How to Find a Rolling Lawn Aerator

Many people blame their lawn and garden problems on insect damage. However, much of the time, the problems are actually due to maintenance issues. There are some things you need to do to your lawn that you might not be aware of. One of them is aeration. If you want to keep your lawn looking its best, you need to prevent the soil from compacting and preventing the plants from growing.

In clay soils, or high traffic areas, soil compaction is a real danger. It creates a hard soil that it's hard for plant roots to grow through. Grass and other lawn and garden plants without a good root base have a hard time nourishing themselves, and grow poorly. They can be more susceptible to insect damage and disease, too. There are all kinds of problems that failing to aerate your lawn or garden may cause.

The solution to this problem is a rolling lawn aerator. This tool allows you to easily loosen the soil, so that roots can grow more effectively and provide their parent plants with the nutrition they need. Finding the right rolling lawn aerator is not all that hard, but most people still do not know how to do it. Here are some of your options.

First, decide how often you'll need to aerate your lawn, and what your budget is. If you'll be moving away from the house you're currently in, do not have a lot of money to spend, or have that soil that will not need frequent aeration, you can rent one instead of buying. Many equipment rental stores will offer aerators. Renting is a great way to find out if you like a particular brand and model, too – you can try before you buy.

If you know you need an aerator at home, however, you'll want to look into buying. Your budget and the size of your lawn will affect which one you decide to buy. Decide how often you'll need the equipment and what you want it to do. Think about how you'll operate it – there are types that can be pushed and pulled, depending on which motion is more comfortable for you. There are plenty of different products out there (including aerator sandals for walking!) So it's important to look at the key features of each one.

Take the time to read a few reviews, or ask someone you know who already owns an aerator about the model you're thinking of buying. This can help you find out if there are any common problems with the aerator you want, and what maintenance issues you can expect. Spend a little time learning about the equipment before you buy it, and your chances of getting a good deal go way up. A good lawn aerator might be just what your lawn needs – make sure you buy the best.