How Dating Has Changed Through History

Wow … How Dating Has Changed from Past to Present … "

Dating is something that we've all had to worry about at one point or another; it's fun, it's
exhilarating, it can lead us to our perfect match, but it can also be a quick stop to embarrassment, social awkwardness and memories that will not be funny for ages, if at all! If you think you've had it tough, though, a little bit of research will tell you that people have always had problems when it comes to finding that special someone!

For instance, during Japan's Heian period, not only were people judged by their looks, their job and who they hung out with, they were also judged by their poetry! In this rigid society, the main mode of communication between men and women were small pieces of poetry, written on special paper, often full of references to the great classics. If you sent the wrong reply, or used the wrong sort of paper, or misinterpreted a verse, you could watch your chances sink and fast!

During the era of the troubadours in England, things were even rougher. Romantic love was considered such a lofty ideal that it was thought quite crude and common to be in love with
your husband or wife. In fact, the only true romance was the one that was connected between two people who were already married. They would pass messages and favors back and forth, and they might go years without ever really lying eyes on each other. The emphasis was on a pure (and coincidently doomed!) Love.

In times past, marriage was something that was arranged by parents for the best social and economic match, but then you wonder how they figured out whether a girl or boy came from a good family? During the Renaissance, the problem was solved by couples dances. During the dance, where the only part of the body that would ever touch was the hands, the couple would proceed up and down the hall, and during the slower numbers, they could ask about things like land, property and holdings. Not only did you have to grill your prospective bride or groom, you also had to make sure you did not trip!

Our own century has not been much better. With the availability of the automobile, men and women no longer had to date under the watchful eye of their parents, something that save the
older generationfits, and chaperons were often left in the dust. During the Depression, you could have a steady relationship that some considered as good as being married, while the sixties and seventies introduced the idea of ​​free love. Even more confusing, the end of twenty century thought around group dates, leading many young people to be puzzled as to whether they were dating at all.

Dating has gone through many different permutations, but your best bet is to learn about it now!