone’s home has been burglarized. In addition, the areas affected by increasing burglary rates have changed. Urban areas have traditionally been the most susceptible to this type of crime; however, home invasion is now being experienced in suburban areas in increasing numbers and even rural areas are beginning to suffer. Finally, experts state that a home without an alarm system is three times more likely to be burglarized than a home with a professionally monitored system installed.

Fire – According to a recent study, 84% of fire-related consumer deaths were the result of fires in the home. Almost all of these homes had no alarm system or smoke detectors. Home fires are one of the leading causes of deaths in the home around the US and the incidence of these deaths continues to rise. A professionally monitored alarm system can protect your home and your family from this threat. Modern systems offer fire and smoke detection, as well as being able to alert the monitoring center to your plight. The monitoring station can dispatch rescue and fire crews whether you are able to communicate with the center or not.

Home Accidents – Every 14 minutes someone dies in a home accident. Every 4 seconds, a homeowner is disabled in an accident within their home. These accidents can be prevented with the right home security system. For instance, modern systems allow remote communication with the monitoring center. The control panel of advanced systems contains a speakerphone with a considerable range, enabling homeowners to communicate with the monitoring center even if they cannot reach the phone. This has vast implications, providing greater security for the elderly, homes with small children and everyone else, as well.

Carbon Monoxide – Carbon monoxide poising kills at least 2,100 people every year in the US. More than 15,000 cases of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning cases are reported on an annual basis. This odorless, colorless, tasteless gas can seriously harm or even kill people in their homes. A modern alarm system provides carbon monoxide protection through advanced sensors. If the gas is detected, the alarm sounds, alerting the homeowner. Moreover, the alarm system notifies the monitoring center, which can then dispatch emergency crews to the home.

Obviously, there is an increasing need for advanced, professional security systems in the average home. Whether the threat stems from fire, flood, smoke, accident, carbon monoxide or home invasion, advanced monitoring systems help consumers maintain their health, happiness and safety through numerous means. Installing an alarm system today could save lives tomorrow.